14 Inch Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter

14 Inch Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter 14 Inch Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter 14 Inch Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter 14 Inch Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter 14 Inch Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter
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Our 14" Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter with ash lip is a convenient and easy way to light a wood fire. Designed to be used under an existing grate, the lighter emits flame through (10) evenly spaced 1/8" holes. In minutes your fire is ablaze! Features heavy duty cast construction with solid feet. Comes with a plug that makes your choice of right or left side inlet. Inlets are standard 1/2" female pipe thread, includes a plug. Comes with a 1 Year Warranty!


  • Natural Gas
  • 13 7/8" Length (plug adds aprx 1/2" more)
  • 1 3/8" Width
  • 2 3/8" Height
  • 9 1/2" Between centers of feet
  • (10) 1/8" Gas Holes
  • (2) 1/2" Female Inlets
  • Comes with a male plug for un-used inlet
  • 24,000 BTU
  • 1 year warranty

 For your safety: Installation must be performed by a qualified installer, gas supplier, or NFI certified technition.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Ships within 2-3 business days plus additional transit time.

These instructions are to be left with the Homeowner or Occupant who is to retain them for future use.
Do not restrict air flow into fireplace while using the log lighter. Be sure that chimney flue is open before operating this device. While using the device, be sure that glass doors are open and spark screen closed. Failure to observe these warnings may result in possible injury. 
GAS LINE INSTALLATION : Do not install gas controls inside the firebox burn chamber. Gas controls must be appropriately located away from fire or properly shielded to prevent overheating from exposure to the wood fire. Pipes present in the firebox chamber will conduct heat. To avoid a fire hazard, maintain ½" clearance from log lighter to combustibles within 6" of point where gas line passes through the side of any fireplace. Pipe sealant must be used on all pipe joints. DO NOT USE AN OPEN FLAME TO CHECK FOR LEAKS. Use only a leak check solution made specifically for this purpose. 
SPECIFICATIONS: Designed to run at normal house pressure of 7" w.c. (1.74kPa). Maximum inlet pressure 10.5" w.c (2.61 kPa) and minimum inlet pressure 3.5" w.c. (.87 kPa). Fuel - natural gas. Input 65,000 BTU/hr. Fittings: ½" NPT Certification -IAS tested to C.S.A. Requirements for Gas-Fired Log Lighters for Wood Burning Fireplaces No. 8-93. Length = 10". Height = 1 3/8"
1. Open chimney flue, glass doors, and fireplace screens.
2. Clean burn chamber and surrounding area of all debris, especially ashes that may contain hot coals from previous fires. Ashes should be placed in a metal container with tight-fitting lid. Do not place container on combustible materials until ashes have cooled or been removed from container. All cinders should be cooled thoroughly before disposal.
3. Turn log lighter gas valve to the "off" position.
4. Place logs on the fireplace grate allowing sufficient air space between logs for quick lighting.
5. Light a long-stemmed fireplace match and hold it toward the center of the cast-iron burner ports.
6. Turn the log lighter valve "on" gradually until ignition occurs.
7. If burner does not light within 5 seconds, turn valve OFF, wait for five (5) minutes before trying again.
8. While log lighter is burning, keep glass doors open and close the fireplace screen. 
9. Once the logs are lit and burning, turn off log lighter valve.
10. Remove log lighter valve keys, place in a safe place out of reach of children
pete hulton on 01/29/2016 12:22 PM (EST)
2 reviews
log lighter came fast and was very heavy being made of cast iron. used to have a blueflame but this one is way better.
James on 08/26/2014 04:24 PM (EDT)
2 reviews
THis is the second fire lighter i bought from cjs. the first one was not cast and this one works better

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I am using propane, will this work?

Good Morning,

The cast iron log lighters are set up for natural gas. Our stainless steel log lighters can be used for natural gas or liquid propane (LP adapter needed).

CJ's Customer Support Team

My house is plumbed for propane gas. Can this be used with propane gas?

Thank you for contacting CJ's Home Decor and Fireplaces,

Unfortunately this log lighter is set up for natural gas, we do have LP adaptors for our stainless steel log lighters.

CJ's Customer Support Team

I want to install a gas log lighter for an outdoor fire pit. Will this cast iron starter survive being outdoors? I like the protective ash lip on the design. I'm also looking at the stainless steel lighters but trying to figure out which one is best. Thanks!

Good afternoon,

Thank you for contact CJ's. We would recommend the stainless steel for the outdoors.

Is the log lighter legal to install in New York City?

Good Morning and thank you for contacting CJ's. You would need to check with a reputable plumber or your local code enforcement office to find out if log lighters are legal in your location. Each state has it's own code relating to fireplaces and equipment used to fire them. I hope this information is helpful.


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Dave NH rated our company service 5/5 Dave NH

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Sue rated our company service 5/5 Sue

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