24 Inch Amantii Electric Fireplace Insert with Log Set

Old fireplace? Get modern heat!

The 24" electric fireplace insert from Amantii.
24 Inch Amantii Electric Fireplace Insert with Log Set The 24" electric fireplace insert installed in a zero clearance firebox in a living room. Comes with a lighted LED log set. Your choice of either "ice" or "ember" fire glass media kits included. Installation overview for masonry fireplaces.
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Drafty. High maintenance. A lot of work. If you don't want a wood fire, having an unused wood fireplace in your home can be a dirty drain on your finances. But if you still want the fire and none of the effort, this fireplace insert from AmantiiĀ® could be the perfect solution for you. Seal the chimney, close and lock the damper, remove the doors and frame, run electricity to the firebox, and slide the insert into the hole, letting the wide glass front overlap the existing facing material. You're not without heat either: A hidden fan blows heated air out of the top of the firebox.

The flame effects are created by a state-of-the-art Light-Emitting Diode (LED) projection system that creates a kaleidoscope-like fire effect inside the firebox. Three different-colored LED strips can be set to different intensities, combining to form different hues. Orange and yellow flames are traditional, but you can also make blue, green, and purple flames with the included remote control.

It comes with an LED lighted log set for the traditional appearance of a glowing fire, but you also have the choice of an included glass media kit for a more contemporary appearance:

  1. The "ember" version of the comes with clear fire glass plus two warm hues. It works great with red, orange, and yellow flames.
  2. The "ice" version includes an assortment of clear chunk sizes and cool blue crystals for added color. It works better with blue, green, and purple flames.

If you don't like either of these glass sets, you can replace it with any fire-approved fire glass crystals or beads.

Benefits and features:

  • Designed to be inserted into existing 29" to 37" wide by 18" to 24-1/2" tall fireplace openings to create a new effect
  • Advanced LED flame set combines different colors of light to create a spectrum of "mood" flames
  • Comes with your choice of fire glass media, each of which can be substituted or changed out by additional sets
  • The log set features LED lighting built-in to resemble a hot fire log 
  • Hidden fan draws in air to the heating element and blows the heat out of the top of the unit
  • Includes full-function remote control, but can also be hard-wired to a thermostat
  • 76" cord is on the left-hand side of the unit

-icon-pdf-16x.gif INSERT-26-3825-BG fireplace manual

-icon-pdf-16x.gif INSERT-26-3825-BG fireplace spec sheet

This product is approved for use in mobile homes in most states.

This inserts fits fireplace openings 18" high by 29" wide by 9" deep.

Finish Black (included glass surround)
Material Steel (firebox) Tempered glass (facing)
BTU 5,000 (approximate)
Max Power Output 1500 watts
Voltage 120 volts AC @ 12.5 amps
Heating Area 400 sq. ft.
Height 16-3/4" (fireplace) 25" (glass)
Width 25-1/4" (fireplace) 38" (glass)
Depth 8-1/2"
Weight 62 pounds (including glass)
Minimum Opening Width 29"
Minimum Opening Height 18"
Minimum Opening Depth 9"
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* Last updated on February 21st 2017.
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