29-Piece Set Of Mixed Smooth FireBalls Rasmussen BALL30-A

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  • 29-Piece Set Of Mixed Smooth FireBalls  Rasmussen BALL30-A
  • Mixed  FireBall Set Specifications
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The Rasmussen BALL30-A Mixed Smooth FireBalls set, consisting of 29 pieces, is a decorative heating option for your fire feature. These elegant and modern fireballs are constructed with high-quality refractory ceramic that can withstand high heat and ensure durability. Additionally, they come in eight different colors. The Mixed FireBalls are intended for use with Rasmussen's CS30 or CXF30 burner and are compatible with both single and double-sided fireplaces. The media spacing allows for a complete fire look with flames that spread throughout and around the set. Furthermore, the transparent, non-uniform ceramic stain finish is environmentally friendly, hand-painted, and ages gracefully without degrading in fire. Rasmussen can help you add more sophistication to your home heating element. Please note that for more information on FireBall set sizes, please refer to the product images.

Information regarding the coloration process of our ceramic stains can be found here.

  • The Ceramic Stain creates a see-through, uneven look by penetrating the pores of the material rather than just coating the shape's surface like paint.
  • Ceramic stain possesses the ability to resist burning away when exposed to fire, unlike paint. Additionally, ceramic stain has the tendency to age elegantly.
  • The appearance of color may differ between items, which amplifies the distinctiveness of our products.
  • Black, dark gray and brown colors have the ability to make soot less noticeable when compared to lighter colors. This is because soot, which is a natural byproduct of a yellow pan burner or firepit flame, blends in better with darker colors.

Product Features:

  • This product boasts of superior construction using durable refractory ceramic material.
  • The Ceramic Stain Coloration is durable and transparent, with a non-uniform color that penetrates the FireBalls and doesn't combust.
  • This Mided FireBalls can be utilized with fireplaces that are either single-sided or see-thru and even be used outdoors on fire bowls, fire pits and fire tables.
  • This product is intended to be utilized with Rasmussen CS30 and CXF30 Burners.
  • Sufficient space between FireBalls enables excellent flame coverage, which is known as Flame Allowance.
  • There are 7 different color options to choose from including Natural, Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Beige, Brown, and Adobe Red.

 Product Specifications:

 Set Type:  Vented Gas Logs | Outdoor Fire Pits
 Set Style:  Smooth FireBalls | Smooth Half FireBalls
 Pieces:  29
 Diameter:  (7) 2" | (7) 3" | (5) 4" | (4) Half 4" | (2) 5.75" | (2) 6.625" | (2) Half 6.625"
 Material:  Ceramic-Bonded Refractory Material That is Resisitant To High Heat
 Color:  Beige | Black | Brown | Dark Gray | Light Gray | Natural | Adobe Red
 Coverage:  2.5 Sq. Ft.
 Weight:  59 lbs
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Warranty Information


For Residential Single-Family Indoors (Non-Commercial, Non-Multi-Tenant, or Non-Hospitality):
Rasmussen warrants against defects in manufacturing and materials:
- Logs (loss of both cementitious and ceramic bonds, evidenced by crumbling) for the 
lifetime of the original purchaser in the original installation.  
- Burners and grates for 
two years against defects in materials or workmanship.
- Safety Lighting Controls for 
one year against defects in materials or workmanship.

For all Outdoors and Commercial, Multi-Tenant, and Hospitality:
- Logs (loss of both cementitious and ceramic bonds, evidenced by crumbling) for 
one year.
- Burners and grates for one year against defects in materials or workmanship.
- Safety Lighting Controls for one year, except no warranty for Outdoors, as they are not intended for outdoor installations.


Cracks in Logs

Mere cracking is not grounds for warranty replacement of a log, as all logs will experience cracking at some time.  The logs are subjected to uneven heating, which relieves itself through cracking.  Such cracks are most evident in smooth faced logs like split face, manzanita and birch.  We reinforce the logs with steel rods to hold together the log (which is much more rigid and effective than other means used by competitors, such as metal shards, mesh, plastic threads or none at all). 

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