5 Inch Diameter by 35 Foot Chimney Liner Kit - Forever Flex 316Ti - with Appliance Connector

These Forever Flex Chimney Liners are Stainless Titanium Alloy, backed by a Forever Warranty

5 Inch Diameter by 35 Foot Chimney Liner Kit - Forever Flex 316Ti - with Appliance Connector 5 Inch Diameter by 35 Foot Chimney Liner Kit - Forever Flex 316Ti - with Appliance Connector 5 Inch Diameter by 35 Foot Chimney Liner Kit - Forever Flex 316Ti - with Appliance Connector
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These pro duty chimney liners are a "cats meow" combination of durability and strength. Like Aluminum or Magnesium alloys, Titanium has light weight properties, however as we all know its much more durable and resilient to high temperature corrosion. The  Flex liner is crafted from a 316Ti grade stainless alloy that features Titanium to both stabilize the steel and provide an extra pitting resistance.

These kits are designed to last the lifetime of your stove install and beyond. Unlike many other liners, our  Flex series features a smooth profile on the inside, with positive locking flexible build. 7 ply seams with 10 corrugations per spiral for superior flexibility! Wall thickness on these Liners is .005.

Whats this all mean for your stove? An efficient flue system, a better draft, and fewer internal grooves for creosote to build up on. It's a win, win, win with this super durable liner! 

-icon-add-repair-tiny.png Liner Kit Includes:

  • 316Ti Stainless Flex Liner 
  • Stainless Cap with Screen and Wind Guard
  • No-Sag/No-Leak Top Plate  13" x 13"
  • Appliance Connector
  • Optional Liner Insulation kit [learn more]

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Made in the USA -icon-usaflag.png


Product Warranty


The warranty that works with your home! Beyond just your lifetime, it covers 316L, 304L, 316Ti, and AL29-4C Stainless Steel Liner/Relining pipe and components for wood, coal, pellet, oil, or category 1 gas appliances.


Our manufacturer warrants to you (the €œpurchaser€) that for the period set forth below, the FOREVER FLEX™, ARMOR FLEX™, or RHINO RIGID™ stainless steel relining pipe and components when used as a chimney relining pipe, in a masonry chimney, exclusively for residential appliances, shall be free from defects in material or manufacturer€™s workmanship; and from perforation caused by chimney fire or over firing by you (the €œpurchaser€).

The benefits of this warranty shall apply to you (the €œpurchaser€) FOREVER with no time limit, provided that you continue to own your own home where the FOREVER FLEX™, ARMOR FLEX™, or RHINO RIGID™ is installed. In all events, even if you sell your home, our manufacturer will honor the warranty FOREVER with no time limit so that even a new owner will benefit from the installation in your home.

Conditions & Limitations

Installation of the pipe and components must be in accordance with the manufacturer€™s written instructions: 

  1. The product must be used only for the lining or relining of chimney€™s used to vent residential appliances
  2. Use of this pipe for venting gas appliances is limited to Category I appliances
  3. The FOREVER FLEX™, ARMOR FLEX™, or RHINO RIGID™ lining system must be cleaned and inspected on an annual basis by an experienced chimney professional, (i.e., at intervals of no more than 18 months each, commencing from the date of purchase), who must fill out and date the appropriate section on this warranty card upon completion of such yearly maintenance. Receipts verifying the annual maintenance was performed must also be retained
  4. Corrosive chemical chimney cleaners must not be used
  5. Driftwood, wood, or wood pellets containing salt, preservative treated lumber, plastic, experimental fuels, and household trash must not be burned in the appliance
  6. Plastic bristle flue-cleaning brushes are recommended
  7. In the case of a chimney fire, the chimney must be inspected and approved by an experienced and qualified chimney professional, according to maintenance instructions before reuse
  8. The chimney must have a cap or slate covering installed

Processes & Liability

You may make a claim under this warranty by giving notice to your chimney professional and having your chimney professional provide information about the claim to Olympia Chimney Supply. Upon approval of your claim,our manufacturer shall provide new FOREVER FLEX™, ARMOR FLEX™, or RHINO RIGID™ pipe and components to you as your exclusive remedy.

Our manufacturer does not assume any liability or responsibility for faulty installation of the liner or components, or for defective materials not supplied by it.

Neither our manufacturer nor the installer of the FOREVER FLEX™, ARMOR FLEX™, or RHINO RIGID™ lining system shall be liable for any removal or installation charges or for any special, incidental, or consequential damages in any way related to, the FOREVER FLEX™, ARMOR FLEX™, or RHINO RIGID™ pipe.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.


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