8 Inch Selkirk Insulation Flexi-Sleeve with Included Cable Ties

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Product Specifications:

  • Size: 8"
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Pipe Length: 120-Inch
  • Temperature: 470 degrees F
  • UL Listed: UL 1777
  • Vent Construction: Single-Wall
  • Pipe Type: Insulation

The sleeve of insulation with a durable poly exterior. It comes with cable ties for enhanced convenience, and the sleeve is 10' long. Flexi-Liner is the most durable aluminum chimney liner on the market. This manufacturing technology employs a seamless design, resulting in superior, higher-quality liners with improved compressibility (in small boxes) and a durable, rip-resistant chimney liner.


  • 3000 series aluminum, 2 ply
  • Maximum flue gas temperature 470°F
  • 3" - 8" diameter kits available in 25' and 35' lengths
  • 3" - 5" diameter kits available in 15' lengths
  • Extension kits available in 10', 25' and 35' lengths
  • Can be installed on neutral and negative draft gas appliances
  • B-Vent adaptor available to transition from all brands of Type-B gas vent
  • Insulation sleeve promotes quick heat up, enhances draft and allows zero clearance between liner and masonry chimney
  • Smart Choice warranty on all components

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Warranty Information

Selkirk Corporation, ("Selkirk", "we", "us", "our") warrants our residential Chimney & Venting products (* defined below) to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

For products installed after January 1, 2009, for a period of Ten (10) years from original installation, we will provide replacement product with a similar or like quality of available Selkirk product, free of charge, excluding any installation costs.

From the Eleventh (11) through Fifteenth (15) years, we will provide replacement product at a cost of 75% off the published Retail Price in effect on the date the claim is received, excluding any installation costs.

At expiration of the Fifteen (15) year term, we will provide replacement product at a cost of 50% off the published Retail Price in effect on the date the claim is received excluding any installation costs. This warranty coverage is non-transferable and applies exclusively to the original consumer.

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