8”x 13” Stainless Steel Flue Extension – Accessories

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  • square heavy duty stainless steel flue extension 8 by13 inches
  • illustration showing the measurements of the item
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Product Specifications:

      • Type: Flue Extension
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Flue Size: 8” x 13”

A flue extension is the term used to describe the lengthened flue pipe of a chimney. A pipe that leaves a furnace or stove and travels outside the building is called a flue. Through the flue, hazardous gases, smoke, and soot leave a fire. A flue extension is typically used to increase the draft of an existing flue pipe. It can be built of clay tile, galvanized metal, or tin.

When the chimney is taller, the draft is better. Unfortunately, chimneys and flues aren't frequently built to the proper dimensions and heights to produce a sufficient airflow. A flue extension may be required to raise the top of the flue into a new air flow and restore the chimney's proper draft.

Installs on chimney where no flue is extending or flue is too short; Tapcon screws are included.


  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Threaded Weld Nuts - For easy and secure installation
  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction No rust or corrosion – Lifetime Warranty

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