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In business since 2000, but with a knowledge of fireplaces over 45 years strong, CJ's has become a leading retailer of fireplaces, fire bowls, water fountains, decor and more.  We've achieved that level of success by only selling quality made products and having excellent customer service.  We have a large selection of products throughout our 3 online stores - and we strive to make as many of those American Made as possible.  CJ's is a small business, employing seven local residents that help to make your shopping experience as fabulous as possible.

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  Super Team

With 3 online stores - we've pretty much got you covered when it comes to fire, water, or decor products.


We have a team of super heroes that are dedicated to creating a fabulous experience for our customers.   


We take pride in our customer service, so go here and read tales of our awesomeness!







Our Team Of Super Heroes

They're dedicated to creating a fabulous experience for our customers - from the website to delivery.  They may not be able to fly faster than the speed of light, but their super capes are no less awesome.  




The Boss Man

As a child Chris could be found running though the mountains of Switzerland with his pretty braids flying in the wind behind him .... oh wait... that was Heidi.  Eh, close enough.  Chris was raised in Switzerland, though, and has a deep love for his homeland.  And potatoes.  Everything potatoes. Fries. Hashbrowns. Baked. Mashed. He loves him some potatoes.  

Chris is our resident expert on all things fireplaces.  With decades and decades and decades (we could go on for a long time here) of experience, he is the founder, owner and boss man of CJ's. 

Chris dreams of traveling to New Zealand again some day.




Mini-Mike's Favorite Grandma

Judy is Chris's wife and the boss lady around here.  She would prefer to be home swinging on her porch swing, taking care of her roses, or spending time with her grandchildren, but we make her come here and deal with payroll and paperwork.  Sometimes this has to be done with rope, duct tape, and some chain.  When we first started dragging her in like this, people gave us some strange looks, but now they're used to it.  If you hear grumbling from her office ... stay far, far away. A visit from little Mini-Mike cheers her up, though, and makes all things better.  

You can win Judy's heart by taking her for a nice dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, artisan bread, and ice cream for dessert.  




The Hero of Human Resources

Dan is an all-around kind of guy. You'll find him on the phone in his office with company CEOs one minute and then attending a web department meeting the next. From conducting an interview to helping our sales department and keeping a steady supply of dog treats near his desk for our office pup (Violet), Dan is one busy guy! We always look to him for advice and direction, and he always has the answer to our questions and concerns.

When Dan is not conducting his role as Operations Manager here at work, he is a devoted husband and father at home. In addition to family life and spending lots of time in the great outdoors, Dan appreciates a fine micro-brew or wine, and has even perfected his very own recipes!   

Dan is an avid fly-fisherman and hunter. He has a soft spot for German Shorthaired Pointers.  




The Superwoman of Sales

It's a bird, it's a plane...no wait! It's our sales manager! Holly's back and ready to conquer the world of home décor marketing! She has a real passion for maintaining our customer-base, increasing production, and drawing attention to our line of terrific products. She has a flair for providing friendly customer service and helpful advice, and our clients often call and request her by name!   

Holly rejoins our team with her equally super and beautiful daughter, Taylor. When she's not here at work, Holly enjoys whipping up a delicious meal for the rest of her family, including her adorable granddaughter who loves to wear Grandma's cape!

Holly also loves tending her garden when she's not busy walking through the beautiful Pennsylvania wilderness. 




The Maven Of Merchandise

Do you know what size lintel clamp goes on a fireplace door for a 36" fireplace with a 2" overlap?  Nope?  Me either, but Dana does.  She knows everything there is to know about our products.  And, if she doesn't know, she'll find out for ya.  We ended up installing a phone booth in our office so she can quickly change into her super gear and fly off to help customers in need.

You'd think that she'd get tired after using her super powers all day long at work, but nope - she continues to be pretty darn super at home too!  She's a mom of 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a fish.  And as if that isn't super enough .. she volunteers at the humane society!  Phew!  I'm tired just watching her!

Dana loves going for rides with her husband and friends on their motorcycles on the weekends.




The Dynamo of Developing

He types about 3000 words per minute, drinks coffee by the tanker full, and writes code like a wizard.  To be honest, when he starts talking about json, ssl, css, divs and more, our eyes kind of glaze over in confusion.  We just nod our heads and smile, hoping he doesn't realize we're clueless.

Derek likes going for really short walks on short beaches, followed by relaxing on said beach and doing nothing for the rest of the day.  Since we're short on beaches around here, he hangs out in his backyard sandbox in a lawn chair with his feet in a kiddie pool.  When he's not chilling in the sandbox or here at work, he enjoys working on his house.

Some of Derek's passions are making music, art, food, code, and, of course, making a difference.




The Captain of Creativity

Catrina can normally be found at her desk, bobbing her head up and down to music.  Well... we hope it is music.  There's a good possibility she's just nodding to the voices in her head.  Despite the voices, she is still able to write us up awesome content and draw us pretty things in no time.  Just don't approach her with any questions.  She has a tendency to jump and scream when you get too close.  She really must prefer the voices in her head.

When she's not at work freaking us out, she's at home with her three sons freaking them out.  Them, and the dog, cat, and rat. 

Catrina's dream is to finish college before her children start it.




The Siren of Service & Site Design

Lindsay is a whiz at multi-tasking at the office.  She can be listening to N'sync (yes, she really does), taking orders, adding content to the site, following up with customers, and doing some graphic design all within a five minute span.  We're not quite sure how she does it all and keeps her sanity ... oh wait ... never mind.  

When Lindsay isn't here at the office whipping around doing a million things, she is chilling out at home with her equally crazy new husband and her adorable daughter.  One cannot forget to mention her fur babies - her dog and two kitties.  She loves those little balls of fur.  Not so much, though, when they bring her "presents" of the vermin they catch in the yard.

Lindsay's dream is to one day have a big house full of kids. If not her own, then everyone else's. 




The Wonder Woman of the Written Word

Jenifer flies across the websites like a speeding bullet, fixing broken sentences and repairing grammatical errors.  Her hands type out a siren's song on the keyboard that translates into descriptions of our products so beautiful they make us cry. From social media to newsletters, product descriptions to information pages - Jenifer has an incredible gift when it comes to the written word.  

When Jenifer isn't here at work stunning us with her writing, she's at home chasing after her 3 dogs, 2 kids and husband. She has a fondness for pulling teeth ... perhaps that is why the dogs, kids and husband are running???  No worries - it's only hugs she plans on doling out to them all! 

Jen's dream is to fly off to Scotland one day. 


Warehouse Mike


The Marvel of Maintenance & Mailing

Mike can often be found playing a little air guitar as he zips around the warehouse filling orders and shipping them out.  In the summer when he's not channeling Foo Fighters while packing up boxes for Fed Ex, he can be found mowing the lawn.  In the winter he shovels, plows, and stokes the coal furnace to keep all of us in the office warm and cozy.  

Mike loves having barbecues, playing softball, and playing with his kids. 

Mike is the daddy to Mini-Mike, our little mascot and all around adorable little boy.

How CJ's Came To Be
- As told by the owner, Chris -
Chris - Owner of CJ's

I have over 50 years living, learning and developing fireplace solutions.
Growing up in Küsnacht, Switzerland, we heated with a 1950's Kachelofen tile wood stove. I helped collect sticks and cut firewood. The stove was our only means of heat.


I began a machine mechanic apprentice program. Learning to create mechanical parts from the ground up. Working as a certified machinist for 11 years laid the ground work for my fireplace business. 


I joined Ruegg Cheminee, a leading fireplace manufacturer in Switzerland. Starting as a CAD designer helped me understand the working components of fireplaces. I created and tested fireplaces and stoves, ensuring they were high quality, safe and energy efficient.


Ruegg expanded to Somerville, NJ, creating Ruegg Fireplaces Inc. I moved from Switzerland to Somerville without knowing any English. I knew fireplaces, though, and I knew I could help people heat their homes safely.

The first two things I learned when I moved to the US, were English and U.S. fireplace engineering.  I began revamping existing fireplaces, making them safer and more energy efficient.

I helped people by installing new or converting old fireplaces and stoves into newer, safer ones.


Ruegg Cheminee regrouped back to Europe. I had to make a choice. Stay in America or go back to Switzerland.


People started calling my house asking for help.They needed help with their fireplaces. Help with heat renovations and more. How could I say no?

With $200 and a car, my wife and I began helping people.  CJ’s was born - my dream became a reality with FireplaceEnclosures.com.

Within a short time CJ’s grew into an 1800 square foot space. We created new and renovated fireplaces settings and we loved it!
But we were splitting our time between Hillsborough, NJ and family in Warren, Pennsylvania.


Finally, we made a permanent move to our current location at 21701 Route 6 Warren, PA 16365.  We have a 2000+ square foot showroom, plus a separate outdoor area for customers to browse. 


We sell fireplaces, stoves, fireplace doors, replacement glass, outdoor decor and numerous accessories online and from our local showroom.

I'm always looking for quality American made products for our customers.

Customer Feedback  Our customers rate us 5/5 stars.

Our loyal customers have left 59 company testimonials giving us an average of 5/5 stars for great service. Would you like to leave your own feedback, testimonial, or review? Leave My Feedback

Thanks Dana
From the first moment I interacted with Dana she was nothing but professional, courteous and more than a little helpful. Dana never failed to reply to an email or answer a question. She kept me apprised of my order and her follow through was fantastic. I never felt alone during this process.

Debbe rated our company service 5/5 Debbe

Great service, lightning fast shipping, incredible packing, fits perfect, quality product. Thank you

Dave NH rated our company service 5/5 Dave NH

Purchased: Log Style Mantel
The mantel arrived yesterday afternoon and is in great shape.  That was easily the most impressive job of packaging a large, odd-shaped object that I've ever seen!

Stuart V rated our company service 5/5 Stuart V

I really enjoyed working with you!  Your attention to detail and follow up were beyond expectation.

Joe rated our company service 5/5 Joe

Thank you!!! What great response!!! I appreciate the quickness and the service of your company!!!

Phillip rated our company service 5/5 Phillip

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