Aurora A790i Propane Gas Built-In Grill with One Infrared Burner, Rotisserie, Magic View Window and Analog Thermometer

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  • FireMagic Aurora A790 Built-In Grill with Magic View Window, Rotisserie Kit, Infrared Burner
  • FireMagic's Patented Diamond Sear Cooking Grid
  • Interior 12 Volt Halogen Lights
  • Hood Mounted Analog Thermometer
  • Unique flavor grid with heat zone separator
  • ¼” Thick cast stainless steel burners
  • Backlit comfort touch control knobs
  • 25,000 BTU Left Side Infrared Burner
  • Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit with 20KBTU Infrared Backburner
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Indulge in a premium grilling experience with FireMagic's Aurora Series grills. This A790 built-in gas grill features a complete stainless steel design and a double-walled hood that is spring-assisted, ensuring durability and a sleek aesthetic appeal. With powerful 90,000 BTU cast stainless steel burners, a user-friendly, backlit control panel, and comfort touch knobs, you can easily and intuitively operate each burner independently. An additional left side infrared burner is included for more versatile grilling power, allowing you to create steakhouse quality meals with this 25,000 BTU burner which quickly reaches up to 1000°F. Easily monitor your grilling progress without opening the hood using the hood-mounted analog thermometer and heat-resistant Magic View Window.

The Diamond Sear Cooking Grid, patented by FireMagic, features a unique flat-topped design that allows for more efficient heat transfer than traditional round bar-style cooking grids, maximizing the 792 square inches of cooking surface. A stainless steel warming rack measuring 8 inches deep provides extra space for preparing your favorite dishes. FireMagic's heat zone flavor grids located below the cooking grid distribute heat evenly, vaporizing juices to enhance flavor and prevent grease fires.

The detachable heat zone separators establish independent heat zones for more precise grilling, while the 12-volt halogen lights inside the grill make it simple to monitor your grilling progress, even in the dark. The Aurora A790i grill includes a heavy-duty rotisserie kit with a 20,000 BTU infrared backburner, heavy-duty rotisserie motor, meat prongs, and solid steel spit rod to add even more variety to your outdoor dining menu. 

Product Features:

  • Magic View Window made of heat-resistant ceramic glass for monitoring the grill without lifting the hood.
  • Diamond Sear cooking grids are made of heavy duty 304 stainless steel, providing optimal cooking surface and even heat distribution for superior searing performance.
  • "E" burners are made of heavy gauge cast stainless steel and designed for high BTU capability and even heat distribution, with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Grill features unique hot surface electronic ignition for simple and reliable startup every time.
  • Integrated analog thermometer accurately gauges the grill temperature.
  • Angled halogen lights provide bright and durable illumination for nighttime grilling.
  • Built-in stainless steel recessed back burner comes with a heavy duty rotisserie kit for professional-style rotisserie cooking.
  • Left side infrared burner for exceptional searing power

Product Specifications:

 Model Number:  A790I-8LAP-W
 Fuel Type:  Propane Gas
 Collection:  Aurora
 Configuration:  Built-In
 Material:  Stainless Steel
 Cooking Grid Dimensions:  36" x 22"
 Main Grilling Area:  792 sq. in.
 Secondary Grilling Area:  288 sq. in.
 Thermometer:  Analog
 Grill Lights:  Internal / External
 Weight:  235 lbs
 Overall Dimensions:  38.75"W x 30.5"D x 15.5"H
 Cutout Dimensions:  37"W x 23.5"D x 11.5"H
 Rotisserie Kit:  Yes
 Rotisserie Burner BTUs:  20000
 Heat Zone Separators:  Yes
 Number of Main Burners:  3 Burners
 Ignition Type:  Hot Surface
 Infrared Burner BTUs:  25000
 Main Burner Material:   304 Cast Stainless Steel | Ceramic Infrared
 Flash Tubes:  Yes
 Spring Assisted Hood:  Yes
 Food Window:  Yes
 Size Code:  A79
 Grilling Surface BTUs:  90000




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Warranty Information

Fire Magic Outdoor Grill Warranty Highlights


Lifetime Warranty

Cast stainless steel burners, choice stainless steel u-shaped burners, diamond sear & stainless-steel rod cooking grids, and stainless-steel housings are warranted for as long as you own your Fire magic® grill.


Fifteen (15) Year Warranty

Brass valves, inner liners, manifold assemblies, porcelain housings (including ovens and barbecue faces), and backburner assemblies (except ignition parts).


Ten (10) Year Warranty

Electric grills, including stainless steel cooking grids, and housings.

Built-in griddles (except ignition system) are warranted for ten years.


Five (5) Year Warranty

Flavor grids, infrared burners in the grill, charcoal stainless steel grills, and smokers (except for the charcoal pan, charcoal grid, wood pellet screen, thermometer, and ash tray; which are warranted for one (1) year).


Three (3) Year Warranty

Side burners and all other Fire magic® grill components (except ignition systems and electrical parts).


One (1) Year Warranty

Ignition systems (except batteries), electronic components (including lights and thermometers), and grill accessories.

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