Custom Made Commercial Grade All-Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS)

Made for High Capacity Fire Features

Custom Made Commercial Grade All-Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) How the all weather electronic system is hooked up Set up for the lateral offset pilot burner Side view of the lateral offset set up Top view of the recessed set up Recessed set up side view
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Our new commercial grade all weather electronic system is perfect for those who plan on running their fire feature everyday for long lengths of time such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, or apartment complexes. The CG AWEIS is built in a way that the igniter is only exposed to the flame for a short period of time (4-5 seconds on average). Once you get your fire feature ignited the pilot burner is then turned off and is no longer next to the heat of the flames. You can get the Commercial AWEIS two different ways:

Recessed Pilot Burner: Where the main pilot burner is recessed below the burner pan and held securely in place by the bracket that sits below the pan. (See different set ups in the addition photos)

Lateral Offset Pilot Burner: The main pilot burner is positioned away from the fire ring toward the outer edge of the fire pit, or fire bowl. The linear burner labeled "Pilot Burner Flame Extender" that gets his gas from the same valve as the pilot burner. 


Features and Benefits

  • Primary burner is subjected to the flames for long periods of times make the pilot burner last longer.
  • Re-Light Safety Feature, where if the fire feature goes out the system will respond by turning off and then attempt to re-light. If the pilot burner does not re-light the then the whole system will shut down and NOT attempt to re-light again

Important Information:

  • For outdoor use only!

All electronic ignition systems are warranted for (1) year with a limited warranty for (2) years. As part of the one year warranty, in the event a system has to be replaced due to a defect/malfunction of the system, manufacturer will replace the system free of charge. This warranty does not cover labor costs. Problems in the functioning of the systems due to gas plumbing or electrical installed by others are not covered under this warranty. In the event a system fails after the first year (from date of purchase) and within two years of date of purchase, the cost for a replacement system is at a discount rate of 50% of the current listed price. Manufacturer is not responsible for the cost of labor incurred for replacing a system purchased at the discounted rate.

Usually ships in 10-15 business days

** Be sure to have a qualified installer check the following **

Issue: When I turn on the Ignition System nothing happened?

Check: When this happens it is usually due to an electrical wiring or power issue. Make sure to properly check all your electrical connections to ensure that all wires connecting to the transformer as well as the fire feature are connected properly. If all wires appear to be connected, disconnect the wires at the fire feature and attach a Multimeter to the wires to confirm a minimum of 24 volts when the fire feature is turned on. If you do not have a minimum of 24 volts conduct the same test at the transformer to ensure the transformer is in fact producing a minimum of 24 volts. If you do have a minimum of 24 volts at the fire feature E-Mail us the following at [email protected]:

  • Your name
  • Order# if you have it
  • Short video of how your fire feature is working
  • Few photos showing the set up of your system.
    • If you have media in/on feature please take photo with media
    • If no media just the set up will do

Issue: After I installed the Electronic Ignition System I turned it on, I can see the glow plug is glowing and I can hear the gas flowing but no fire?

Check:  This may be caused by a couple of issues.

  1. Air in the gas lines

If a new gas line was installed and the air was never purged from the lines prior to installing the electronic ignition system then it may take a few times of turning the fire feature on and off before the air is out of the lines. Here is how our Electronic Ignition Systems work:  after you turn it on the glow plug will come on first followed by the Pilot Gas Valve opening 4 seconds later. For the next 3 minutes the glow plug will cycle on and off every 30 seconds while the Pilot Gas Valve will remain on the entire time. Therefore if you are attempting to purge air from the gas line, turn the system on and leave it on for approximately 3 minutes. Then turn it off and then back on (no need to wait to turn it back on). Let the system run for another 3 minutes. Usually when purging air from a new gas line you will need to cycle the power several times as described above before gas begins to flow. If at any point you smell gas but still don't have ignition, attempt to light the Pilot flame with a handheld lighter. If the flame ignites when you light it by hand please see information under "Electrical Current".

      2. Electrical Current

If you have checked your gas lines and believe that there is no air in the lines, then most likely the failure to ignite the fire feature is due to the fact the glow plug may not be getting hot enough to ignite the gas. The reasoning as to why a glow plug may not be getting hot enough is is that it is most likely not getting enough 'amps'. The number of amps reaching the fire feature is heavily dependent on the gauge wire used between the transformer and the fire feature. Our Install Instructions require no less than 12 gauge wire be run for all fire features. Often times we learn that in many cases less than 12 gauge wire has been used and herein lies the cause of the problem. 

Here is how to determine if there are enough 'amps' getting to your fire feature.

  1. CAUTION: Turn off the gas supply prior to the next step.
  2. Using a clamp on ammeter, clamp the ammeter around one of the wires providing power to the Electronic Ignition System.
  3. Turn the fire feature on.
  4. The amps you should see will range between 1.4 to 1.6 amps initially. Four seconds after being turned on the amps will jump to approximately 2.0 amps.

If you do not see the amps listed above AND the wire gauge used was less than 12 gauge wire – change the wiring. Otherwise contact us for further assistance at the e-mail listed above.

Issue: I turned my fire feature off, so why can I still see small flames coming from my fire feature?

Check: Turn your fire feature on and let the main fire ring light, then turn it off again, you will want to do this multiple times. Small pieces of debris from the  gas line can sometimes get caught in the main or pilot valve which may cause it from closing all the way. This will happen sometimes with a new gas line, and by cycling the power often times this will dislodge the debris. If cycling the power does not work for you and does not solve the issue, turn the gas off using the manual shutoff and contact us at the e-mail provided above for further assistance.

Height 4" Box 6-5/8" | 6-5/8" Total
Width 4-3/8"
Length 4-3/8"
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