Cast Iron Lynwood W76 Wood Burning Stove

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The W76 entirely redefines the actual essence of wood heating with its upscale appearance. This cast iron, non-catalytic fireplace is EPA approved and has extremely low particulate emissions. It is environmentally beneficial.
The combustion chamber, hidden behind its enormous doors, has the capacity to hold an incredible number of logs that can be used to heat rooms and burn for hours while maintaining the highest levels of environmental regulations.


  • EPA Certified
  • 78% maximum efficiency
  • Massive glass for fire viewing
  • Construction: Cast Iron
  • Heats up 2000 ft²
  • 13,784 to 57,674 BTU/hr
  • Log Size – 21”
  • Weight: 500 lbs

Product Specifications:

 Model:  W76
 Type:  Solid Fuel Room Heater
 Type of Combustion:  Non-catalytic
 Fuel Type:  Dry Cordwood (15% moisture)
 Main Material:  Cast Iron
 Firebox Isolation:  Vermiculite
 Flue Exit:  6" (150 mm) Back to top connector
 Recommended Heating Area:  450 to 2000 ft.² (42 to 186 m²)
 Nominal Firebox Volume:  1.55 ft.³ (0.044 m³)
 Maximum Burn Time¹:  14 hours
 Maximum Heat Output (dry cordwood)²:  57, 700 BTU/h (16.91 kW)
 Overall Heat Output Rate (min. to max.)²³:  13,784 BTU/h to 57,684 BTU/h (4.04 kW to 16.91 kW)
 Average Overall Efficiency³:  71% (HHV)⁴ 76% (LHV)⁵
 Optimum Efficiency⁵:  78%
 Average Particulate Emissions Rate⁷:  1.81 g/h (EPA/CSA B415.1-10)
 Average CO⁵:  120 g/h
 Maximum Wood Load:  23.14 lbs
 Maximum Log Size:  21 Inches
 Combustion Chamber Size:  1.57 cu ft
 Total Weight:  478.4 lbs


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Warranty Information

Amantii Imports Corp. (“Amantii”) warrants that your newly purchased Amantii electric fireplace is free from manufacturing and material defects for a period of two (2) years from the date of the first purchase, subject to the conditions and limitations contained below.

WARRANTY APPLICATION & EXCLUSIONS This limited warranty applies to your newly purchased Amantii electric fireplace; the limited warranty’s application is limited to purchases made in any province of Canada or in any of the 52 States of the United States of America, including the District of Columbia. Only the original purchaser of the product is eligible for coverage under this limited warranty; the warranty is not transferable.

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PANORAMA OUTDOOR UNITS All Panorama units that are installed outdoors or in moisture intense conditions must use the stainless steel cover. Proof of purchase of the cover is required for any warranty claims.

SERVICE UNDER LIMITED WARRANTY Defects must be brought to the attention of Fireplace Doors Online by visiting or by contacting customer service: Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm EST, 888-986-1535 or

DEFECTS Should a product or part covered by this limited warranty be proven to be defective, in material or workmanship, and during the two (2) year limited warranty period, Amantii will replace such defective product or part without charge. If Amantii is unable to replace such product, or if replacement is not commercially practicable or cannot be timely done, in its sole discretion Amantii may, in lieu of replacement, choose to refund the purchase price for such product or part.

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GENERAL Amantii reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice, in design, material, specifications, prices and the right to discontinue styles and products.

GLASS This limited warranty does not apply to the following glass products:

                      Model Type         Tray Glass         Front Glass         Back Glass
Panorama/Symmetry                X                 X                X
Wall Mount/Insert                X    
Traditional                X    
Zero Clearance/FS                X    
Freestand                X    

EXCLUSION OF BATTERIES Ocean carriers have set new rules designed to protect the safety of shipments while in transit. This new rule disallows the inclusion of lithium/alkaline batteries, as a result we will no longer be including batteries with the fireplace remote.

REPLACEMENT MOTORS With the reliability of the components used in the construction of our electric fireplaces, a complimentary replacement motor will no longer be included inside the carton containing the fireplace.

Last updated on March 8th 2023.

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