When you think about renovating or decorating your home, you probably think about changing your walls, floors, lighting, and furniture. You might not think about the way your ceilings can enhance the overall appearance and value of your home.

On a basic level, the ceiling is the overhead surface that covers a room. You can also see it as the underside of a roof or floor. Their basic function is to hide roof and floor construction.

Ceilings serve another purpose that a lot of people don’t think about. They diffuse sound that’s created by kitchen appliances, children playing, TV, music, and other day-to-day household noise. A ceiling allows all of these activities to happen at once, without disrupting others, since it reduces noise travel between rooms.

Beyond sound diffusion and hiding construction, ceilings can also serve their own decorative purpose. The ceiling is known as the fifth wall. There’s so much blank space to work with, yet, it is often overlooked and left in its original state – typically a plain white surface.

When you enhance the style of your ceiling you create uniformity with the rest of the room and the entire home. A high-quality ceiling increases the market value of your home while adding elegance.

Don’t miss out on these different ways to enhance your ceilings: domes, medallions, rings, tiles, coffered tiles, and faux wood beams. All of these options increase the value of your home whenever you’re ready to sell. In some cases, they do a good job of highlighting a light fixture. In general, they can open up space within a room or hallway in your home or workplace.

Ceiling Domes

Ceiling domes are circular, concave structures that add elegance and charm to your ceiling. Because of its shape, a ceiling dome increases the lighting within a room. It can be installed in rooms that are already finished; you do not have to tear down the existing ceiling to install one.

Ceiling Medallions

A ceiling medallion is a circular panel that decorates a ceiling. Whether it contains a basic texture or a more intricate design, the ceiling medallion easily becomes the focal point of the ceiling. You can paint it a certain color to contrast the ceiling paint and enhance the look of your ceiling fan or light fixture.

Ceiling Rings

Ceiling rings are also circular structures that are hollow in the middle. As opposed to a ceiling medallion, a ceiling ring is paired with another decorative element of the ceiling. When you pair a ceiling ring with a chandelier, the chandelier in the center appears larger, more refined, and more expensive.

Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles, or ceiling panels, come in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Beyond using them for ceilings, these tiles can be used on walls and backsplashes. The tile options available at CJ’s Hearth And Home are already primed and ready to be painted. You’ll be pleased to find that our tiles are easy-to-install, lightweight urethane tiles.

Coffered Ceilings

A coffered ceiling contains a set of sunken panels placed against a grid arranged in a square, rectangular, or octagonal shape. The way coffered ceilings create an optical illusion of depth makes them especially great for large rooms with high ceilings. 

Faux Wood Beams

Ceilings normally conceal the structural elements of the home, but wood beams take a different approach. They mimic exposed beams or the underlying structure of the house. The visible wood creates a connection to the outdoors, expanding on a natural or organic theme that shows up in the rest of the house. Beams are right for you if you want to incorporate a rustic or industrial style.

Whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or building your brand-new home, it’s time to show your ceilings some love. Did you know we’ve been in the hearth and home business for over 20 years? We currently carry ceiling domes, medallions, rings, and tiles. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you toward the right option for your lovely home.

Each of the above elements will make your ceiling look more interesting. When your guests look up they will see something that draws them in and makes them feel like they are sitting among a piece of art that’s built into the home. Along with paint and lighting, domes, medallions, rings, tiles, beams, and coffers will certainly elevate your home decor.

Break through the limitations of typical decor, and expand your possibilities by decorating what’s above you. Contact CJ’s Hearth And Home to get started today!

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