Coal Stoves

Energy efficient coal stoves

Coal stoves are becoming more popular as one of the most heat-efficient appliances available today. Kindling and a forced air system ignite pieces of coal within a closed chamber, radiating heat from the appliance that can be circulated throughout a room with a distribution blower. Many units feature designs that work specifically with a certain type of coal (mainly anthracite), and new technology allows for a thermostatically controlled damper that automatically adjusts combustion air based on the stove's temperature. Coal does not produce creosote, which eliminates the danger of chimney fires.

Coal stoves are very efficient when they are maintained properly, and Fast Replacement Glass knows that you want products that deliver superior performance for this reason. Whether you are looking for a cleaner, stove paint, gaskets, silicone sealant, cement, or a sheet of pyroceram replacement glass, we have exactly what you need! We have complied a group of top of the line products, designed specifically for use with your coal stove. 


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Last updated on August 11th 2017.