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Columns provide structure and decor for both your home exterior and interior. Outside of your home, columns are perfect for supporting awnings and roofs. They can also provide structure for your porches, enhancing your curb appeal.

In terms of your home interior, columns are used to support overhangs, kitchen islands, and cabinets.

Between your outdoor columns – like porch pillars – and interior columns, they collectively increase your property value, which is key for selling your home.

Decorative columns are typically sold in pairs, helping you create a uniform look within your kitchen, hallways, entryways, or outdoor spaces. House column sets may also include capitals and bases, so you do not have to purchase these support pieces separately.

Although most house columns are made of similar shapes, they don’t all look the same. Some columns have smooth textures, while others columns have carved fretwork. In either case, you can paint the full column, capital, and base the same color to create a cohesive look.

Otherwise, you might want to paint the column one color and the column capital and column base a different color. This would create some visual contrast that can also tie into other decorative elements of your home. The type of column you install – carved or not – will depend on the overall design style you’d like to represent throughout your home.

At CJ’s Hearth And Home, we specialize in imitation decorative columns, column bases, and column capitals for your home interior and exterior. Our imitation home columns are created with faux wood, made of urethane. Our weatherproof polyurethane will not rot, crack, or fade over time and requires little to no upkeep.

Our polyurethane columns come in both smooth and carved fretwork textures. They are resistant to common biological wood concerns like rot and warping, requiring little upkeep. 

These imitation wood architectural columns save you installation time and money while covering unattractive lally columns and support posts. Our faux wood columns are molded from genuine wood timbers, creating the most realistic texture available.Did you know we’ve been in the hearth and home business for over 20 years? Contact CJ’s Hearth And Home to begin your next home project today.

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