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Fireplace Door Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What type of fit will work for my fireplace?

    • There is an inside fit and an outside fit.  Find out which one works for your fireplace here.
  • What’s the difference in door styles? 

    • Cabinet style door also called twin doors -Two doors hinged on either side of the opening and you can open doors in the middle. Each door swings out 180°
    • Bi-fold style door -4 panels, two panels per door each hinged on the side and you can open doors in the middle. Doors have no track and each center panel folds back onto the outside panel. You also have a 180° motion but your doors a folded back and less obtrusive than a cabinet door.
    • Tracked Bi-fold door -As the name suggests the tracked doors are riding in a door channel and do not swing out. Makes it much harder to clean. Dirt and dust will collect in tracks and over time makes it hard to open and close the doors.
  • I want to use a standard size door but my measurement is not in the selection or chart?    

    • Your measurement must fall within the range listed. If your opening does not fall within the chart that door will not fit. No adjustments can be made
  • Can I adjust my fireplace door?     

    • No. All doors are one piece solid construction and not adjustable.
  • Why do I need to have my glass door open when I have a fire burning?

    • This one of the most common questions that we get. The glass door is primarily designed to help keep room air and heat from going up the flue when you do not use the fireplace. A glass fireplace screen also adds a decorative, finished look to any fireplace opening.
    • 90% of our doors use either 1/4" or 3/16" tempered safety glass. The tempered safety glass can withstand temperatures between 400° - 600° F. This type of glass is the industry standard . What we can not control is the size and intensity of the fire. High heat or large fires close to the fireplace enclosure can result in the glass becoming brittle and break. Fireplacedoorsonline strongly urges you to keep the doors open when the fire is burning.
    • The only exception would be, a fireplace door with ceramic glass. Only available for masonry fireplaces.
  • Can I close the doors when the fire dies down? 

    • Yes, as long there is no large open flame. The damper needs to be open to allow the smoke to escape.
  • Is there a warranty on the doors or glass? 

    • Yes there is. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their glass. Please check at each door you are interested in and click on the warranty tab.
  • Do you offer samples?

    • Fireplacedoorsonline is the only company that offers samples of the frames.
    • We try our best to display the color and appearance of the finishes as accurately as possible. Actual color tone may look different on your monitor. We will not guarantee that your monitor will display the true and accurate finish.
  • Can I install a fireplace door myself?    

    • Yes, most overlap masonry doors are fairly straight forward to install. Most of them use lintel clamps on the top and set screws on the bottom. Some you will need to drill a bracket into the floor or the mortar joint if you have brick (never drill into brick, always the mortar joint).
    • If you order an inside fitting door that will take a little more work since you may need to mortar the door into place.
    • On a prefabricated door you will need a drill, drill bit and Philips head screw driver, these are some tools a handy homeowner has laying around.
  • Can I use my gas log with the glass doors closed?

    • Absolutely not! The gas log needs the combustion air to burn properly. When you have any type of gas log burning always keep the doors fully open.
  • Can I take the screen out of my fireplace door?

    • You can take the screen out, however due to safety reasons fireplacedoorsonline recommends not to alter the fireplace or the fireplace doors. The mesh is there for a reason, another layer of protection.
  • Can I use an air sealed or gasketed door on a factory built fireplace?  

    • This is a big no no. You can not use any air sealed or masonry door on a factory built fireplace
    • PLEASE NOTE: A fireplace door not specifically made for your prefab unit is a safety hazard and will void warranty. Fireplacedoorsonline only sells doors approved for factory built fireplaces.
  • Can I change out the tempered glass and get ceramic glass?

    • No. If your enclosure was built with tempered glass you will need to get tempered glass. Ceramic glass is only used in certain doors and they have different cabinet doors.
  • I don’t need a new door, can I just get the swing section?

    • Unfortunately, no. All of our doors come with a main frame and are not sold in pieces. We do sell glass and parts for the doors we have listed on
  • I want to change the color of my door frame – can I just paint it?

    • Some people have tried to paint their frames but it seldom looks good or lasts long. Our only suggestion would be to make sure the frame has been prepped properly and use high temp paint in a well ventilated area.
  • Can I put glass doors on my vent free fireplace?

    • Absolutely not! It is against all fire and safety codes.
  • What can I do to keep my pets from getting in my vent free fireplace?

    • Some manufactures make mesh doors for pre-fab fireboxes. Those are a good alternative as they are stiff and it would be very difficult for animals or small children to open.
  • I don’t want to put glass doors on my wood burning fireplace but need some kind of mesh for safety. I am not a fan of mesh curtains. What else can I do?

    • Mesh doors are a good alternative. There are many styles and colors available.
  • What is your lead time for shipping?

    • Ceramic glass will ship out in 3-5 business days.
    • Tempered glass will ship in about 10 business days. The longer lead time occurs because the glass has to be cut and then sent to tempering, that process will take a while. 
    • Don't forget to add shipping to above lead times.

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