Coal Stove Maintenance

Coal Stove Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance For Coal Stoves

Yearly Maintenance For Coal Stoves



Coal Stove Maintenance

Monthly coal stove maintenance

A coal stove's efficiency makes it the perfect choice to heat your home, office and more. A little help keeps your coal stove energy efficient month to month.

3 easy steps keeps your coal stove running smoothly.

Step 1: Pay attention to your coal stove

  • Notice how the coal stove feeds the coal from the hopper through the unit.
  • Your coal use will fluctuate depending upon the weather outside and desired temperature inside.
  • Notice what the flame looks like through the glass.
  • Be mindful of what the unit sound like when in use.

If anything changes – Don’t ignore it!

Step 2: Daily cleaning:

  • Remove the burn off coal or coal ash from your unit.
  • Most coal stoves and boilers have an area where the coal ash collects.
  • Leaving a bucket in the area to collect the coal ash will make dumping it a breeze.
  • The coal ash aids in deicing and traction on icy and snowy driveways and walk ways.

Step 3: Monthly cleaning

  • A coal stove should be shut down monthly for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Remove coal fly ash from the pipe and flue area monthly. More often if you choose.
  • The fly ash is very fine, but slows down your coal stove’s efficiency if not kept cleaned out.


That’s it. Be mindful of your coal stove and it will give you years of warmth and efficiency.

Yearly Maintenance for Coal Stoves

Yearly coal stove maintenance

Your coal stove takes care of you, shouldn’t you take care of it?

Day in and day out your coal stove heats your home.  You enjoy the stove’s warmth and reliability. Sure, you do some monthly upkeep but…

Yearly, you must do a complete cleaning and maintenance check. Even if you use your coal stove year round, you must shut it down once a year. Just long enough to complete upkeep, repairs and inspection.  Your coal stove gives you love year round, why not give a little bit back?

Regular maintenance and yearly cleaning adds years of use to your coal stove.

Why? Because coal is very acidic. Over time burning coal corrodes and eats the metal and components in your stove. Cleaning slows this corrosive process down A LOT! As in doubling the life of your coal stove.

5 simple steps for an efficient long lasting coal stove

Step 1:  Shut It Down!

  • Let your stove’s hopper empty. This means all the coal must be burned from the holding area and inside the stove.
  • Time will vary – depending on the amount of coal in the hopper.
  • Watch your coal stove closely while letting it burn out. As the coal burns out – turn off the coal stove. YOU DON’T want your coal stove to burn empty – it can create sparks.
  • Unplug the stove.
  • Wait until the hot coals have completely cooled. You DO NOT want to burn yourself, your home or your vacuum.

Step 2: Cleaning out.

  • Scrape down the sides of the coal stove.  Sometimes pieces of the metal box flakes off with your cleaning. This is normal corrosion from burning coal.
  • Use a Stove and Fireplace Ash Vacuum to remove coal fly ash from your coal unit
  • Coal Fly ash is the fine dust found in your coal stove and pipe.
  • Remove any fans.
  • Vacuum out the fan, around and under the fan area.
  • Clean out coal fly ash from pipes using vacuum or Chimney Brush
  • Clean glass door with fireplace glass cleaner. The glass will not look clear. The acid from coal makes the glass look etched.

Step 3: Maintaining

  • Check stove inside and out for corrosive damage. Corrosive damage may look like flaking, holes or rust.
  • Examine any moving parts inside and out of your unit
  • Inspect gasket for wear or tears.
  • Check glass for damage
  • Spray the entire unit with a product like WD-40.  This slows corrosion damage!

Step 4: Order Needed Parts Now!

  • Any parts that are worn, cracked or damaged replace immediately!
  • If you aren’t sure “how much more time” a part will last, order one anyhow.  It’s better to have a part “just in case” instead of scrambling to get the part later.

Step 5: Ready for your next burn

  • Make sure all fans and parts are connected correctly.
  • Need to use your coal stove now – wait until the unit dries naturally – fire it back up.
  • End of season – Keep it shut down. When you are ready to fire it up, do a quick inspection of your coal stove, and fire it up.

A yearly cleaning and coating with a product like WD-40 adds years of life to your coal stove.  Yearly cleaning keeps your coal stove energy efficient and saves you headaches during the heating season.

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