Decorative Millwork

Decorative Millwork

Decorative Millwork

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Decorative millwork is woodwork produced in a mill and added to your home interior or exterior as architectural accents. This is also known as decorative molding or trim.

These decorative materials are used in building construction to make nooks and crannies more visually appealing. Although they do not provide major structural support, they do create focal points and decorative touches that make your house stand out among the rest.

Millwork is often used to add beauty to kitchen islands, cabinets, shelving, countertops, and fireplace mantels. It is also used to enhance the appearance of doors, door frames, windows, stairs, and walls. Millwork transforms otherwise plain elements of the home, giving them personality and style.

Designing a space with decorative millwork accents is well worth the investment, as they increase the market value of your home. Even if you’re not thinking about selling, decorative millwork helps you enjoy the style of your home on a daily basis. Architects and designers who understand the value of bold details add decorative millwork to their home designs. Consider adding these to your new home or renovation: cabinet columns, capitals, bases, gable pediments, rosettes, running trim, stair brackets, and surrounds.

Cabinet Columns

Cabinet columns add visual appeal to the underside of kitchen islands, cabinetry, mantels, furniture, and other items in the home.

Capitals and Bases

Capitals and bases comprise the very top and bottom of a column, respectively. Together they give the appearance of strong, opulent columns on the inside or the outside of your house.

Gable Pediments

The gable is the section of the wall that encloses a pitched roof. Historic and Victorian-style homes frequently have pediments on the roof, along with other architectural details.


Mantels, ceilings, and furniture look lovely with simple or detailed rosette trim.

Running Trim

Running trim is used as architectural additions to porches and pergolas, drawing attention to gable pediments.

Stair Brackets

Stair brackets improve a staircase’s aesthetic appeal, as they continually draw the eye up and down with an evenly placed pattern.


A pair of surrounds provides the structural base for your fireplace mantel, so you can place small decorative items above the fireplace.

If you’re working on your new home, remodel, or renovation, we’re ready to answer your questions. Did you know we’ve been in the hearth and home business for over 20 years? We currently carry cabinet columns, capitals, bases, gable pediments, rosettes, running trim, stair brackets, and surrounds. Don’t forget about our flexible return policy.

With decorative millwork, you can add texture and visual contrast in a way that fits the overall style of your home, both indoors and outdoors. Contact CJ’s Hearth And Home today to enhance your home with decorative millwork accents.

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