[Design Idea] Fire Pit With Water

Fire Pit With Water

Fire Pit With Water

Design Notes:

1. We brought 110v electric into this fire pit and split it between the pond pump (which was submerged in the water in the center) and the Remote Control Module. Using two X-10 SR227 outlets, which were mounted inside the fire trough part of the feature, with different addresses (one was set to E1, the other to E2) we were able to control the fire and water separately.

2. The water level in the center did not have an automatic water leveler. Instead, a landscaping valve box was located in the grassy area adjacent to this sitting area with a manual ball valve for the homeowner to fill the center water feature whenever the water level got low. Regardless which method you use to maintain the water level it is critical a good size drain hole was installed in the outer wall of this fountain as shown in the drawing. Since the Remote Control Module was beneath the fire glass in the fire trough, if ever the center water fountain overflowed into the fire trough, without a drain hole, the Remote Control Module would become submerged in the water and possibly damage it. So a drain hole for this feature is a must.

3. We fabricate a burner bar using 3/4" galvanized pipe, primed with Auto Primer paint and finished with High Heat black paint. We used a 3/4" coupling in one corner of the burner bar to complete the square burner bar. We reduced down to 1/2" at the Remote Control Module to enable the two to be attached to one another. When the manual gas valve was completely opened up, we had 18" flames coming from this burner bar. We turned the gas down for this photo and the homeowner.

4. The fire glass used on top of the burner bar is the Black Reflective. Any of the glass that has the word "Reflective" as part of its name has a slightly more reflective surface to it and when exposed to the light of the flame it "sparkles" as the fire moves around and reflects light in all directions.

5. The finished height of this particular feature was 18"

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