[Design Idea] Square Bowls With Fire

Step by Step Creation of Square Fire Pit Bowls

Square fire pit bowls

Square fire pit bowls

1. Install the Remote Control Module inside the large bowl on bottom. For this project we made the pilot tubing and the electrical wiring from the Remote Control Module 3" longer than normal to account for the fact the Pilot Burner needed to extend higher than normal in order to reach the fire ring that was to be installed in the top bowl.

Square fire pit bowls

2. Install a masonry "spacer" to be used to elevate the smaller top bowl above the larger base bowl. The masonry spacer shown at right actually rested on the top of the Remote Control Module. If you look closely you can see how we cut a groove in the masonry spacer to accommodate the pilot tubing and electrical running up along side the 1/2" gas line riser. The same company we get these bowls from also sells the masonry spacers.

Square fire pit bowls

3. Install the Top Bowl. In order to get the Pilot Burner AND the 1/2" gas riser through the bottom of the top bowl we had to make a 2" diameter hole.

Square fire pit bowls

4. Install 6" stainless steel fire ring and fill using landscaping lava rock. If you need to use filler material in a fire feature, Lava rock is the only recommended filler material. Other types of stone and rock have air pockets inside them that when heated can cause the rock to "explode" much like a hand grenade.

Square fire pit bowls

5. Install fire glass screen and fire glass. Fire glass, though beautiful, requires special attention when working with electronic ignition systems such as our Remote Control Fire Module. The problem with the fire glass is that it tends to act like a "shield" to the flame sensor part of the Pilot Burner. When the flame sensor does not have a direct flame on it all the time, the system "Cycles" which means it continually turns off and then back on again. To reduce the tendency of this happening we highly recommend installing a galvanized screening material "around" the pilot burner.

Square fire pit bowls

Close Up View of Fire Glass Screen. Here is a close up view of the galvanized screening material that has been wrapped "around" the Pilot Burner Assembly, Once you have finished installing the screen you must be careful when putting the fire glass in the bowl to ensure that very few if any pieces of glass "bury" the Pilot Burner. By keeping the glass off the Pilot Burner Assembly, you ensure a nice steady heat source (flame) on the flame sensor which will reduce the tendency of "Cycling" to occur.

Square fire pit bowls

What is: The centerpiece of your outdoor gathering at night? The object of desire when theres a cool breeze? The fuel for your fire (and the food) inside your gut? A fire pit is more than a place to burn wood while we just sit there and look at it. We gather, converse, absorb, and embrace our loved ones around the heat and the glow of the fireside. It feeds us with its one of a kind, grilled to perfection taste, then relaxes us with bottom-of-the-foot warmth that everyone can enjoy.

This is why we at CJ's are so passionate about our fire pits and fire bowls. Whether you are in need of a simple cutout shape, a unique portable cooking system, or an all out artisan fire pit, or fire bowl, for your resort or business, we've got you covered. Some of the most durable and affordable fire pits and fire bowl creations come from us here at CJ's, but we also cater to imagination. Our team is standing by with an arsenal of creativity, craftsman, welders, artists, and manufactures to create anything you desire for your outdoor environment! We would love to help you build the perfect fire ring, fireplace, or fire feature for your indoor or out door area. Please give us a call at (888) 986-1535 and we would be happy to make your dreams come true.

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As I responded above, all went well and I appreciate being able to purchase the replacement glass for my gas fireplace insert at a reasonable cost. Thanks.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I was successful installing my fireplace door this morning by adding a couple of washers between the bracket and bolt/screw supplied. I really am thrilled with the quality, craftsmanship, and ease of installation. Maybe this tip will help others if they find themselves in a similar situation.

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