Direct Vent Pipe

Direct Vent Pipe

Direct Vent Pipe

The DuraVent Direct Vent Pro is the most commonly approved brand of chimney pipe for gas stoves, inserts, and fireplaces. If you consult your appliance manual, you will likely find it listed as an approved brand for installation. Gas units may use the DuraVent Direct Vent Pro chimney pipe brand and model if approved by the manufacturer. The DuraVent Direct Vent Pro is a unified, coaxial pipe system that features an inner pipe and an outer pipe. The inner pipe vents exhaust, while the outer pipe provides fresh air intake. Gas or propane stoves, heaters, and fireplaces can use this particular type of pipe. This brand of chimney pipe is commonly approved by gas appliance manufacturers. To ensure that your unit is approved for installation with the DuraVent Direct Vent Pro chimney pipe, please consult the gas appliance manufacturer's manual.

Direct vent is the most commonly used and newest method of venting, which was invented by Heat & Glo's founders in the 1980s. It is highly favored due to its efficiency, safety, flexibility, and the fact that it does not necessitate an existing chimney. When it comes to direct vent fireplaces, a couple of rigid flues are installed in sections ranging from 4" to 48" in length, along with 90°- and 45°- angled elbows that offer flexibility in terms of placement. The inner flue, which is 4" in diameter, is surrounded by an outer flue that is either 6 5/8" or 8" in diameter. During the start-up of the gas fireplace, the inner pipe allows the exhaust to pass through it to the outdoors, while the outer pipe brings in fresh air for combustion, transmitting it directly to the bottom of the sealed firebox, where the unit ignites. The outer pipe also aids in insulating surrounding combustible components from the heat passing through the system. The direct vent fireplace unit is completely separated from the air in your home, with a high-temperature glass panel and protective screen sealing it off from the interior of your house. The illustration shows the different routes that a direct vent can take, including through the wall directly from the firebox to the outdoors, as well as optional side and top venting routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a direct vent pipe?

  • A direct vent pipe is when a large pipe is fitted with a smaller pipe in order to bring air in from outside and then exhaust combustibles back outside. 

Can a wood stove be direct vented?

  • You most likely will not have the ability to use a direct vent on a wood stove. Fireplaces or stoves that run on gas are able to use this type of venting due to the exhaust is less and they do not require as much air and are also sealed. Wood burning fireplaces or stoves require a chimney for vertical ventilation.


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