Direct Vent Pipe

Direct Vent Pipe

Direct Vent Pipe

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Making sure that your fireplace is at its most efficient is important to every fireplace owner. The point of a fireplace is to ensure that you are getting the most out of it! Installing a direct vent pipe will help with making sure your fireplace is more efficient.

The direct vent pipe is designed with a larger pipe and a smaller pipe within your chimney. This enables fresh air to come in through one and then the exhaust goes out the other. The set up is made to make your direct fireplace more efficient and create a better and cleaner input and output. A direct vent pipe and liner are also useful in keeping your fireplace cool and managed. They also are great for giving combustibles a smaller space and make them less of a risk.

We want to make sure your fireplace is at the top of its game at all times! We offer amazing quality products to help make your fireplace shine like the brightest star. Check out what we have to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a direct vent pipe?

  • A direct vent pipe is when a large pipe is fitted with a smaller pipe in order to bring air in from outside and then exhaust combustibles back outside. 

Can a wood stove be direct vented?

  • You most likely will not have the ability to use a direct vent on a wood stove. Fireplaces or stoves that run on gas are able to use this type of venting due to the exhaust is less and they do not require as much air and are also sealed. Wood burning fireplaces or stoves require a chimney for vertical ventilation.


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