Electric Fireplaces Add Value To Home

Electric Fireplaces Add Value To Home

An electric fireplace can indeed increase the value of a home in various ways. If you desire to improve the atmosphere of your living area significantly, an electric fireplace is a great option to consider, particularly if constructing or financial constraints hinder you from installing a traditional wood or gas fireplace. Compared to a gas fireplace, an electric fireplace is less expensive to operate. Moreover, the initial cost of installing a gas fireplace is much higher than that of installing an electric fireplace due to its complex installation requirements. While an electric fireplace may not boost a property's value as much as a gas fireplace, it is an excellent choice for price-conscious consumers who wish to create a beautiful setting with a high-quality electric fireplace unit. This, in turn, can make the living space more appealing and desirable.

The cost of installing an electric fireplace is typically lower than that of a wood or gas fireplace due to fewer installation requirements. The main cost associated with installation is usually the unit itself, although the cost may vary depending on the specifics of the build. Other expenses may include framing and finishing materials as well as labor costs, which can be affected by the installation's needs and location. Our wall-mount electric fireplaces are designed to minimize these costs, with installation often being as easy as hanging a TV. This allows most homeowners to complete the task themselves and save money.

It is crucial to pay attention to details that can impact your experience, even though installing an electric fireplace is generally a simple process. One common inquiry we receive is whether an electric fireplace should be installed on a separate circuit. The answer is straightforward: yes, it is recommended that your electric fireplace is installed on a dedicated circuit. The heaters present in most electric fireplaces usually result in a high amperage, which may cause a circuit breaker on shared circuits to trip. It is important to consider this when installing electric fireplaces.

Is it possible to place an electric fireplace beneath a television?

It is a common question whether electric fireplaces can be placed under televisions. Homeowners often want to create a focal point by combining a large TV with a beautiful fireplace. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's specifications when installing a fireplace unit. Every manufacturer lists the required clearances that must be followed. Placing a fireplace too close to a television or other combustible materials could lead to damage or potential danger. To learn more about clearance requirements, refer to the product manual or links provided on each product page. For those looking for a simpler buying process, premium electric fireplace TV stands are recommended. These purpose-built products provide an easy way to renovate any room while still requiring consultation with the product manual for specific details.

There is a significant amount of information to absorb when purchasing an electric fireplace. We are available to assist you in finding the appropriate electric fireplace through a call 1-814-723-9394 or request@cjshearthandhome.com

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