Fire Pit Gas Logs

Log Sets For Gas Fire Pits

Our gas logs for fire pits offer the aesthetic of natural logs without the hassle required for natural wood. With gas logs you will no longer need to chop, haul, and stack your wood, leaving you time to relax and enjoy your gas fire feature with your loved ones. We other many different, realistic styles from small or large stacks, fresh-cut, charred, bark, and many more! 

Our Many Gas Log Styles:

  • Split bark
  • Driftwood
  • "Tepee" stacked branches
  • Beach wood
  • Campfire logs with wood chips
  • Chunk wood or burl styles

Not only do gas logs save you time and effort, they do not produce any soot, smoke, ash, or embers, making them a safer and cleaner alternative to traditional wood!

Last updated on June 12th 2018.