Fire Pit Log Lighters

Quickly light your fire pit with a fire pit log lighter!

What is a log lighter for?

A log lighter is used to help light a wood fire. Mount the log lighter underneath the grate, run a gas line from the valve to the log lighter. They're easy to use: stack the wood, turn on the gas, light with a match, and you'll instantly have a full wood fire without bothering with kindling or fluids.

What's a valve escutcheon for?

An escutcheon screws over stem of the valve (the part that turns to shut off the gas) and is designed to stick out of a wall, a sidewall, or fireplace facing material as a place to insert the key onto the stem to enable turning the gas on and off. Although mostly decorative, it helps to protect the stem and makes an easily recognizable place to shut off the gas.

Do I need a key?

If you have a valve with an escutcheon, you will need a key to turn the gas on and off. There are a lot of them available of different lengths for ease of access.

Do I really need an air mixer to use propane?

If your fireplace or burner is a natural gas unit that can be converted to liquid propane, you will need an air mixer. These devices use the pressure of the fuel line and added air to transform the liquid into a fine mist that acts similar to the gas of natural gas.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all gas units can be converted to liquid propane. It is important to know if yours can before ordering an air mixer.

Can I use any of the fireplace gas valve kits with electronic pilots with any gas fireplace?

No, it is unsafe. The fireplace gas valve kits are for use with specific brands, manufacturers, and model numbers. If you intend to upgrade make sure that your system is compatible.

How do valve kits work?

The basic layout of a gas fireplace or fireplace with a log lighter needs a gas valve somewhere near where the gas enters the firebox.

The escutcheon will go through a hole in the wall to attach to the valve.

The escutcheon will screw onto the threads that cover the valve stem.

After it is attached, you will insert a valve key into the escutcheon and onto the valve stem to turn the gas on and off.

Last updated on June 12th 2018.