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Customer Reviews
I built a 2200 sq ft house in the mountains upstate New York. I planned to burn coal (with oil/hot water backup) and bou...
Chip Scheiner gave Hitzer Model 30-95 E-Z Flo Coal Fired Hopper Stove with 134 CFM Blower a rating of 5/5
Chip Scheiner
need some firebrick and was going to buy the standered size and cut it, but then I found this castable firebrick that I ...
Kennith torento gave Castable Fire Brick Refractory Cement - up to 2200 Degrees Fahrenheit Premixed 12-1/2 Pound Bucket a rating of 5/5
Kennith torento

Fire Pit Screens & Covers

A round dome fire pit screen in lift-off style

Snuff out wood flame, protect your home from errant sparks, and protect a gas fire ring with one of these covers!

Custom models may be available, so don't be afraid to ask!

Call us today at 1-888-986-1535

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It might seem counterintuitive, but an outdoor fountain lasts a lot longer when it's protected from the elements. Pump systems almost always require filtered water, and rainwater mixed in can have a corrosive effect on the plumbing. This is especially true of the HPC® H2Onfire™ and Evolution 360™ fire and water features, because the burner system can require extra maintenance when repeatedly exposed to dust. This two-piece cover set helps to protect both the basin and the burner of your fire fountain feature from the elements when not in use. The heavy vinyl construction features ...
From: $302.00
Whether you have a traditional wood-burning fire pit, or a modern, decorative gas fire feature, safety will always be a concern. Put your enjoyment first and your mind at ease with these sturdy lift-off fire pit safety screens from CJ's Custom Shop®. When used on a wood fire, the metal mesh of the dome keeps embers and sparks inside the fire pit to protect your surrounding furniture, your deck, or your home from a potential fire hazard. When used on a gas fire pit, the screen can help to prevent outer material from falling into the burner ring to damage the fire or clog the jets. Each one ...
From: $82.00
Isn't it amazing how a simple idea can add so much more safety and convenience to your life? These mesh safety screens from CJ's Custom Shop® fit are designed to fit fire pit openings of up to 36" in diameter and provide protection against errant embers, ash and sparks that can cause cosmetic and structural damage to your outdoor room. The dome has two sides, and one is about 2" shorter than the larger half, and they're attached together by a two 1" wide spacers at the base. This hinge allows the smaller dome to pivot into the larger one with a front-opening action ...
From: $100.00

What are you going to find here? Well, use this handy guide to find out!

Product basics:

  • Cover = Fire pit overs come in several types, but all of them are lids used to protect fire pits and fire feature burners from exposure to the elements when not in use. This helps to keep them safe from dirt and corrosion.

Cover types:

  • Fabric = Usually nylon or vinyl which is large enough to cover the entire physical fire pit to keep it out of rain and other debris.
  • Burner cover = Usually made from a metal like carbon steel or stainless steel, and can be either flat or with a lip. These cover just the burner of a gas/propane fire pit or fire table, leaving the rest of the fire feature exposed to the elements.
Customer Feedback  Our customers rate us 5/5 stars.

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Great selection of products – great quality of products. Thanks

Matt S rated our company service 5/5 Matt S

Finally got to use these doors
I got my fireplace doors, and I just wanted to say thanks! They look fantastic, work perfectly, so simple to install. I couldn't be any happier! Thanks so much for all your help with getting the right doors for my particular fireplace. We all gathered around the fireplace this afternoon and enjoyed the fire and the doors!!

Andrew rated our company service 5/5 Andrew

Wow, fast turn around on my order.

Judy D rated our company service 5/5 Judy D

Spreading the word
All in all very pleased with the mantel and the overall experience. Web site was a little tricky as the only way I found to order was by phone. Have told many others about your products.

Todd rated our company service 5/5 Todd

Restocking 35%
Make sure you know before buying anything from Fireside Expressions that they will charge you 35% for any returns, even if the box is unopened. They don't have to do a lot of sales, they meet their targeted revenue from restocking fees. FIRESIDEXPRESSIONS ANSWER: Dear Ms. Lynch, Firesidexpressions does not charge restocking fees to make money. Restocking fees are charged by manufacturers and vendors to cover the costs of re-entering items into inventory, inspecting the items and re-boxing them in new boxes and filing the paperwork. We also must pay the re-stocking fees if we don’t normally stock items. By the way, I know that the BBB did pass along our offer to share the restocking fees and lower your rate to 25%. They told us that you did not think that was good enough.  

Sheri Lynn McHenry-L... rated our company service 1/5 Sheri Lynn McHenry-L... Castle Rock

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