Fire Tables

Fire Tables

Fire Tables

Adding an outdoor fire pit table to your outdoor space is a great idea for those who want a natural gathering spot in their backyard or patio. These fire tables, also known as tabletop fire pits, provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy the warmth and joy of real flames in the comfort of your own home. Due to their increasing popularity, many big-box retailers now offer gas fire pit tables, which can make finding a high-quality, durable unit a challenge. Thankfully, the team at CJs Hearth & Home has thoroughly researched the gas fire table industry to bring you the best brands available. With us, you can trust that you'll only see fire features that are designed to last and provide an exceptional experience. Additionally, we offer top-notch technical expertise and customer service that always goes above and beyond. Shop with us to find the perfect outdoor fire table that you'll adore.

If you're in the market for a fire feature that enhances your outdoor living space, there are numerous options to choose from. Fire pit tables, which come in pre-assembled or DIY versions, are a popular choice among our customers. These tables offer many benefits, including convenience, versatility, and technology. Tabletop fire pits are easy to set up, requiring only fuel hookup and ignition instructions, and can be up and running in under an hour. When not in use, these tables double as functional surfaces, making them ideal for multitasking. At Firepits Direct, we prioritize innovation and offer fire table options with modern features like electronic ignitions, smartphone control, and home automation compatibility.

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Fire Table To find the perfect fire pit tabletop for your abode, it's crucial to conduct research and take into account several factors. Our product specialist team can provide top-notch guidance, but if you're shopping alone or examining our selection beforehand, keep these factors in mind: Fuel Type - Generally, fire features use either natural gas or propane as fuel. Both are clean-burning, but propane fire pit tables are more prevalent due to the storage space they provide for the propane tank. Adding a propane outdoor fire pit table is a straightforward way to incorporate a fire feature into your home. Shape and Size - With round, square, and rectangular options, you're sure to find an outdoor fire pit table that suits your space. Table height is also a consideration, ranging from dining-style designs to shorter fire pit coffee tables to meet your requirements. The overall size can vary significantly. We carry centerpiece tables up to 12 feet long and fire pit end tables just a couple of feet wide, catering to any use case. Price - Though our offerings lean towards the higher end of the spectrum, they span a broad range of price points, making them accessible to almost any budget. It's also crucial to remember that you get what you pay for. A low-cost fire table is likely to degrade after a few summers, whereas our units are designed to last for years with stainless steel components that resist corrosion, saving you money in the long run. Design - While browsing for a fire table at CJs Hearth & Home, you're confident you'll only encounter high-quality, long-lasting products. This enables you to concentrate on finding a table gas fire pit that matches your existing decor and preferences. We provide them in various hues and finishes to match any design scheme. Your selection of fire media is also essential. Many of our fire tables come with traditional lava rocks or modern fire glass beads. These upgrades are also available for purchase separately, enabling you to personalize your fire feature. Features - Our fire table offerings range from simple, no-frills units to highly technical fire features that can be controlled with your smartphone or set on a timer. Your preference is a matter of taste, but it's an essential element to keep in mind while shopping.

Fire Table FAQ's

Q: How long will my proane tank last?
A: The duration of a standard 20 pound propane tank will vary between 8 and 20 hours depending on the size of the burner and the output of your fire pit table.

Q: How much heat do I get from a Fire Table?
A: The amount of BTUs produced by your fire table depends on its size and design, but a high-quality unit will typically produce between 50,000 and 160,000 BTUs

Q: Can a fire table be placed on a wooden deck or patio without any safety concerns?
A: Fire pit tables can be used on wooden decking without risk, provided that all manufacturer's clearance and guidelines are respected.

Q: Provide instructions on how to clean the fire glass in a fire table?
A: To clean the fire glass, wait until the fire table has cooled down and then remove the glass. Soak it in a bucket of warm and soapy water, rinse it thoroughly, and let it dry before putting it back in place. While soot accumulation over time is expected, regular cleaning can help maintain the fire glass's fresh appearance for an extended period.

Q: Is it necessary to cover my fire pit table?
A: For optimal functionality over an extended period, it is advisable to utilize a vinyl fire table cover to safeguard it from environmental factors.

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