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need some firebrick and was going to buy the standered size and cut it, but then I found this castable firebrick that I ...
Kennith torento gave Castable Fire Brick Refractory Cement - up to 2200 Degrees Fahrenheit Premixed 12-1/2 Pound Bucket a rating of 5/5
Kennith torento
Needed a replacement log lighter after mine rusted out that i bought from another online store. The lighter got here fas...
Thomas Stone gave Cast Iron Gas Starter Pipe From Hearthmaster - Natural Gas a rating of 5/5
Thomas Stone

Arched Fireplace Doors

Arched Fireplace Doors

Does your home or business have a masonry fireplace with a round top? Standard glass fireplace doors will not fit into the classic arched or rounded top found in many locations. This is because these types of fireplaces often require a custom shaped door with a one-of-a-kind rounded top. No two arched masonry fireplaces are the same, so it can be quite a headache to find the correct-sized door.  You will find a wide selection of arched fireplace doors on our new specialty site for all things fireplace doors, Fireplace Doors Online!

Our arched specialty doors are now found at Fireplace Doors Online -- click the image to go there now! 
There are no products to list in this category.

How do I know if I need an arched fireplace door?

If your fireplace is made from stone, brick, or other traditional material, and the top is rounded or features an arched shape, then there is a good chance you will need an arched fireplace door. This is because standard or square fireplace doors do not feature the mounting hardware, safety features, and construction required to fill in the arch.

How does an arched fireplace door attach to my firebox?

An arched fireplace door can attach to the lintel bar found in the top of your fireplace opening. This is the bar that holds up the weight of the stone or brick and keeps them from collapsing onto the floor below. Most classic arched masonry fireplaces feature this bar, however some do not. If your arched fireplace uses a "keystone" instead, without any metal lintel bar, then the alternate installation hardware may be required. This alternative hardware uses the sides or even bottom of the firebox to mount the fireplace door in a secure manner. Whatever method you use, CJ's® has a door that will fit.

Do I need to make a template before ordering an arched fireplace door?

This answer depends on how large, consistent, or complex your arched fireplace hearth is. In some cases, 4-6 simple measurements are all that is required. In other cases we may ask that you trace out a template so that we can fabricate the fireplace door with the most accuracy. The best bet if you are unsure is to give us a call. Our custom shop techs can guide you through the process and make sure that your arched fireplace door install is a great success.

Will arched fireplace doors fit a factory prefab or zero clearance fireplace?

Unfortunately, our arched fireplace doors are intended to be installed only in a traditional masonry hearth. This is because of their mounting hardware as well as their safety systems. Zero clearance fireplace doors require a completely different method of mounting, and often require special venting. Trying to install an arched fireplace door on a zero clearance fireplace will almost definitely void warranty as well as make the fireplace operate in an unsafe manner.

Do I need a contractor to install an arched fireplace door?

In most cases it is not required to have a contractor install your fireplace door, but some degree of comfort with a drill and driver is necessary. This is because arched fireplace doors often require the alternate mounting hardware. These types of fireplace doors can also be very heavy. Because of this we recommend that a friend helps you get the arched door into your hearth.



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Fireplace insert replacement glass
I called and spoke to a young lady that walked me through the order placement process. My glass came in quickly fit perfect very well pleased. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Lula Couvillion rated our company service 5/5 Lula Couvillion Simmesport, Louisiana

Wow, fast turn around on my order.

Judy D rated our company service 5/5 Judy D

Thanks Dana
From the first moment I interacted with Dana she was nothing but professional, courteous and more than a little helpful. Dana never failed to reply to an email or answer a question. She kept me apprised of my order and her follow through was fantastic. I never felt alone during this process.

Debbe rated our company service 5/5 Debbe

In today’s world of internet buying across hundreds and/or thousands of miles it is the customer who is at risk as they are purchasing product site unseen. Knowing CJ’s Home Decor & Fireplaces stood behind their customer says a lot about its service and its employees.

Greg rated our company service 5/5 Greg

Purchased: Log Style Mantel
The mantel arrived yesterday afternoon and is in great shape.  That was easily the most impressive job of packaging a large, odd-shaped object that I've ever seen!

Stuart V rated our company service 5/5 Stuart V

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