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Wood log flames burn in a fireplace that might just be capable of heating your entire home efficiently! 

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This custom-made fireplace with porcelain finish ships out in 10-12 weeks. Manual When adding a modern focal point to your living room, look no further than the 30 Inch Malm Zircon Custom Free Standing Wood Burning Fireplace. Available in an array of stunning colors, the singular shape allows a charming large view of the fire, while systematically heating the entire room. The perfect choice for a superior wood burning fireplace. Includes: Pipe to 8 foot ceiling. 1 7x24" damper pipe. 1 7x24" pipe section. 1 7x24" slip section pipe. 1 lift off screen. 4 bags Malmcrete refractory. ...
This porcelain finish product ships out in 10-12 weeks. Manual For a stylish and modern indoor fireplace, look no further than the 34 Inch Custom Free Standing Malm Zircon Wood Burning Fireplace. The unique shape allows the heat to radiate throughout the room, ensuring that your home is as comfortable and cozy as being wrapped in a blanket right out of the dryer. The wide mouth and cone shape are certain to create a statement in the most charming living room. Includes: Pipe to an 8 foot ceiling. 1 8x24" damper pipe. 1 8x24" pipe section. 1 8x24" slip section pipe. 1 lift-off screen. ...
This custom fireplace with porcelain finish ships out in 10-12 weeks. Manual Ensure that the whole family will gather together when you install the 38 Inch Malm Zircon Custom Free Standing Wood Burning Fireplace. Stylish design meets modern luxury with stunning porcelain finish and cone shape that allows the heat of the fire to radiate throughout the room. No matter who you're having over, they'll be certain to fall in love with your good taste when they see your style in fireplaces. Includes: Pipe to 8 foot ceiling ​1 9x24" damper pipe. ​1 9x24" pipe section. ​1 9x24" slip ...
This porcelain finish fireplace ships out in 10-12 weeks. Manual Designed by an architect, the Malm Fire Drum 2 is an elegant choice for any living space. The rustic shape makes striking addition to a room, and will make for a talking piece as well as a heating element. The porcelain finish makes the Fire Drum 2 a decorating piece, and the design ensures that it will heat any room perfectly. Includes: Pipe o an 8 foot ceiling. 2 9"x24" pipe sections. 1 9"x18" slip section. 1 Lift-off screen. Made by Malm Fireplaces. Features and Benefits Multiple porcelain finish colors, to ...
This custom finish fireplace ships out in 4-6 weeks. If ordering a porcelain finish, please allow for a lead time of 10-12 weeks. Manual Don't just make a fire, make a statement! Install the Malm Fire Drum 3 in your living room, and you'll automatically have a stunning focal point for the busiest room in your house. The retro, dynamic shape is architect designed, and with several finishes to choose from, it is customizable to any home. When the weather is battering the windows, enjoy a cozy day inside warmed by the chic heat radiating from this free standing wood burning fireplace. Includes: ...
This custom porcelain finish fireplace ships out in 10-12 weeks. Manual Prepare to gasp in delight when you see the Imperial Carousel in action. The beautifully engineered design swirls the fire into a cyclone towards the top of the fireplace, creating a dazzling light array. The technology behind this cyclone action is ingenious enough to also keep the glass clear from smoke - as the fire cycles upwards, the barrier of air around it keeps the flames from licking the glass. The 360 degree view allows the heat to radiate to warm the whole room, while giving off a lovely, soft light. Includes: Pipe ...
This custom fireplace ships out in 4-6 weeks. When ordering a porcelain finish, this item's lead time is 10-12 weeks. Manual Make a bold statement or simply accessorize your home with the Malm Lancer Wood Burning Fireplace. This dazzling, custom finish fireplace is certain to catch your eye and warm your home with its unique cone shape. The Lancer is not limited to interiors either: install it on your patio or in your backyard for a special outdoor woodstove experience that will warm any family gathering or friends-night-in for years to come. Includes: Pipe to an 8 foot ceiling. 1 7"x24" ...
This custom fireplace ships out in 4-6 weeks. If ordering a porcelain finish, please allow for 10-12 weeks lead time. Manual Enjoy the twirl of your home fire in this beautiful custom free standing fireplace fixture by Malm. The Spin-A-Fire offers a beautiful 360 view of the fire, and the patented technology spins the fire into a cyclone, creating a stunning thing to see on a cold winter's night. Available in many colors, the Spin-A-Fire is able accessorize with many decors or become the main focal point of the room, and the design allows for both soft light and cozy warmth to radiate. The ...
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Very Good Packaging
The Fireplace Doors arrived yesterday afternoon and they were very well packaged. I installed the fireplace doors this morning and I am pleased with the way the finish was protected and how the installation went. Everything went smoothly.

Morris rated our company service 5/5 Morris

Hello, I got your glass today and installed it.  I was impressed in how easy it was to put the plugs in that hold the glass in place – nice engineering there. I bought the wrong color – see the attached picture (the new pane is 2nd from left) – it should be lighter.  I’ll replace it sometime before I move out; in the mean time it’s a warning to not leave the fire unattended. Thanks for the great packaging, too – I can use that cardboard in projects so it’s going to be reused.

Mike B rated our company service 5/5 Mike B

ceramic high heat glass
Fit like a glove. Nice cut. Fast shipping . I was amazed

david dean rated our company service 5/5 david dean taunton

Fireplace doors
Awesome service and product, couldn't be happier. The custom doors that I ordered fit like a glove and came earlier than expected. If you need replacement or custom made doors for your fireplace, get them here.

steve rated our company service 5/5 steve Fayetteville, NC

Spreading the word
All in all very pleased with the mantel and the overall experience. Web site was a little tricky as the only way I found to order was by phone. Have told many others about your products.

Todd rated our company service 5/5 Todd

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