Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Accessories

Nothing is more comforting than sipping a hot cup of cocoa while sitting by the fire on a chilly winter night. Fireplaces are the heart of a home, and the hearth is the soul of your fireplace. When styled correctly, a fireplace hearth can exhibit luxury, comfort and sophistication. It is the visual representation of your class and taste. So always choose the hearthstone decor wisely.

In most living rooms, the fireplace makes the focal point. Everything is directed towards it, making it the center of attention. Decorative screens, mesh curtains, and doors are a few things that can help accentuate your fireplace hearth, making it look like a work of art.

How to Make Your Fireplace Hearth Functional and Stylish?

If you want to decorate your hearth and make the most out of it, read further as we enlist creative tips to adorn it and maximize its functionality.

Use Mesh Screens

A mesh screen or curtain is a multipurpose covering around your fireplace to protect your floor or carpet from getting damaged by the embers of burning wood. It also adds a touch of sophistication and style to your fireside. From delicate glass to antique copper, several kinds of screens are available to make your hearth look more defined and presentable.

Make Use of Holiday Decoration

Do you have a dump of decorations from Thanksgiving and Christmas lying dead in the basement? Well, it's time to reuse them to decorate your hearth. Wreaths, faux pumpkin carts and festive lights can add drama and vibrancy to your boring fireplace. These decorations can also aid in hiding your stained walls or damaged hearthstone.

Install Fireplace Doors

If you have a pet or a child at home, installing fireplace doors is a must. These decorative doors enclose the fireplace, making the area child and pet friendly. It also helps in producing more intense and carbon-free heat with lesser gas emissions. Fireplace doors are not just decorative accessories; their multipurpose capabilities make them a must-have for fireplaces.

Install Fireplace Mantelpiece

Mantelpieces were invented in the medieval era for functional and decorative reasons. Its purpose is to protect your walls and ceiling from smoke emissions. For classic decor lovers, elaborated mantelpieces can add an oomph to the room decor, along with finely carved furniture and an old-school bookshelf. You can also opt for contemporary plain and simple mantelpieces to create a sophisticated feel.

Adorn with Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace accessories can make or break your hearth decor. If added wisely, they can help accentuate your living room along with several other purposes. Log baskets, racks, log hooks, and holders provide an old-fashioned yet classy vibe to your fireplace hearth.

You can also use iron grates to keep your burning wood in one place. Grates also help in displaying uniform flames instead of scattered chunks and bits. If you are a fan of lighting your home the old way, get yourself a bellow and use it for both functional and decorative purposes.

Play with Colors

If you know how to play with warm and cool hues, you can create a beautiful fireplace hearth without spending an arm and a leg. Just imagine a pastel-colored fireside in an all-white room; wouldn't it be a sight to the sore eye? You can always experiment with different tones and see what works best for you.

If you are looking for functional and beautiful accessories for your fireplace hearth, look no further.

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