Fireplace Log Lighters

Fireplace starters - log lighters to quickly set your wood afire in your fireplace.

What is the flap on the side of the log lighter used for?

The flap on the side of the log lighter is for mixing a proper ratio of air with your gas or propane. Things such as supply pressure and altitude can change how the gas burns. It may become too weak, too strong, or even too yellow and dirty, so bit of oxygen may be added (or removed) via the air mixing port to correct these symptoms.

What is the difference between steel fireplace log lighter and cast iron log lighters?

Cast iron is a very resilient metal and makes a perfect material for a fireplace starter system. This is because cast iron has a very high tolerance for heat, therefore can withstand even the hottest fires. We offer a few models of log lighters that are made entirely from cast iron. These models also feature an ash protection baffle with better orifices than a standard steel starter. Steel fireplace lighters on the other hand feature a standard starter pipe, without an ash baffle. The steel lighters can still stand the heat due to their cast iron supply module, but not quite as much on the actual starter pipe. The advantage is that steel models are cheaper, and can be rebuilt or replaced more easily.

How do I clean a gas fireplace starter pipe?

First, you must let the log lighter system cool completely and turn the gas supply OFF. Then the starter pipe or cast log lighter must be removed from the firebox, being careful not to allow ash debris into any exposed gas supply lines or valves. Pro tip: After the lighter is removes, put a piece of masking tape over the end of the gas supply or valve to prevent crud from getting in there. Now you are ready to begin cleaning. It may get dusty so use a mask or clean outside. Most of the time you can knock the ash out from inside the log lighter, but sometimes a poker (such as a piece of heavy wire) is needed to loosen any internal crud. Once the inside is cleaned out to your liking, check the holes in the starter pipe. You can use another piece of wire, or even a toothpick, to clean out each hole. Make sure there is no ash in any of the holes. Before you re-install the lighter, remove the masking tape from the gas supply. Reconnect, test, and thats it!

Are there valves for these fireplace log lighters?

Yes. Since each fireplace starter system is different, we carry a variety of replacement valves, keys, and escutcheons. Feel free to mix and match to the decor of your home! Valve systems are available in many finishes including classic brass, and nickel, as well as other favorites including pewter, chrome, or flat black.

What starter can I use with my outdoor fireplace or wood fire pit?

In general, we recommend a stainless steel log starter for your outdoor fireplace or wood fire pit. This is because stainless will not rust in the elements like other standard steels and cast iron will. Also, the high heat of a fire will expedite the rusting and degradation process if the log starter is not a stainless model. Choosing a stainless log lighter is the right choice for any outdoor fire application.

Last updated on June 12th 2018.