Full Fireplace Mantels

Full wood or cast stone mantels - surround fireplace and sometimes extend further with book cases.

Fireplace mantel surrounds can be anything from subtle to extravagant! Whether you are looking to update the look of your fireplace or have just started building the home of your dreams, our collection of mantels can truly enhance the look of your decor! Check out our amazing variety of fireplace mantels to see what works best for you!

Custom Fireplace Mantels

Our custom fireplace mantels are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and materials. You can choose from standard to deluxe size fireplace mantel and entertainment centers! Choose from a variety of stain and finish options, or get this product unfinished and add your own twist to make it truly unique. All of our products are made right here in the USA by our own craftsmen or by manufacturers that we trust to give you the best products on the market. Simply fill out a quote form to get started with a custom mantel created just for you!

CLICK HERE for Wood Mantels

A wood mantel creates an ambiance of warmth, while also adding a touch of splendor and charm to your home. For a grand scale presence, consider adding one of these gorgeous, highly detailed wood fireplace mantels to your living space. These products last for years and provide tasteful, beautiful space for your books, television, and all the other momentoes that make your house a real home.

CLICK HERE for Stone Mantels

Stone mantels give an elegant, stately appearance to your home. Our cast-stone mantels are a more affordable option to solid hand-carved granite or marble without sacrificing beauty and style! We use lightweight gypsum and fiberglass reinforced concrete in our pouring methods, so our mantels are lighter than regular concrete, granite, or marble, making them easier to install. Cast-stone mantels come unassembled and primed for painting, allowing you to customize your mantel to fit the decor of your home perfectly!

What's the difference between Mantel and Mantle?

A mantel, spelled with an "el," is the beautiful stone, wood, or steel addition that goes above a fireplace. We have many selections for you to choose from at Fireplace Doors Online!

A mantle, spelled with an "le," is an article of clothing worn in the medieval era that drapes over the shoulders like a cloak or cape. 

This is a common misconception, and now you can be considered an expert on both subjects!


Last updated on June 12th 2018.