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Customer Reviews
need some firebrick and was going to buy the standered size and cut it, but then I found this castable firebrick that I ...
Kennith torento gave Castable Fire Brick Refractory Cement - up to 2200 Degrees Fahrenheit Premixed 12-1/2 Pound Bucket a rating of 5/5
Kennith torento
log lighter came fast and was very heavy being made of cast iron. used to have a blueflame but this one is way better.
pete hulton gave 14 Inch Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter a rating of 5/5
pete hulton

See-Thru Gas Logs

See Thru Gas Log Sets

Double-sided see-through fireplaces need gas and propane log sets that have flames and logs on two sides, and we have them! 

Can't figure out if one of these is right for you? Don't stay confused: We're happy to help you with that!

Call us today at 1-888-986-1535

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This is a Birch artificial log stack designed for use with 18" see-through (double-sided) Rasmussen® brand burners for vented fireplaces. If features six (6) low-maintenance log components that have been hand-painted to look like smooth bark birch logs with lighter coloration while still remaining immune to the effects of a gas fire. Order it as a replacement for an existing set, or choose a burner and ignition option to equip it to your needs. Benefits and features: Logs stack in a specific way - just follow the included instructions Looks the same from either side Subdued single-front-log ...
If you have a double-sided see-through fireplace, you might be disappointed in the lack of variety of gas log sets out there... Why not buy one that gives you choices? This 18" wide CrossFire fire log stack can be configured to show two different finishes: One side resembles split logs while the other looks like wood with the bark still on. Use it to replace an existing Rasmussen set, or add it to a like-branded burner to create a complete custom fire system for your two-sided fireplace. The 1-1/2 foot width is ideal for smaller factory built fireboxes or masonry fireplaces, but they have ...
This Lone Star style decorative log stack has twice the Texas split pine inspired design to love. It pairs with a variety of see-through (double-sided) 18" Rasmussen® brand burners for vented fireplaces. It even includes decorative pine cone accents to complete the illusion! The eight (8) fireproof pieces are hand-painted refractory cement for durability and weight, but they are also easy to clean during normal fireplace maintenance. Great as a replacement for an existing set, or choose the burner and ignition system of your choice for a complete appliance. Benefits and features: Logs ...
Install this foot-and-a-half Manzanita log stack inside your see-through fireplace, and you'll get the hand-painted look of smooth, weathered wood gathered from the shore of a lake. Use it with an existing double-sided Rasmussen® brand gas or propane burner or add one to this set to create a fully functional heating appliance. The six (6) low-maintenance log components are are made from ceramic-bonded refractory cement to make them heavy, durable and easier to clean than the more fragile ceramic fiber logs found in comparative sets. The 1-1/2 foot width is great for smaller double-sided ...
This decorative log stack for 24" see-through (double-sided) Rasmussen® vented burner sets features hand-painted pieces to give a medium-sized gas fuel fireplace the smooth look of burning birch-bark. The six (6) log components are made from durable and easy to clean refractory cement to remain fire-resistant forever. You can order it as a replacement for an existing set, or choose a burner and ignition option to customize it to your fireplace needs. Benefits and features: Logs stack in a specific way - just follow the included instructions Looks the same from either side Subdued single-front-log ...
Double-sided fireplaces are amazing, beautiful, and relatively rare. So why settle for a single log style? With this 24" CrossFire fire gas log stack from Rasmussen® can be taken apart and turned around to provide you with two different finishes. The eleven (11) hand-painted pieces feature rough and dark wood bark on one side and a light smooth split wood look on the other. The logs are made from sturdy ceramic-bonded refractory cement for durability, but they're also easy to clean. Use it to replace a Rasmussen log set, or choose a burner and ignition system to create a complete ...
When you look through your fireplace to the other room, enjoy the flames licking over this 24" Lone Star log stack that's been patterned after a Texas split pine campfire. Use it in a vented firebox with a variety of see-through (double-sided) 18" Rasmussen® brand gas and propane burners. The natural look is enhanced by pine cone adornments! The eight (8) fireproof pieces are made from hand-painted refractory cement that's heavier and more sturdy than the ceramic fiber logs found in other sets. This construction makes them easy to clean during your normal fireplace maintenance. ...
Weather-worn driftwood is a staple of summer beach parties all over the world, and now you can bring that same esthetic to your home all year long with this two foot wide double-sided Manzanita gas log stack. Install it on a Rasmussen brand burner to create a full yellow flame, the perfect appliance for a see-through fireplace! The stack includes six (6) hand-painted refractory cement log components that are solid and easy-to-clean, unlike the ceramic fiber logs often found in gas fire log sets. At 2 feet wide, this set is great for medium-sized see-through fireplaces. The type of burner you select ...
The Natural Blaze™ log set from Monessen® is designed to resemble a loose stack of short logs, giving it a unique informal feeling that just seems natural. The hand-painted logs resemble weathered split logs of oak with light charring from the fire. Their ceramic fiber construction allows them to reflect more heat back into the room than comparable refractory cement logs, and combined with the yellow flame vent-free burner creates a low BTU unit that still provides ample heat for up to 1400 cubic feet. The built-in Millivolt™ ignition system uses a thermocouple to draw power from ...
From: $1,142.10
Use this Birch style log stack with a Rasmussen® burner to give your see-through vented firebox into the smooth clean look of burning birch-bark! It features six (6) hand-painted log pieces made from easy-to-clean, fireproof, and sturdy refractory cement. Use it as a replacement for an existing Rasmussen set, or choose a burner and ignition system tailored to your fireplace needs. Benefits and features: Logs stack in a specific way - just follow the included instructions Looks the same from either side Subdued single-front-log design is lightly "charred" making the fire perfect for ...
If you have an extra-large double-sided gas fireplace in your home, this CrossFire log set expands it in more ways than one! The 30" wide fire decoration rests on one of a variety of compatible Rasmussen® gas or propane burners, and can be stacked to show one of two different finishes. Twelve (12) hand-painted components show dark, rough bark on one side and a smooth split wood appearance on the other -- it's like two sets in one! The logs themselves are made from extra heavy refractory cement for added durability and remain easy-to-clean. Use it as a replacement for your current ...
Get the look of a finely crafted split pine fire... Without having to cut and split the wood, stack the logs, or worry about refueling! This Lone Star stack is made to look like a Texas split pine campfire, and two 30" wide sides makes it ideal for a large see-through firebox. Pair it with a number of Rasmussen® brand gas or propane burners for natural-looking flame, further enhanced with pine cone accent pieces! Eight (8) heavy refractory cement pieces are hand-painted to look genuine, and they're heavier and more sturdy than the ceramic fiber logs found in cheaper quality sets. ...
Driftwood campfires have traditionally been the core of gatherings on the shore, and the double-sided Manzanita gas log stack is hand-painted to resemble dried and weathered wood. Made specifically for Rasmussen brand burners installed in see-through fireplaces to create a night at the beach in your home. The six (6) heavy ceramic-bonded refractory cement log components wipe clean easily and are built to last longer than ceramic fiber logs, which are usually found in more cheaply-made log sets. A massive 2-1/2 foot width with two facings is ideal for large see-through fireplaces, but depending ...

Can I install these sets myself?

It is not recommended. These log sets are complicated appliances that may require modification to your home. The incorrect installation of gas appliances can be dangerous to your health in more ways than one, and you WILL have local fire code standards that must be met; the best way to make sure that they are followed is to hire a certified professional installer (this will also cover your insurance liability if it is installed wrong).

What are these logs made out of?

The vast majority of gas log sets are made from ceramic-bonded refractory cement. This allows the logs to be molded from casts of real logs to give them a highly realistic appearance while making them resistant to even the most intense gas fires. Additionally, there are a few sets that are sculpted from ceramic fiber. These log sets are just as fireproof as the cement logs but reflect more heat back into the room while being more lightweight... And also not as durable as cement, so handle with care!

How heavy are they?

A typical small set (20" to 24" wide) of refractory cement logs is around 50 pounds, and that's not even counting the burner! Some of the larger sets can get up to 500 pounds in weight, although individual logs rarely weigh more than 15 pounds.

How wide are these log sets?

These gas log sets are sized approximately according to the width of the log stacks. That means if you see a 24" log set, it is no more than 24" in width when match-lit. Burner pans, valve kits, Millivolt switches and other add-ons can add even more width to the set. If (for example) you have a 24" wide fireplace (aside from the fact that you have a tiny fireplace) it is not recommended that you get a 24" log stack but a shorter one so that you have natural space on either side.


Diagram showing a log set in a fireplace of the same width.


A log set installed in a fireplace of the same width will look cramped and won't leave enough room for standard valve and ignition systems.


Diagram showing a slightly smaller gas fire log set in a fireplace.


Using a slightly smaller log set will look more natural and leave room for add-on components.


How tall are the log sets?

It varies from size to size, and the type of burner you choose. All of these log stacks are designed to fit in a standard, up-to-code fireplace. The difference is that some have low profiles which could leave a large gap in a high fireplace, and tall stacks that will fit in a standard fireplace but might look too cramped. A valve vanisher added to the ignition system adds at least 2" more to the height, so if you're considering one be aware that it will make the stack taller.

What is a valve vanisher for?


Some log sets have the option of an ignition system installed in a valve vanisher. This is a metal plate that installs under the log set burner and houses a valve and/or electronics that would otherwise have to be installed (visibly) on the side of a gas log set.


Photo of a grate burner with a valve vanisher installed.


What is a Millivolt ignition?

Certain gas log sets offer a Millivolt ignition system. This is a super-efficient electronic ignition system that uses a thermocouple to draw electric power from the flame of the pilot light. Because of this, Millivolt systems do not require an external power source and will still work even during a power outage.

What does "ANSI Certified" mean?

Some of the gas burner ignition options in these log sets will say that they are ANSI certified. This means that they meet the Z21.60 standard of quality for decorative gas fire features. Many jurisdictional fire code standards require this standard. Most other products meet the ANSI Z21.84 standard, but if you're not sure what you need speak with your installer and give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 so that we can see what will meet your needs.

What is the difference between a "single face" and a "double face" gas log set?

This refers to the type of burner the logs will be stacked on for single-sided or double-sided see-through (sometimes called "see-thru") fireplaces.


A single face gas log set for standard fireplaces.

A single face gas log set is designed for use in a standard fireplace with one opening. The logs stack on the burner in such a way that the hardware is covered up when viewed from the front


A double face gas log set for see-through (double-sided) fireplaces.

A double face gas log set is usually used in a see-through (double-sided) fireplace that has two viewing openings, and sometimes even a peninsula (three-sided) fireplace. The burner is designed to be viewed from multiple angles, and the logs stack to cover the hardware from either view.


What is a "vented" fireplace, and do I have one?

The terms "vented" and "vent-free" refer to whether your fireplace has a chimney or vent.



A diagram showing a vented fireplace in a wall with a chimney and damper.

A vented gas log set requires a fireplace with a working chimney or vent. These act as an exhaust for the fumes from the burning of the gas or propane. Flames from a vented set are usually large, natural, and yellow. Most of these sets come with a damper clamp to keep an chimney damper open when installing in a wood-burning fireplace. You CANNOT install a vented log set in a vent-free fireplace.



A diagram showing a vent-free fireplace installed in a cabinet below a window.

A vent-free or ventless gas log set does not need a chimney or vent, but must be installed in an area with adequate airflow and ventilation. Flames from a vent-free set are usually low, hot, and red or blue. Typically you CAN install a vent-free log set in a vented fireplace, but you will need to close the vent or damper.

For safety reasons, most jurisdictions have codes that prevent installing vent-free fireplaces in bedrooms and bathrooms.


What do you mean when you say that a log set is "reversible?"


Most gas log sets have logs that have one finish (bark or "split" bark-less wood) on the logs that give it a specific appearance. A certain few log sets are reversible, which means that the logs (and the large front log in particular) have a different finish on either side (usually bark on one, split on the other) that allows you to choose what you see. If (for example) you buy a reversible double-face gas log set, you can have bark on one side of the fireplace while displaying split wood on the other.


A Chillbuster log set, shown with bark on one side and a split finish on the other


Can I use these log sets in my outdoor fireplace?

Some of these log sets can be ordered for outdoor use, but don't assume that they all are outdoor compatible. For example, Rasmussen® brand log sets all have an outdoor option which will swap the sand the burner typically includes with silica granules that are less likely to get clogged up by moisture. Although you can order any Rasmussen log set for outdoor use, if you are planning to use it outdoors you should probably get a burner that is made from weather-resistant stainless steel.

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Replacing the glass was a breeze
This is my first time doing business with, and I am impressed with their customer care, they actually care!!!!. I have talked to Kimberly in person twice and communicated via email more than a couple of times in regards to getting a replacement glass for my fire-place glass bi-fold doors. Actually the glass procurement was the fast and easy part, and it came fast with accurate dimensions finished with a pencil edge that matched the other glass panels perfectly. The challenge after receiving the replacement glass was to find the proper gasket to replace the old used gaskets. Kimberly is very knowledgeable and has solutions for unique problem jobs like mine turned out to be.

Rusty rated our company service 5/5 Rusty

I was concerned that the glass wouldnt be real ceramic, but it is. it only took them 3 days to get it cut and delivered. it took 2 weeks when i ordered from woodland last year. much better job at cjs. thanks

Tim rated our company service 5/5 Tim

Glass was broken in transit... BUT!
Glass showed up broken for some unknown reason. No questions asked these guys shipped me a new one right away! Great company. Glass fits perfectly.

Joshua Thompson rated our company service 5/5 Joshua Thompson Kernville, CA

Just wanted to let you know we (finally) received the correct grate. Please extend Marcy our thanks – she was very helpful throughout this!

Lisa rated our company service 5/5 Lisa

Thank you for responding and extending a discount offer to me. I'm so very impressed by your concern for just one customer, thanks. Also thank you for the advice about what may happen if we shut the doors completely.

Stacy rated our company service 5/5 Stacy

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