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The pair of corbels I git look great on my kitchen island
nadia L. gave Large Traditional Acanthus Corbel a rating of 4/5
nadia L.
I was looking for a replacement for my safety pilot kit because the it wasn't working. I wasn't sure why then I read the...
kyle patterson gave Solenoid for AF-LMF Series SkyTech Gas Valve Kits a rating of 5/5
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Ventless Gas Logs

Ventless Gas Log Set

These gas and liquid propane log sets are vent-free to keep the heat in the room (and not through your chimney)!

Not sure what size you need? Just want general help ordering? We're always happy to help you!

Call us today at 1-888-986-1535

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Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 24" Firebox Height: 18" Firebox Depth: 11.5" Charred Oak Gas Log Manual Featuring a smaller size for the smaller fireplace, without losing any quality. This is our Charred Oak Gas Log set with handcrafted logs. We have four different sizes of the Charred Oak, measure it find which would be best for you. Our burners have custom ceramic beads that will tumble fuel around making flames dance and come alive. With the superior craftsmanship our Gas logs can be mistaking for the real thing. Add in our ember kit for a more natural look. Includes: 4 ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 14" Aged Oak Gas Logs Manual With real fire, real heat and a real look we bring you these lively Aged Oak Gas Fire Logs. Our logs are made from refractory ceramic which is a industry leading material. Our burners and logs are the highest quality gas log sets out. You have a choice of using natural gas or liquid propane, either one burns great! Add in the optional Ember Kit and watch them come alive at the bed of your fireplace. Logs are featured in three different sizes, measure and find the one best for ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 14" Birch Gas Log Manual With the smooth look of the birch bark and realistic ness of the fire you have yourself a one of a kind gas log set. Our 18 Inch Birch Gas Log set is one of our favorites. The logs have been hand painted for superior craftsman ship. Our burners are customized with ceramic beads to tumble the gas making your flames dance around the logs. Adding in our ember kit will lit up the bottom of your fire bed. Get rid of the chore of maintaining a fireplace and start enjoying a gas log set ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 14" Charred Oak Gas Log Manual One of the most natural looking gas log sets out, our Charred Oak Gas Logs. With several different sizes and three burner types, we are sure you can find the perfect set for your home. All of our logs have been hand painted to bring the real look to them. Our burners have a unique feature which is its ceramic beads, they will tumble your fuel source around making the flames look more realistic. If your tired of lugging wood in from the cold winter, switch on over to our gas ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 29" Firebox Height: 20" Firebox Depth: 13" Kennesaw Gas Log & Hearthrite burner Manual Want to be able to flip a switch instead of chopping and carrying wood to your fireplace? Many of our happy customers thought the same thing when they switched over to our Gas Log set. The Kennesaw Gas Log set is a traditional hand painted gas log fireplace for any home and style. Featuring two sizes and eight or nine logs with a choice from two different burners that produce up to 26000 to 35000 BTU's. You can heat a room that measures between 500-1000 ...
Don't be put off by the small size: Flowing, realistic wood flames begin to heat the room the moment you turn this log set on! This Berkley Oak™ vent-free gas log set from Monessen® gives you seven (x7) sculpted ceramic fiber or refractory cement logs that work in conjunction with their patented Natural Blaze™ burner. The Natural Blaze™ system uses a pan with gas jets machined in strategic places to create a burner that has no noticeable tubes and hardware sticking out. The fuel flows right from the bed, wrapping the logs in very natural-looking flames. Rock wool burning ...
From: $763.20
There aren't many vent-free gas log sets this small with this many features: Crisp, flowing yellow flames from a hidden burner system, warm 28,000 BTU heat output, beautifully sculpted logs and a state-of-the-art remote control and receiver system. The Berkley Oak™ seven (x7) piece set from Monessen® gives you the choice of realistic heat-reflecting ceramic fiber or durable heat absorbing refractory cement logs set on a realistic Natural Blaze™ burner system. It uses gas jets machined within a pan attached to the grate. This lets the fuel flow right from the bed, wrapping the ...
From: $943.20
Fire weaves in and out of burned down logs atop glowing embers, the full flame at its apex before dying out. Now you can experience the Vesta™ award-winning Triple Play Burner™ system from Monessen® for yourself! This unique burner pan works with the shape of the multi-piece Charred Timber™ log set to create a flame like no other. The burner features gas jets drilled into the base pan, not with tubes that could show through the logs, making the fire appear to be coming from the logs and not through additional hardware. This creates the look of a very natural flame. The 18" ...
From: $817.20
The feel of yellow licking flames erupt from these trim whole logs, just starting to burn, all the time forever. Great for 26" and wider fireboxes, this Kentucky Wildwood™ log set from Monessen® uses seven refractory cement for logs that are as realistic as they are heavy and durable. These high definition molded and hand-painted logs look as close to the real thing as you're likely to find in an artificial log set. The Natural Blaze™ burner features machined jets in the bottom of the burner pan so that once the log set is stacked your guests will see burning embers (which ...
From: $835.20
Control beautiful flame as it licks over realistic logs, all from the comfort of your couch. Perfect for fireboxes and fireplaces that are 28-1/2" and wider, the Kentucky Wildwood™ log set from Monessen® uses seven heavy and durable refractory cement pieces with a high-definition mold and hand-painted bark and char. The logs are set on a Natural Blaze™ burner designed with its gas jets drilled into the base ban right under the log set. The combination of strategically-positioned logs and hidden burner hardware gives the flames a more natural, from-the-log look of burning wood ...
From: $1,051.20
The logs in this fire show off the long, stringy bark and earth-tone temperature that natural cedar is known for, but with a modern bend: The pieces of this set are finely-sculpted and hand-painted refractory cement, and the flames logs are produced by hidden gas or propane burner underneath the stack. At 18" wide, the Mountain Cedar™ log set from Monessen® is perfect for both unvented and vented (with a closed and locked flue) fireplaces 25" wide and up. Equipped with a simple but reliable manual ignition that's a three-step snap to use: Turn the knob to "pilot." ...
From: $367.20
Stringy cedar logs culled from a mountainside, wreathed in an intense fire of yellow flames, all at the flip of a switch. The 18" Mountain Cedar™ log set from Monessen® recreates the look of a traditional evergreen fire on a decorative cast grate. The traditionally-styled six (x6) piece cedar logs are actually made from heavy and durable refractory cement. This heavy material will absorb the heat from the burner and continue to radiate it for a time even after the fire is off. This set is equipped with a PH style burner with a curved dual-line element that the logs stack on top ...
From: $511.20
The look of oak logs culled from the side of a mountain, burning brightly inside your fireplace. This 18" Mountain Oak™ log stack from Monessen® sits on a bright and yellow flames from clean-burning natural gas or liquid propane. High definition sculpts and hand-painted finish on the refractory cement logs are designed to resemble real oak pieces, and set on top of an EYF burner that features a curved U-shaped heater element that mixes air and fuel to create a natural yellow aura of flame around the logs. Turning the unit on is straightforward: Turn the knob to 'pilot,' ...
From: $484.20
Towering. Imposing. Even monolithic. The Stony Creek™ log set features a small footprint but a tall stack of artificial logs, sculpted to look like split firewood. This automatically makes it one of the most impressive-looking log sets that we carry, but its features don't end there. It's no slouch in the heat department either: A 28,000 BTU output logs made from refractory cement (that will radiate heat even after the fire is out), help to maintain a hot room temperature. The stack mounts to Monessen's® exclusive Natural Blaze™ burner system that uses a pan-style black ...
From: $817.20
The blue-green glow of the backlit screen beckons you to push it, to turn on real flickering flames, and to make them grow into a blazing fire. This ten (x10) piece Stony Creek™ style 18" log set features something a little extra under the hood: Its gas or liquid propane Natural Blaze™ burner has been upgraded with Monessen's® exclusive Signature Command™ electronic valve system that lets you control the intensity of the flames remotely! The stack of sculpted refractory cement is durable and extremely realistic. They absorb heat and will continue to radiate it even ...
From: $1,033.20
Flames pouring out through the cracks of an oak log set, creating a yellow-tinted warmth throughout your living room. This 18" Mountain Oak™ log set is made to be installed into an unvented fireplace or prefabricated firebox. It uses a Monessen® brand EYF burner with a U-shaped gas or propane-powered heating element that mixes the fuel with air in a way to produce full yellow flames that flow through the log stack. It's all activated by a Millivolt™ ignition system that draws electric power from a lit pilot light with a thermocouple attached. As long as there's heat ...
From: $583.20
Picture flames licking over a red-hot glowing fire log, as warmth flows through your living room. The 18" Fiberglow™ log set from Napoleon® provides a show, but also brings the heat in two ways: The 40,000 BTU output burner provides yellow and orange flames interspersed throughout the log set. The specially-designed ceramic fiber log set absorbs heat and radiates it back into the room as infrared light. This dual-heating action makes the Fiberglow almost 100% efficient, providing more heat than similar vent-free units. The burner features a base pan that covers the hardware, helping ...
From: $723.00
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 14" Ponderosa Gas Logs Manual Preparing your fireplace for the winter can be a time consuming job, switching over to Ponderosa Gas Log set puts all of that in the past. With our three different burner types you can easily enjoying your fireplace anytime you want, without the chore of chopping and carrying wood. Our burners will put off between 20,000-38,000 BTU's, enough to heat up your room efficiently. Add in the optional ember kit and watch the floor of your fireplace come to life as embers glow and ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 14" Sassafras Gas Logs Manual The best way to redo your fireplace, swap it out for a gas log set. Read owners manual to install and watch the flames come alive. With the choice of natural gas or liquid propane, three different burners and three different sizes, the Sassafras Gas Logs is a very versatile product. Choose whichever one would best fit your home and style. Depending on burner size, you can heat a room between 500-1000 sq. feet. Includes: 6 pieces of ceramic fiber logs Burner & ignition Ember ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 14" Super Sized Charred Oak Gas Log Manual Similar to our Charred Oak Gas Logs, these ones are super sized. Comes with six super sized Charred Oak hand painted logs. Choose whichever one would best suit your home and families appeal. Our burners come with unique ceramic beads that tumble the gas and make the flames more realistic. Adding in our ember kit will complete your fireplace. With the craftsmanship and modern heating technology you have yourself a great natural looking gas log set. Includes: 6 pieces ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 14" Super Sassafras Gas Logs Manual Super size your fire place with our Super Sized Sassafras Gas Logs. Similar to our regular sassafras logs but comes with one additional log and logs enlarged. Flames burn great, put off good heat and dance for your enjoyment. All of our logs are hand painted for a more realistic look. Our burner have special ceramic beads that will tumble the gas around to bring a more lively flame. Our burners are equipped with an oxygen depletion system, when oxygen levels become unsafe ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 12" Whiskey River Gas Logs Manual The Whiskey River Gas Logs feature traditional style logs and brings a rich warmth to complement any style. Offering seven logs that can come in three different sizes and your choice of three different burner types. Combining great looks and efficiency the Whiskey River Log set produces 28,000 to 40,000 BTU's, depending on size, large enough to heat approximately 1000 sq. feet. Each size and burner has our ember kit included, place embers on bottom of fireplace and watch ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 12" Whiskey River Gas Logs Manual One of a kind Whiskey River Gas Log set, this model is specially made for the bedroom. With six traditional logs and a burner that produces a max of 10,000 BTU's, the Whiskey Gas Log set is perfect size for any bedroom. With a burner this size you can heat a room approximately 300 sq. feet. Each log and burner set includes our ember kit, following the directions place embers on bottom of fireplace and watch them create a lively glow. Our happy customers love enjoying ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 12" Flint Hill Gas Log & Burner Manual The Flint Hill Log Set features traditionally detailed, hand-painted Ceramic Fiber logs mou­­nted atop our Vent-Less Contour Burner. We have three types of burners that will fit the Flint Hill Log Set. (Check burner description section for more detail). You have a choice of natural gas or liquid propane for your fuel type. You can take away the chore of keeping up your fireplace by installing one of our gas log sets. The 18 inch set can heat up too 28000 BTU's , ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 28" Firebox Height: 17" Firebox Depth: 12" Flint Hill Gas Log & Burner Manual The Flint Hill Gas Log Set for your bedroom. The BTU's in this model were turned down for proper heating in a bedroom setting. Our bedroom log set is only available in a millivolt burner. (check burner description). Our happy log set owners enjoy having a safe and simple fireplace setting in their sleeping quarters. The 18 inch set can heat up to 10000 BTU's, the ideal size for one room. Include our glowing embers to add to the illusion of a real wood fire ...
Rekindle your fireplace with smart heat and easy use. The traditional style of this Aged Hickory™ log set from Monessen® can transform an old fireplace into a modern gas or propane heating appliance easily. The artificial logs feature full bark and light char, to resemble a "found" stack of hickory wood. It fits into almost any firebox with a 27" wide or larger firebox (with 18" at the rear). If you're using a gas-equipped firebox, you're set. If you're using an old wood-burning model, you'll have to run gas lines and clamp the flue to a "closed" ...
From: $719.10
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 30" Firebox Height: 18" Firebox Depth: 14" Aged Oak Gas Logs Manual Start making your fireplace work for you and not you working for your fireplace. Our life-like Aged Oak Gas Log Set is one of the best out. Featured are eight stacked "Aged" Oak logs, on top of our Slope Glaze burner. You can chose between an natural gas or liquid propane burner system. Purchase, install and watch the flames come to life. Adding in our Ember kit will bring an even more realistic look and feel. Includes: 8 pieces of ceramic fiber logs Burner & ignition ...
Firebox Requirements: Firebox Width: 30" Firebox Height: 18" Firebox Depth: 14" Birch Gas Log Manual With superior craftsmanship and hand painted logs we bring you the 24 Inch Birch Gas Log Set. With real looking birch logs and your choice between gas or propane as a fuel type, this is a one of kind fireplace replacement. We have made our burners with ceramic beads that will tumble the gas around making flames more real. Instead of carrying wood inside just flip a switch you'll be enjoying the warmth of a real fireplace. Add in our ember kit for a even more realistic fireplace ...

Can I install these sets myself?

It is not recommended. These log sets are complicated appliances that may require modification to your home. The incorrect installation of gas appliances can be dangerous to your health in more ways than one, and you WILL have local fire code standards that must be met; the best way to make sure that they are followed is to hire a certified professional installer (this will also cover your insurance liability if it is installed wrong).

What are these logs made out of?

The vast majority of gas log sets are made from ceramic-bonded refractory cement. This allows the logs to be molded from casts of real logs to give them a highly realistic appearance while making them resistant to even the most intense gas fires. Additionally, there are a few sets that are sculpted from ceramic fiber. These log sets are just as fireproof as the cement logs but reflect more heat back into the room while being more lightweight... And also not as durable as cement, so handle with care!

How heavy are they?

A typical small set (20" to 24" wide) of refractory cement logs is around 50 pounds, and that's not even counting the burner! Some of the larger sets can get up to 500 pounds in weight, although individual logs rarely weigh more than 15 pounds.

Ceramic fiber log sets are significantly lighter (and far less durable), with whole sets (not counting the burner) typically weighing less than ten pounds.

How wide are these log sets?

These gas log sets are sized approximately according to the width of the log stacks. That means if you see a 24" log set, it is no more than 24" in width when match-lit. Burner pans, valve kits, Millivolt switches and other add-ons can add even more width to the set. If (for example) you have a 24" wide fireplace (aside from the fact that you have a tiny fireplace) it is not recommended that you get a 24" log stack but a shorter one so that you have natural space on either side.


Diagram showing a log set in a fireplace of the same width.


A log set installed in a fireplace of the same width will look cramped and won't leave enough room for standard valve and ignition systems.


Diagram showing a slightly smaller gas fire log set in a fireplace.


Using a slightly smaller log set will look more natural and leave room for add-on components.


How tall are the log sets?

It varies from size to size, and the type of burner you choose. All of these log stacks are designed to fit in a standard, up-to-code fireplace. The difference is that some have low profiles which could leave a large gap in a high fireplace, and tall stacks that will fit in a standard fireplace but might look too cramped. A valve vanisher added to the ignition system adds at least 2" more to the height, so if you're considering one be aware that it will make the stack taller.

What is a valve vanisher for?


Some log sets have the option of an ignition system installed in a valve vanisher. This is a metal plate that installs under the log set burner and houses a valve and/or electronics that would otherwise have to be installed (visibly) on the side of a gas log set.


Photo of a grate burner with a valve vanisher installed.


What is a Millivolt ignition?

Certain gas log sets offer a Millivolt ignition system. This is a super-efficient electronic ignition system that uses a thermocouple to draw electric power from the flame of the pilot light. Because of this, Millivolt systems do not require an external power source and will still work even during a power outage.

What does "ANSI Certified" mean?

Some of the gas burner ignition options in these log sets will say that they are ANSI certified. This means that they meet the Z21.60 standard of quality for decorative gas fire features. Many jurisdictional fire code standards require this standard. Most other products meet the ANSI Z21.84 standard, but if you're not sure what you need speak with your installer and give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 so that we can see what will meet your needs.

What does "variable flame height" mean?

Electronic ignitions systems come in a lot of varieties, but most of them have simple ON/OFF function: Either the flame is on, or the flame is off.

Some feature variable flame height control, however. These systems feature an electronically-controlled valve that opens at various steps to control the height of the flame remotely.

Variable flame height systems increase the height of the flames in steps.

What's a standing pilot light?

Most gas-powered burner systems use what is known as a standing pilot light. This means the the pilot light should be left on between burns so that it can light the flames in the short term (if you're planning on shutting the log set off for the season, then the pilot light gets turned off). A lot of electronic ignition systems need the pilot light lit and burning in order to be able to turn the fire on and off. This will use a small amount of fuel (between 300-600 BTU per day), which can add up over time.

There are a few electronic pilot ignition systems that turn the pilot on and off electronically to save fuel.

What is the difference between a "single face" and a "double face" gas log set?

This refers to the type of burner the logs will be stacked on for single-sided or double-sided see-through (sometimes called "see-thru") fireplaces.


A single face gas log set for standard fireplaces.

A single face gas log set is designed for use in a standard fireplace with one opening. The logs stack on the burner in such a way that the hardware is covered up when viewed from the front


A double face gas log set for see-through (double-sided) fireplaces.

A double face gas log set is usually used in a see-through (double-sided) fireplace that has two viewing openings, and sometimes even a peninsula (three-sided) fireplace. The burner is designed to be viewed from multiple angles, and the logs stack to cover the hardware from either view.


What is a "vented" fireplace, and do I have one?

The terms "vented" and "vent-free" refer to whether your fireplace has a chimney or vent.



A diagram showing a vented fireplace in a wall with a chimney and damper.

A vented gas log set requires a fireplace with a working chimney or vent. These act as an exhaust for the fumes from the burning of the gas or propane. Flames from a vented set are usually large, natural, and yellow. Most of these sets come with a damper clamp to keep an chimney damper open when installing in a wood-burning fireplace. You CANNOT install a vented log set in a vent-free fireplace.



A diagram showing a vent-free fireplace installed in a cabinet below a window.

A vent-free or ventless gas log set does not need a chimney or vent, but must be installed in an area with adequate airflow and ventilation. Flames from a vent-free set are usually low, hot, and red or blue. Typically you CAN install a vent-free log set in a vented fireplace, but you will need to close the vent or damper.


What do you mean when you say that a log set is "reversible?"


Most gas log sets have logs that have one finish (bark or "split" bark-less wood) on the logs that give it a specific appearance. A certain few log sets are reversible, which means that the logs (and the large front log in particular) have a different finish on either side (usually bark on one, split on the other) that allows you to choose what you see. If (for example) you buy a reversible double-face gas log set, you can have bark on one side of the fireplace while displaying split wood on the other.


A Chillbuster log set, shown with bark on one side and a split finish on the other


Can I use these log sets in my outdoor fireplace?

Some of these log sets can be ordered for outdoor use, but don't assume that they all are outdoor compatible. For example, Rasmussen® brand log sets all have an outdoor option which will swap the sand the burner typically includes with silica granules that are less likely to get clogged up by moisture. Although you can order any Rasmussen log set for outdoor use, if you are planning to use it outdoors you should probably get a burner that is made from weather-resistant stainless steel.

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Customer service is A++! They answered every question I had!

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Thanks Dana
From the first moment I interacted with Dana she was nothing but professional, courteous and more than a little helpful. Dana never failed to reply to an email or answer a question. She kept me apprised of my order and her follow through was fantastic. I never felt alone during this process.

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