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Customer Reviews
Needed a replacement log lighter after mine rusted out that i bought from another online store. The lighter got here fas...
Thomas Stone gave Cast Iron Gas Starter Pipe From Hearthmaster - Natural Gas a rating of 5/5
Thomas Stone
Needed a replacement log lighter after mine rusted out that i bought from another online store. The lighter got here fas...
Thomas Stone gave Cast Iron Gas Starter Pipe From Hearthmaster - Natural Gas a rating of 5/5
Thomas Stone

Fans & Fan Control Systems

Find fans and blower control accessories here.

These fans are designed to add air flow and cooldown capabilities to gas fireplaces, stoves, and other small-size heating units. Special controls help to maximize the effectiveness of blowers.

Have a fan? Need a fan? Let us help make you a fanatic!

Call us today at 1-888-986-1535

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The Dial-A-Temp offers an easy option to control fan speed and noise with plug-in versatility. No tools needed. Rated for light motor loads up to 3 amps. Variable speed to control wood and coal burning fireplace and stove fans - also incadescent lamps Easy installation - dual plug-in and ground socket. Rugged fire retardant enclosure. Modern Design Esy to operate just turn on Dial-A-Temp to desired speed for a cozy heat setting. Max. rating - 300W / 3.0 Amps 125 VAC - 50/60 Hz UL recognized components, factory tested.
Stove stat will operate as a thermostat, eliminates the need for you manually control the stove blower. The heat sensor attaches magnetically to the outer stove jacket near the blower. The operation is easy and controled by a thermodisc. When your stove produces heat and reaches a temperature of 110°F the sensor will turn the blower on automatically. When your stove cools down near 90°F the blower will stop operatiing. This will prevent the blower from blowing cool air when the stove is not producing heat. The stove stat is also useful where a switch is required to turn the circulator on, ...
Unobtrusive, yet efficient, this amazing little Super Quiet™ fan eliminates hot and cold pockets, by circulating air from wood stoves, fireboxes, and air conditioners. When mounted strategically this fan produces a constant and even transfer of heat between rooms. Startling performance and low noise are the striking qualities of this small fan. With its surprisingly low noise level this fan is built to perform. A model of efficiency, it's small in size (only 4-11/16" square) and moves an impressive 50 cubic feet-per-minute airflow. Benefits and Features: Fan can be mounted anywhere, ...

What are these fans for?

These fans are designed to be mounted near areas of extreme temperatures in your home to circulate air. You can use them to help circulate heated air throughout your home by mounting them to the back of a gas firebox, mounted near a high heat wood and pellet stove to help cool down electronic components, or even near an air conditioner to help keep your home cool.

What's the difference between a fan and a blower?

Fans draw in air from around them and blow it with rotating blades.

A fan typically draws air from around it and blows it in a general direction forward using horizontally-spinning blades. Fans are sometimes used in fireplaces to help circulate heat.

A blower draws air in from a side and directs it out of a single focused vent.

A blower draws air in through a single orifice using laterally-spinning blades and expels it through a single, focused hole. Blowers are usually mounted directly to a stove or insert and typically have a higher airflow rate than fans.

Do I need to permanently wire them into my home?

Some might require permanent installation, but others are simple wall plug-in products, and some fan products use alternate means of generating a draft.

Do I need turn them on and off manually?

Most fans only have a simple on-and-off switch, but sometimes you can attach the fans to a control module that will monitor a temperature, or allow you to set a time when the fan will come on, then turn the fan on automatically.

Customer Feedback  Our customers rate us 5/5 stars.

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Knowledgeable salesperson
Ron helped me out very well on the phone (assistance with measuring). I was impressed with his follow-up too.

Janet P rated our company service 5/5 Janet P

Very fast processing and shipping of my order. Would definitely order from them again!

donna h rated our company service 5/5 donna h

Replacement glass
All I can say is WOW, ordered my glass on Sunday they processed it on Monday my wife called me Tuesday evening saying it had arrived at our house. It couldn't fit in the door any better I'm very pleased and I'll definitely order anything else I might need in the future from cjs. Thanks

Jeff Krumn rated our company service 5/5 Jeff Krumn Curtice

Glass broke
Glass had to be resized to meet order once. Customer service was amazing. Unfortunately the glass was not. Even with the resizing and additional information provided the glass failed to meet the specifications required. Although the company was amazing to work with, I will have to go somewhere else with my business.

Jon rated our company service 2/5 Jon

Very Fast Shipping
Received my order in less than the time expected. Surprised and happy!

Marcus D rated our company service 5/5 Marcus D

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