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This is wonderful! I was shopping for a door when I realized that I can also get gasket and adhesive to rebuild my wood ...
Daniel P. gave High Temperature Fiberglass Gaskets - Flat, Rope, and Griddle Styles in All Diameters - Build Your Own Kit a rating of 5/5
Daniel P.
Ordering was easy and glass was cut just right. Had to put in another order because I forgot the gasket. both the glass ...
Tanya Austin gave Wood Stove Glass - High Temperature Pyroceram Ceramic in All Sizes - Custom Product a rating of 5/5
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Fireplace Bellows

Decorative fireplace bellows to stoke wood and coal fires!

Don't blow on your fire -- save your lungs with these beautiful and fully functional fireplace bellows! They're good for decoration, but great for use!

Need something you don't see? Let us help you find it!

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This fireplace bellows will help keep your fire burning bright while providing you with a fantastic decorative piece to add to your hearth area. The best part is that you will be able to use this fireplace bellows as well as gaze at its spectacular beauty. Hand carved and smooth round edges, this fireplace bellows should be at the foot of every ones fireplace. Features and benefits: Hand carved craftsmanship Stunning design Quality materials Leather hand strap
Show off this brown bellows for a fireplace to all your friends by setting it on your mantel, or just laying on your hearth. No matter how you decide to display your new bellows, you will have a stylish and functional fireplace accessory that everyone can enjoy. Features and Benefits: Deep brown finish Durable construction Strong rivets Beautiful cast nozzle
A dark stain fireplace bellows is the perfect addition to any fireplace because it is functional as well as esthetically pleasing. Enjoy your fireplace to the fullest by adding this beautiful fireplace bellows to the rest of your fireplace tools. this hand carved bellows will be the ",cherry on top" of your hearth decor project. Features and benefits: Hand carved Dark finish Strong construction Integrated hand strap
This bellows for a fireplace is meant to blend in with any existing fireplace decor by having a neutral stain finish. You can rest assured that this high quality fireplace bellows will help you put the finishing touches on your fire[place decor project. This light stain bellows will amaze you with its seamless ability to blend in with whatever fireplace design you may already have. Features and benefits: Brass rivets integrated hand strap Beautiful design functional and stylish
The honey finish on this fireplace bellows is beautiful in its self, but adding functionality is the difference between a quality product and one that just looks pretty. Simple and elegant at the same time, this bellows for your fireplace will perform time and time again providing you with a bright and warm fireplace all year long. Features and benefits: Beautiful finish Stylish Light weight Functional functional wrist strap
This 25" fireplace bellows comes standard with a high quality cast nozzle. With durable rivets, this black bellows for a fireplace will last for years to come. If that's not enough, check out the 10 year warranty that accompanies this high quality bellows. Features and benefits: Sleek finish Durable leather Riveted for strength Light weight
If you love the look of natural wood than you are sure to ove this natural grain wood fireplace bellows. This fireplace bellows provides a great quality product with out heavy staining. It accomplishes this by first starting with a great piece of wood as a base then letting it shine, naturally, as it should. Features and benefits: Brass rivets Leather bellows Durable construction Built in leather strap
This Carved scroll bellows features a cast nozzle and riveted together to provide a long lasting bond between the leather and wood. Heat your home with style and flash with this awesome fireplace bellows. Benefits and features: Cast nozzle Sturdy construction Increase fireplace heat Beautiful design Strap to help hold when in use

What is a fireplace bellows?

A fireplace bellows (always plural) is simply a movable pocket that draws in air through a nozzle or valve when expanded, and expels it when compressed.

What is a bellows used for?

They are traditionally used to force air into the glowing embers in your wood or coal burning fireplace to generate more heat or to help catch the fuel on fire more quickly. They have also been used by blacksmiths to increase the heat produced in their furnaces to help make the metals they are forging easier to work with. A fireplace bellows today could be used to keep your wood burning fireplace up to temperature. 

What if I don't have a wood or coal burning fireplace?

You can use your bellows as a decorative piece for any type of fireplace or stove. Some people like to even hang them from their walls a a decoration. No matter what you use it for, all of the fireplace bellows that we sell are fully functional and ready to operate. 

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Customer service is A++! They answered every question I had!

Susan R rated our company service 5/5 Susan R

Great service, lightning fast shipping, incredible packing, fits perfect, quality product. Thank you

Dave NH rated our company service 5/5 Dave NH

Pro Tip
Thank you for the quick reply. I was successful installing my fireplace door this morning by adding a couple of washers between the bracket and bolt/screw supplied. I really am thrilled with the quality, craftsmanship, and ease of installation. Maybe this tip will help others if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Chip rated our company service 5/5 Chip

Spreading the word
All in all very pleased with the mantel and the overall experience. Web site was a little tricky as the only way I found to order was by phone. Have told many others about your products.

Todd rated our company service 5/5 Todd

I just placed my 2nd order and I appreciate your excellent customer service, every time that I have needed to connect with someone I always would get an expedient reply. Thank you again.

Sue rated our company service 5/5 Sue

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