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Fireplace Grates

Custom fireplace log grates in steel, stainless steel, and cast iron

Add one of our heavy-duty log grates to your wood burning fireplace to improve air flow and safety, and make cleanup easier!

Need it indoors? In stainless steel for outdoors? Bigger? We can help you find it!

Call us today at 1-888-986-1535

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This heavy black grate from Hy-C® defines sturdy solid construction. Narrow (but numerous) slits are capped on either side by retaining walls keep wood or coals safely in place, and 2" legs give ample room to remove ash from the burn. The full one-piece cast design has a flat bottom with 12" of depth, perfect for use in small fireplaces and in many Franklin stoves. Benefits and features: 17" front width and 12-1/2" rear width nestles in small single-sided fireboxes 12" depth is enough to hold many short logs Walled sides and narrow ash slits are perfect for holding ...
Let us do the work for you: This sturdy cast iron log grate from Hy-C® has an innovative curved design that forces burning logs to roll and slide down to the bottom. This self-feeding design makes sure that as the fire burns, the fuel always finds its way to the most efficient spot -- you'll no longer have to poke at the fire to keep it going. The cast iron material is solid enough to hold heavy logs, and should give you years reliable use. Benefits and features: Curved design forces logs to slide and roll to the bottom An 18" front width and 14" rear width fits in smaller fireplaces ...
More wood, more flames, more warming more glorious fire -- who doesn't want more? This bar steel 20" grate features high tines in the front and in the back, allow you to stack your logs higher without fear of them rolling out of the firebox. It's made from hefty high-quality steel that can hold almost any wood that you can fit in the fireplace, and is designed to last a lifetime! Benefits and features: Extra-high front and back on the wood basket help to retain larger stacks safely 1" wide steel bars can handle a lot of weight 20" front width and 16" rear width for ...
Don't knock a small fireplace: You can get a lot of heat, light, and enjoyment from even the smallest one. But it can be difficult to find quality parts and tools to supplement them. It can be, but it isn't, thanks to products like this 20" Lifetime™ log grate from Custom Firescreen Inc®. Inch thick steel bars are welded together into a grate that's easy to load, with enough clearance beneath to clean ash out with little effort. The premium material is strong and heat resistant enough to keep holding your logs for decades. Benefits and features: 1" wide steel bars ...
Add a Lifetime™ log grate to your zero clearance firebox, and get a lifetime of reliable use for as long as you own your fireplace! This 20" log holder from Custom Firescreen Inc® has a shallow 12" depth that is designed to fit into small factory-built metal fireboxes. The 1" thick bars are made of premium steel and able to hold even the heaviest of logs, while the short legs ensure that your guests see the fire and the logs, not the grate. Benefits and features: Designed for factory-built zero clearance fireboxes 1" wide steel bars can handle a lot of weight 20" ...
Put fiery logs in their place; better yet, let this do it for you! This log grate from Hy-C® supplements its solid cast iron construction with an work-saving curved design that allows logs to roll and slide to the bottom as they burn. The fire feeds itself -- just put a log on top, and it will eventually find its way to the hottest spot at the bottom. The cast iron material is solid enough to hold heavy logs, and should give you years reliable use. 4" of clearance underneath the unit makes cleaning the ash easy. Benefits and features: Curved design forces logs to slide and roll to the ...
Hefty construction, with no welds or parts to split and warp in the intense heat of your wood-burning fireplace. A Hy-C® Franklin grate has narrow slits with walls on either side of the 22" wide tray, allowing it to hold both moderate logs and large chunks of coal or charcoal. The 2" legs gives room to remove ash from below while burning. 12" of depth makes it good for shallow fireplaces and in many Franklin stoves. Benefits and features: 22" front width and 18-1/2" rear width nestles in small single-sided fireboxes 12" depth is enough to hold moderate logs Walled ...
Do you want to know why this line is called the "Lifetime™" series of log grates? It's because after you install it into your wood-burning zero clearance firebox, you'll never need another... and what's more, you'll never want another either! That's because this 22-1/2" wide grate has a sturdy design made from heavy diamond steel stock and secure welds to resist even the hottest of wood fires. It's so durable that it has a lifetime guarantee -- how many heavy-duty products can you say that about? A shallow depth and narrow depth makes it ideal for factory ...
Even swimming in flame and ash, this stainless steel grate may just outlast your fireplace! A 22" wide grate from Fireside America® that was created for use in outdoor fireplaces, but also works indoors with no ill effects. The 304 grade of stainless steel is highly heat and weather-resistant and will not degrade in outdoor environments. Benefits and features: 22" front width and 16" rear width for moderately-sized single-sided fireboxes 16-1/4" depth is enough to hold larger log stacks Made from extra heavy-duty 1-1/8" by 13/16" diamond steel stock Fabricated ...
Is there anything that gives more satisfaction than enjoying a wood fire? The culmination of all that hard work, the texture of the fuel, those crisp snaps and pops of the logs... What could make it better? How about more wood? Burn longer before refueling with this 24" wide Deep Forest™ basket from Custom Firescreen Inc®. It has extra-deep tines in the front and back that allows you to stack more logs in the fireplace safely. Sturdy 1" wide bars of high-quality steel can easily hold the weight for a lifetime of exposure to high-heat wood fire. Benefits and features: Extra-high ...
A simple modification makes this 24" wide grate just a little greater. Fireside America® has included an ember catching mesh over the bars. This little adjustment helps to catch large chunks of burning wood as they fall off the log, keeping them in the fire and near the rest of the fuel until they turn to ash. This makes the wood burn more efficiently, and helps to reduce the number of glowing ember sparks that fly out of the ash during cleaning. Benefits and features: Ember bed allows more fuel to burn down in the basket rather than falling into ash 24-1/2" front width and 20" ...
Keep the home fires burning, every year, for decades. This 24" log grate from Custom Firescreen Inc® is made from premium bar steel giving it the strength to hold larger logs, and the flame-resistance to do it during the hottest wood fires. The flat basket bed adds stability while a 4-1/2" leg clearance helps to give better air circulation and access to ash for cleaning. The Lifetime™ series grates aren't just cleverly named: They carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that gives you piece of mind from normal home use. Heavy welds and reliable materials give their ...
Factory-built fireboxes can certainly be difficult to find tools for, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible. This aftermarket Lifetime™ log grate from Custom Firescreen Inc® is designed to fill that niche. The reasonably-sized 2' width is offset by a 1' depth that makes it an ideal fit for shallow metal fireboxes. This is complimented by the 1" thick premium steel bars that are strong enough to hold heavy logs while remaining impervious to the heat of a wood fire. Benefits and features: Designed for factory-built zero clearance fireboxes 1" wide steel bars ...
Complete a large outdoor fireplace with a grate that's going to last for a lifetime! This broad 25" stainless steel grate from Fireside America® will work in indoor fireplaces, but it will outperform almost every outdoor fireplace grate you'll ever find -- the 304 stainless steel construction is both heat and weather-resistant to give you decades of reliable use. Benefits and features: 25" front width and 21" rear width for larger single-sided fireboxes 16-1/4" depth is enough to hold larger log stacks Made from extra heavy-duty 1-1/8" by 13/16" diamond ...
At over two feet wide, this grate looks black and beautiful inside the orange flames of a fire. Its single-piece cast construction has no welds or parts to split and warp with heat and age. Like all Hy-C® Franklin grates it has narrow slits with walls on either side of the 27" wide tray to let it hold both logs and large chunks of coal or charcoal. 2" cast-on legs keeps it low to the ground but still gives it enough room to remove ash from below while the fire is burning. A shallow 12" depth makes it great for shallow fireplaces and in large Franklin stoves. Benefits and features: ...
Do you have a large zero clearance wood-burning firebox? Are you tired of small grates that fit the shallow depth but look tiny inside? My friend, your solution is here: The 27" Lifetime™ log grates from Custom Firescreen Inc® is long, shallow, and ready to bring out the full potential in your fireplace -- and it will do it for life! The front of this beast measures 27-1/2" but only needs a fireplace deeper than 14" to accommodate it. The welded diamond bars are constructed of premium steel, and warranted to last for the life of your fireplace. Thanks to a center steel ...
If your fire runs on wood, you need to make sure that you don't run out of wood. This Deep Forest™ log grate from Custom Firescreen Inc® can help, and help big! With a 28" front width designed to fit into larger fireboxes, this product features uncharacteristically long tines on the basket. This makes the front and back deeper than other fireplace grates, allowing you to stack more wood in a stable pile while you burn, cutting down on refuel times and giving you more uninterrupted time by the fire. You'll just have to choose who to spend it with (*wink* Whaaat? Romance. ...
A wood-burning fireplace is pretty simple, but believe it or not there are ways that you can make them more efficient. This 28" wide grate from Fireside America® has an ember catching mesh over the bars to catch larger chunks of burning wood as the log disintegrates. This keeps more of the fuel in the fire until it's used up instead of drowning in the ash. The mesh doubles as a way to keep sparks from the ash bin from flying up and out of the firebox. Benefits and features: Ember bed allows more fuel to burn down in the basket rather than falling into ash 28-1/2" front width ...
A large wood-burning fireplace is a great source of heat... maybe too good. Let me explain: It can be hard to find a large enough fireplace grate to hold the logs in a stable position. Get one too small, and you'll have to use smaller logs that won't make the most of the fire. Get one large enough and now you're faced with the problem of weakness -- the larger it is, the more welds will be likely to break in the heat of a larger fire. Well, fret no more, friend! This massive 28" Lifetime™ log grate from Custom Firescreen Inc® is wide enough for large fireplaces. It's ...
Imagine a giant log in a massive outdoor fireplace, heating up your patio or garden area on the chilliest of autumn nights. Now, stop imagining, and start building: With a massive 28" width, this stainless steel log grate from Fireside America® combines traditional design with a time-tested weather and heat-resistant material. The 304 grade stainless steel diamond bar construction is solid and immune to the elements. Hefty welds enable it to hold large logs -- if you can fit it in your fireplace, this grate will probably hold it! Benefits and features: 28" front width and 25" ...
If this massive, 32" wide log grate doesn't hold the largest logs in your biggest outdoor wood-burning fireplace, well... I'm just not sure anything will! Fireside America® made this solidly-welded grate from 304 diamond bar stainless steel, giving it both strength and weather resistance. Good for indoor use (assuming your firebox is large enough), but great for use in outdoor fireplaces that have exposure to the elements. It resists corrosion as well as heat, and will give you a lifetime of reliable burns. Benefits and features: 32" front width and 27" rear width for ...
What's the point of having a giant fireplace if you can't burn large logs in it? In order to burn those large pieces of wood, you need a log grate wide enough to fit the firebox properly. And if you want to burn those logs just a little more efficiently, then you absolutely want his 33" wide grate from Fireside America®. An ember-catching mesh installed over the bars catches large chunks of wood as they fall off of the burning log, keeping more of the fuel inside of the fire. It also has the double effect of keeping hot cinders from the ash bin from floating up through and out ...
At 3' wide and 17" deep, this grate demands a massive fireplace to house it... But that's okay, because the extra long tines on the basket makes it deep enough to hold the largest of logs! Like all of the Deep Forest style grates from Custom Firescreen Inc, it can hold higher stacks of wood securely in its bar steel grate basket. The result is longer burn times before you'll have to refuel. It's solid enough to hold almost any heavy logs that will fit in your fireplace and withstand the hottest wood fire for a lifetime of use. Benefits and features: Extra-high front and back ...
If your wood-burning fireplace's firebox is over three feet wide, I have news for you: That is one massive fireplace. Fires in these appliances tend to get big and hot, if you can get one going for long. Why would your fire-time be cut short? Well, if you're forced to use a small log grate you probably can't fill the fireplace to get the most out of it. The 36" Lifetime™ log grate from Custom Firescreen Inc® will help you to correct that oversight with style! The flat bar basket is made from inch-thick bar steel of the highest quality. At 3' wide, it fits extra-large ...
Log Lighter Length: 24" Fireplace Grate Width: 24" Log Lighter Installation Manual Log lighters help you light your wood burning fire quickly and without the hassle of messing with kindling, tearing and twisting papers, or using specialty fire starting sticks. Connect your log lighter to your gas line, top with a fireplace grate. Lay your logs in the grate, turn on the gas and toss in a match. In just moments your logs will be aflame and you can turn off the gas and enjoy your full fledged fire. The fireplace grate keeps the logs up off of your log lighter, and lets air circulate around ...

What do I need a grate for?

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, a grate is an important accessory as it holds fireplace logs in place as they burn. As the fire burns, ash filters through the grate keeping it away from the remaining logs. This allows more oxygen to flow under the grate and into the fire, making it more efficient. 

It also helps to keep logs that are on fire from rolling out of the firebox.

So it's just for wood-burning fireplaces then?

No! In some cases these grates can also be used with some gas-powered log sets to give them a more authentic feel. Just check to make sure that your log set doesn't already come with a grate.

What are they made out of?

There are several materials used in our log grates, but they're mostly made from either cast iron, bar steel, or stainless steel.

Why would I spend the extra money for a stainless steel log grate?

Most cast iron and steel grates will rust and develop a patina color over time. This makes them less-than-ideal for outdoor use when exposed to extra elements like wind and rain.

The benefit of stainless steel log grates is that they can be used outdoors, exposed to the elements without rusting. They are much longer-lasting than the other grates here.

What is an "ember catcher?"

Some grates come with an extra wire mesh on the base, called an ember catcher. This mesh still allows the ash to fall through but retains larger chunks to make sure they burn down further in the fire.

Do I need single-sided or double-sided?

It depends on your fireplace. Here's the basics:


A single grate is broad up front, narrow in the back.

Most standard fireplaces have a single side (sometimes referred to as "single face" or just "standard"), which usually means that the firebox has only one open side or door through which to view the fire. Most wood-burning fireplaces are designed this way for safety reasons, and as a result most grates are designed for this type of fireplace. These grates have a wide front and a narrow back.


Double grates are deeper and have the same width on both sides.

Double-sided (sometimes called "double face," "see-through," or "see-thru") fireplaces have two sides and sometimes two doors that open into opposite-facing rooms. A grate designed for these fireplaces will usually be about twice as deep as a single-sided fireplace grate and have the same width on either side. These grates are also used in "peninsula" style fireplaces. They are rare, and we don't always stock them -- just call us for a custom quote at 1-888-986-1535 and we'll see if we can get one for you at a grate price (see what I did there?)!


What is a "diamond bar?"

There are actually three main styles of grate that we sell:

Some grates are made of flat bars that are welded to the grate's legs.

Bar grates are made from forged and bent steel that has been flat-welded to another bar that acts as legs. This makes the basket flat. Their strength is entirely dependent on the quality of the steel. If they have a drawback it's that ash collects rather easily on the flat side of the bars during a burn.

Diamond bar grates have added strength because of the thicker bars.

Diamond bar grates are usually made from steel bars that are bent and weld-mounted diagonally. This allows them to use less material and less weight than regular bar grates while still being sturdy and strong. A benefit of the diagonal mounting is that ash slides off the grate and onto the fireplace's floor. 

Cast grates are poured into a mold and are a single piece of metal with no welds.

Cast grates are usually single pieces of metal that have been poured and forged into their shape. They are sturdy and have no welds that can split in the heat of the fire, but they are usually more susceptible to rust. 

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