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Custom Fireplace Screen Curtains

Mesh curtain screens for unusually-shaped fireplaces

If you have a fireplace that is too big, too oddly shaped, or just different, finding a replacement wire coil mesh curtain could have been difficult... But now you're here!

Not sure what you need? We are happy to help you with design ideas and customizations!

Call us today at 1-888-986-1535

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Keep your sparks where they belong with a fireplace screen. Whether it is a small, large, tall, wide, arched, corner, or peninsula fireplace, each recessed screen is specially hand built to fit your fireplace. We are able to manufacture your screen with a fast turn around time. We use quality, 19 gauge, 1/4 inch weave mesh for safety and durability. Optional matching bottom fenders add additional safety by helping to keep logs and ashes inside the fireplace. Custom mesh weave sizes, materials and gauges are also available. Interested in a custom recessed screen call for quote: (877) 373-6677. Interested ...
Measure and mark down height and width of your fireplace. Measuring the correct height is very important. Measure straight up and down from where the rod and screen are actually going to be installed. We will make the necessary deduction for clearance and rod. Comes with two panels of equal size (each is half of total width). If you would like a single, long panel, please give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 for a quote. If a rod is already installed measure from the top of the rod to the hearth. We will add 40% to the width of your fireplace to allow for extra drape NOTE: All panels come complete ...

What are these fireplace curtains made from?

These varieties of mesh are made from metal wire which is coiled to the appropriate length and then linked together and twist-locked at the top. Most of the mesh is made from steel, although some lightweight varieties might be made from aluminum.

Wires woven together make up the mesh

What is it used for?

It's commonly used in fireplaces. The screen sets in front of the log set behind the door in order to catch embers and sparks that may shoot out of a wood fire so that they don't leave the firebox and cause fire damage to your home. The following video showcases the different styles of fireplace screens:

How big can I order them?

As big as you need! These wire meshes are custom made to fit your fireplace opening, no matter how big or how small.

How do I hang them in my fireplace?

They have metal rings (called hog rings) attached along the top spaced every two inches that you will use to loop over the hanger rods in your fireplace door. This allows a smooth glide for opening and closing.

What if I don't have hanger rods in my fireplace?

Not a problem: Well sell hangers, pull ties, and other hardware. Just give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 or click here to browse.

Can I get it in a different color?

Yes! There are different alloys of wire and different metallic finishes. These custom designs will require a custom quote, so if you want one be sure to give us a call.

Where is this stuff made?

All of our fireplace mesh is made in the USA Made in America and is 100% recyclable.

Customer Feedback  Our customers rate us 5/5 stars.

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Thank you!!! What great response!!! I appreciate the quickness and the service of your company!!!

Phillip rated our company service 5/5 Phillip

Communicating with your company was wonderful. Very professional.

James F rated our company service 5/5 James F

Hello, I got your glass today and installed it.  I was impressed in how easy it was to put the plugs in that hold the glass in place – nice engineering there. I bought the wrong color – see the attached picture (the new pane is 2nd from left) – it should be lighter.  I’ll replace it sometime before I move out; in the mean time it’s a warning to not leave the fire unattended. Thanks for the great packaging, too – I can use that cardboard in projects so it’s going to be reused.

Mike B rated our company service 5/5 Mike B

Wish I would have found you sooner
Thanks for the help - I had stalled for years in doing this without a local company - this on-line process worked very well - clear directions and followup to questions and good suggestions. Thanks!

George rated our company service 5/5 George

Very Good Packaging
The Fireplace Doors arrived yesterday afternoon and they were very well packaged. I installed the fireplace doors this morning and I am pleased with the way the finish was protected and how the installation went. Everything went smoothly.

Morris rated our company service 5/5 Morris

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