Hearth Accessories

Hearth Accessories

Hearth Accessories

Hearth accessories, or fireplace accessories, help homeowners maintain the style and quality of their fireplaces over time. Fireplace accessories can make or break your hearth decor. If selected carefully, they can help bring together your entire living room.

Before enjoying your fireplace with family and friends, consider adding these accessories to your fireplace setup: andirons, firebacks, ash buckets, bellows, log racks and holders, fire starters, log lighters, trivets, tool sets, and fireplace grates.


Andirons are positioned in front of your grate to keep logs from rolling out of the fireplace while they burn. They are sold in pairs and serve as a decorative accent inside of your fireplace.


Firebacks protect the bricks and mortar of your firebox. They reflect heat into the room and radiate warmth even after your fire has died down. This allows the fire's efficiency to increase up to 50%. Firebacks increase the life of the firebox, helping to prevent further damage to aging fireplaces. You can choose from simple designs that blend in or designs that stand out and complete the overall look of your fireplace. Some types of firebacks can stand up on their own, but others require an additional purchase of fireback feet.

Ash Buckets

Ash buckets are necessary for homes with a fireplace or wood stove. They are also known as hods, depending on their shape. They make the task of ash storage and hearth cleaning easier. Ash buckets can also be used to store coal, wood pellets, firewood, and kindling. They are designed in such a way that the hot ash will not burn through the bottom or sides of the bucket. After filling your bucket, place it outside on a sturdy surface, far from any potential sources of ignition. Some buckets come with a matching shovel, also called a scoop; others are sold separately.


If you are a fan of lighting your home the traditional way, get yourself a bellow. A bellow uses air to stir embers in your fireplace or wood stove. As you push air into your fire, you create a stronger, more durable flame. Whether you’re kickstarting a fire or stoking a dying fire, a bellow helps you increase the rate of combustion and, therefore, the heat output. While not in use, you can rest the bellow in front of your fireplace for decoration. 

Log Racks and Log Holders

Log racks and log holders allow you to store your firewood indoors or outdoors for the upcoming fire-burning season. They are great space savers that come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Some are portable via wheels or canvas handles, while others remain in one place like log racks typically do. Some varieties come with a built-in fireplace tool set, and others require a separate purchase. Log hoops, for example, stay in one place and might require an additional purchase of a log cart for easy transport to your fireplace.

Fire Starters

Fire starters are highly flammable materials used to start fires for wood stoves, fireplaces, campfires, fire pits, and barbecues. They’re also known as kindling or tinder. Fatwood is nature's best kindling, allowing you to quickly start a fire with just two sticks. Natural wooden wool and paraffin wax are odorless, non-toxic, and easy to use. Safety matches save time and prevent you from having to use newspapers or chemicals to get your fire started.

Log Lighters

Log Lights are used only for appliances that run on natural gas. Their long rod shape keeps your hand at a safe distance from where the flame will ignite.


Trivets are commonly found in the kitchen and around the hearth. They make a great resting place for steaming kettles and other hot objects. They protect your surfaces from scratches formed by stainless steel appliances and other cookware. Best of all, they add a pop of color and personality to your hearth.

Tool Sets

Hearth tool sets are a must-have, especially if you plan to use your fireplace frequently. Some common tools are pokers and tongs, which manage the fire, as well as ash brush and shovel sets, which help you clean the space after the fire is done burning.

Fireplace Grates

Fireplace grates are essential for keeping your burning wood in one place. Grates also help with forming uniform flames, instead of scattered bits of fire. They keep the logs off of the fireplace floor. Therefore, they provide better air circulation and a more robust fire than a fire created with the logs sitting directly on the floor.

When shopping for hearth accessories, be sure to choose colors and finishes that work with the rest of your fireplace and accompanying accessories. Need help? We’re here for you! Did you know we’ve been in the hearth and home business for over 20 years? We have a variety of accessories to simplify your hearth installation, repair, and redesign.

Contact CJ’s Hearth And Home today for the best hearth accessories around.

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