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I built a 2200 sq ft house in the mountains upstate New York. I planned to burn coal (with oil/hot water backup) and bou...
Chip Scheiner gave Hitzer Model 30-95 E-Z Flo Coal Fired Hopper Stove with 134 CFM Blower a rating of 5/5
Chip Scheiner
I have owned Hitzer coal stoves in the past but the 608 is the best by far because of the coal troll feature and the ven...
Austin Jacobs gave Hitzer Model 608 Energy Master I Coal-Trol Stoker Stove a rating of 5/5
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Fiberglass Gaskets

Gasket seals for wood stoves, fireplace doors, gas appliances, and more

Just because your glass isn't broken doesn't mean that your stove is airtight; its gasket will break down over time. We can help make sure that its seal is as good as new!

Not certain what you need for your fireplace or stove? We're always happy to help you figure it out!

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CLICK HERE TO BUY OUR FLAT GASKET KITS CLICK HERE TO BUY BULK SPOOLS AND SAVE EVEN MORE 2200° Replacement Gaskets In The Footage & Diameter You Need Our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement rope gaskets and flat window gaskets are a high quality choice for any replacement fiberglass needs. Choose from 12 styles of gasket in any length you desire. You may also choose optional 2000° F cement by A.W. Perkins®, or 900° F silicone based sealant by Stove Bright®. Simply click the quantities or footage you desire, then "Add to Cart". Your kit will be built ...
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Need a high-temperature glue that won't fill your stove door with ugly goop? This stove gasket adhesive can be used with fiberglass gasket to seal a high temperature wood, pellet, or coal stove door! With a heat resistance of up to 2000°F, it can provide a great bond for light and heavy gasket. Here's how it works: Typical installation: Remove your door, lay it down horizontally (flat) Clean the surface of the old adhesive Apply the clear adhesive to the door Work the gasket into the adhesive Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before firing up your stove or fireplace Vertical installation: ...
Black fiberglass gasket cement by A.W. Perkins is used to adhere a replacement gasket to a wood stove door, fireplace door, or other types of cast iron access panels. This cement is able to stand up to temperatures of 2000 degrees fahrenheit, and its durable too. Unlike other lesser quality cements, A.W. Perkins gasket cement will not crack and crumble away due to very hot fires. In addition, the special formula is able to seal tiny pinholes or other imperfections in the gasket mounting surface. Comes in black, available in a 2.7oz squeeze tube for easy installation. Also available in a 10.3oz ...
These are manufactured with a textured sealing weave and are top dog when it comes to standing up to the punishing environment of your wood stove or appliance. Used as an air-tight replacement for old gaskets that may be frayed, failing, or just too crusty. Unlike normal white fiberglass, our graphite impregnated gaskets resist sticking, reduce creosote, make a better seal, and last much longer. Overall, they increase your appliances seal efficiency. They also look very nice when compared to a white gasket. They are both soft and flexible and can be used in almost any gasket application. Special ...
This stove window gasket tape is designed to securely seal stove window glass in stove doors and openings, easily. The self-adhesive tape wraps over the glass edge, eliminating the need for additional high-temperature cement. The seal is airtight due to the special textured weave. These tapes are top dog when it comes to the punishing environment inside your wood stove or other heating appliance. These rolls are soft and flexible and can be used in place of almost any normal stove gasket application. Special manufacturing makes them easy to handle in applications where they need to be cut or altered. ...
Order this 54" roll of stove window gasket tape to easily and securely seal window glass in your stove doors and other openings. One side of this gasket features a self-adhesive tape tack that wraps over the glass edge with no extra cement or high-temperature adhesive needed. This creates an airtight seal thanks to the high quality of the adhesive and textured weave of the fiberglass. These tapes are made to survive the punishing heat inside your coal or wood heating appliance for years before replacement! The flexible and soft design can be used for almost any standard gasket application. ...

What is a wood stove rope gasket?

A wood stove rope is referring to a type of fiberglass gasket seal that resembles, you guessed it, a rope! Generally the rope gasket is cemented to the back of your stove door. When the door is closed, the rope gasket is compressed against the stove body, making an air tight seal. A properly installed rope gasket is a critical piece of your stove system, ensuring the burn is both efficient, and safe. Our wood stove gaskets are guaranteed to be the correct diameter as a drop in OEM replacement. There are also flat fiberglass gaskets that are mainly used to seal replacement fireplace glass.

How do I attach a wood stove door gasket?

Most wood stoves require a rope gasket that will be cemented directly to the back of the door. First, let your stove cool completely. Begin to remove the old gasket seal, making sure to scrape off excess cement, crust, or ash. When the wood stove gasket is removed, and the mounting surface free of debris, you can begin installing the replacement. Measure out how much gasket you need, making sure to not cut it too long (or short). "Dry fit" the gasket onto the back of the wood stove door, making sure it fits. If you are sure it will work, apply cement to the gasket and stick it onto the mounting surface. Close the door so that the gasket is held in place under pressure and do not disturb the door until the cement curing time has been reached. After all is cured, your stove is ready for operation. Be sure to only use the most high quality stove gasket cement when you attach your gasket to your stove.

Why are some gaskets white and others black?

Both white and black stove gaskets are made from the same high temperature fiberglass. A white stove gasket is simply un-treated fiberglass. A black stove gasket takes that same fiberglass and adds slippery graphite during the weave process. This graphite impregnated black fiberglass rope gasket is designed to reduce buildup of ash, sap, creosote, and other crud that would normally make your stove door stick. Black graphite fiberglass gaskets are our most popular choice for this non-stick reason.

Can I buy your wood stove gasket by the spool?

Yes indeed. Although we primarily sell wood stove gasket by the foot, we also have spools available. This is handy if you want to replace gaskets often or just have enough for a lifetime supply. Spools are available in a variety of footages. Their length depends on the diameter of the gasket itself. If you would like to buy fiberglass gasket by the spool click here.

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Hello, I got your glass today and installed it.  I was impressed in how easy it was to put the plugs in that hold the glass in place – nice engineering there. I bought the wrong color – see the attached picture (the new pane is 2nd from left) – it should be lighter.  I’ll replace it sometime before I move out; in the mean time it’s a warning to not leave the fire unattended. Thanks for the great packaging, too – I can use that cardboard in projects so it’s going to be reused.

Mike B rated our company service 5/5 Mike B

Just wanted to let you know we (finally) received the correct grate. Please extend Marcy our thanks – she was very helpful throughout this!

Lisa rated our company service 5/5 Lisa

Ordering was a breeze. Fast, easy checkout.

Brian rated our company service 5/5 Brian

Wow, fast turn around on my order.

Judy D rated our company service 5/5 Judy D

Fire pit has small flame
When I put my fire pit glass on top of the orafice, it seems like the glass is covering the hole/ports and the fire is very sporadic which is limiting the heat from the pit. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Mart Orr rated our company service 5/5 Mart Orr Simpsonville

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