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Needed a replacement log lighter after mine rusted out that i bought from another online store. The lighter got here fas...
Thomas Stone gave Cast Iron Gas Starter Pipe From Hearthmaster - Natural Gas a rating of 5/5
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The pair of corbels I git look great on my kitchen island
nadia L. gave Large Traditional Acanthus Corbel a rating of 4/5
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High Temperature Replacement Glass

Replacement Wood Stove Glass - Tempered Fireplace Glass

Don't live with a broken stove door or a shattered pane in your fireplace door! Our custom-size replacement glass ships fast!

Don't know what you need? Ask for help: We're always happy to help answer your questions!

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Replacement Wood Stove Glass Made From High Temp Pyroceram Ceramic « Pyroceram Wood Stove Glass - 1380° F Max Temperature - For Wood Stove, Hearth Inserts, and Other Heating Appliances
Pyroceram ceramic stove glass is a high temperature glass made for use in pellet, coal, bio, and wood stoves. It has a great resistance to the heat generated from wood stove doors and is rated for a 1380° F thermal shock before the glass break. This makes it ideal for most stoves, or any other application where a very high temperature tolerance is required. We currently stock only Pyroceram ceramic glass, but there is no noticeable difference between Pyroceram glass when compared to Neoceram, or Robax. Our wood stove glass is available in clear, with 3/16" thickness, and can be cut to spec with round corners, an arched top, other other custom shapes. Please remember, our wood stove glass is not intended for used for cook stove or range tops.

Replacement Fireplace Door Glass Made With High Strength Tempering « Tempered Fireplace Glass - 400° F Max Strength - For Fireplace Doors, Fireplace Screens, & Decorative Applications
High strength tempered glass is made for fireplace doors due to its great strength and 400° F thermal shock rating before breakage. Unlike pyroceram wood stove glass, this tempered glass goes through a custom heat treating process to make it incredibly strong. In applications where normal ceramic or float glass would break, replacement tempered fireplace glass will not. This is because tempering increases the strength of the glass by bonding the molecules in a stronger way. We guarantee that, under normal operating conditions, our tempered glass will be 4 to 7 times stronger, and will out perform other types of glass. Please remember that you should keep 4 to 6 inches of clearance between tempered glass and other hot surfaces like log holders, fireplace grates, and other panes of glass. Our fireplace door glass is available in clear, bronze, and light gray "smoked" colors, with a thickness of 1/8", 3/16", or 1/4". Unfortunately, due to the tempering process, custom shapes and beveled edges are not available.

Replacement Tempax Gas or Propane Stove Glass « Tempax Gas Stove Glass - 580° F Max Clarity - For Gas & Propane Stoves, Heaters, and Appliances
Tempax is a form of heat resistant glass similar to Pyrex, and can stand up to a 580° F thermal shock rating before it will break. This type of glass is crystal clear with no tints or hues, making it great for gas or propane stoves where the flames must be visible and crisp. Generally this replacement Tempax glass is installed in small gas stove windows such as on-the-wall units, or in vertical strips across a wider opening such as found in older self standing or wall hung units. Whatever type of gas or propane stove you have, you can be assured that our Tempax glass will stand up to years of heating cycles. Our tempax stove glass is perfectly clear and available in a 1/8" thickness in sizes up to 10" x 10".

Replacement Coal Stove Mica Mineral « Mica Coal Stove Glass - 1800° F High Temp - For Older Coal Stoves, Furnaces, Kilns, and Boilers
Replacement mica is not actually glass at all. Rather, mica is a translucent mineral which is able to resist 1800° F of punishing heat before it will fail. It is also semi-flexible and able to be easily cut with scissors for an exact fit. In the past, mica was the go-to for applications which required high heat resistance. Coal stoves, coal boilers, wood stoves, kilns and furnaces all could be found with this mineral present in their access doors. Today, mica has been largely replaced by Pyroceram ceramic or even quartz based glass. This is mostly due to the larger and clearer viewing area that ceramic or quartz base glasses can provide. Our mica is available in translucent clear, with thicknesses between .003 and .005 inches. Our mica comes in a variety of pre-cut dimensions, however. remember that you can cut it with scissors to get an exact fit for your specific model of appliance.

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1380° Pyroceram Wood Stove Replacement Glass: Are you replacing the ceramic glass in your wood stove door, insert, or boiler? Need genuine high temp pyroceram ceramic glass that is made in the USA? You have come to the right place! Our pyroceram ceramic wood stove glass is an 3/16" thick OEM replacement available in a variety of sizes and pattern cuts. This glass is available in a slightly amber tint and comes with safe seamed edges that are safe to the touch. This makes our pyroceram ceramic glass great for any coal, pellet, or wood stove, as well as some masonry style glass fireplace ...
Based on 1 reviews.
400° Replacement Fireplace Door Glass: When it comes to high temp and industrial duty tempered glass for your fireplace door, look no further than CJ's! Our tempered glass is 4 to 7 times stronger than regular glass, and is made from the finest minerals to stand up to the harshest hearth duties. Although not a super high temperature glass like our 1380° Pyroceram Ceramic Glass, tempered makes up for in extreme mechanical strength, durability, and safety. Tempered glass stands up to more mechanical force than ceramic yet still retains a thermal shock rating of 400° making it suitable ...
We have your high temp gas stove and insert glass needs covered! Our Tempax glass is premium grade, and is available in a variety of cuts to fill any sort of door situation. Tempax is a borosilicate glass similar to Pyrex. The float process used in manufacturing Tempax gives it a more flawless texture and appearance than Pyrex. It is used primarily in gas and propane stoves, and usually arranged in panes or small strips. It has a thermal shock rating of 580° F and crystal clear appearance. This makes it suitable for more than just gas stoves...light fixtures, artistic pieces, and more where ...
Mica glass is actually a mineral that comes in thin translucent sheets and can be cut with scissors, yet is able to withstand immense temperatures beyond what all glass can handle. Mica is mostly used in antique wood and coal stoves, arranged in small vertical strips. Mica glass has a beautiful appearance like clear plastic or cellophane, yet it withstands temperatures in upwards of 1800° F, making it the most heat tolerant mineral material that we carry. Available in 2x2. 2x3, 2x4, 3x4, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6, 4x7, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8 sizes in a thickness of between .003 and .005 inches. We recommend a Flat ...
How does this work? Easy! Just pick any five (5) or more colors of 1 lb. bags of glass crystals or beads. Each bag is a specific color and size so that if you're "on the fence" about what colors you want you can get a better real-life idea of the varieties we offer. Even better, if you want to create your own color mixture or want to mix up some terrazzo concrete this is a great way to see if it will work before investing more time and money. REMEMBER: Pick at least five (5). If you don't choose at least five your order may not be processed. Just a refresher - There are different ...
Starting at $34.49
These glass shards are a dark, almost completely opaque black. This deep dark color of this fire pit glass resembles obsidian and will offset the light of a fire feature, bringing all of the viewer's attention back to the flames. Thinking of mixing it up? The color-neutral nature of this glass works well with almost any other color! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard diameters Perfect for a terrazzo concrete mix or tile, as landscaping supplement, or placed in a gas fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl Minimal tumbling gives these shards an edge ...
Starting at $44.90
These fire pit beads are a deep, glossy and almost opaque black. When used against lighter and clearer colors, it provides a deep contrast, but can be mixed with darker colors of fire glass for an added layer of depth. If you want to add an almost volcanic appearance to a garden path or flower bed, consider these "Black Licorice" colored gems -- no edges makes them safe to walk on even without shoes. Use in a gas fire pit or fire bowl to REALLY make the flames stand out against the night. Want to mix and match? The color-neutral nature of black makes it a great addition to any other color ...
Starting at $47.50
Sometimes you want to add a subdued mood to your decor without going completely dark. These gray glass shards are more transparent than our black fire glass, but are more neutral in color and tone. Mix it with a light color of concrete for a more industrial-colored terrazzo effect, or use it as a nice subtle way to draw a visitor's eyes to flower beds. When used in a fireplace or fire feature, it allows light to pass through with minimum sparkle. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to white, clear, and black fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled ...
Starting at $44.90
This is a more transparent version of our black fire pit glass, giving it a deep smoky gray appearance -- but with a twist! One side of this glass has been given a metallic mirror appearance, so when a pile of the glass is used light reflects off of it in different angles, giving it a sparkling effect. This sparkle combines with the subtle neutral gray to give this glass an ethereal appearance that works great when in a jar, used with landscaping, and fire features. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to our black fire glass, giving it a lot of sparkle that otherwise wouldn't ...
Starting at $59.90
This deep amber brown fire pit glass appears dark until you look through it, then it glows a deep orange amber color. This color makes a perfect dark compliment to an Earthtone decor when installed in landscaping, but also gives a syrup-like glaze to a fire ring or fireplace. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to red, yellow, orange, and black fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard diameters Perfect for a terrazzo concrete mix or tile, as landscaping supplement, or placed in a gas fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl ...
Starting at $45.95
The deep amber color of this fire glass is dark enough to add shade to your fire pit, but light enough to give off an orange glow around the edges of each bead in the light. This gives an air of warmth wrapped around a mysterious center. The strong earth tone of the color makes it a great way to add some texture to a flower bed or garden path. Use it in a fountain, pond, or fish bowl to create a dark bottom that will still shine somewhat when it catches the light. Want to mix and match? It's a perfect compliment to clear, light blue, orange, black and white fire glass! Benefits and features: ...
Starting at $47.50
What's the best thing about using this copper fire glass for landscaping or in a fire bowl? Unlike the polished copper that this glass emulates, it will never corrode and develop that thick green patina that copper is known for. It catches sunlight and fire with a beautiful amount of sparkle, which creates more ambient light. Thinking of mixing it up? This glass works well with translucent red, clear, green or black, as well as other metallic colors! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard diameters Perfect for a terrazzo concrete mix or tile, ...
Starting at $59.90
In many places of the world, the tradition of afternoon tea is observed with an almost religious dedication. Now you can celebrate afternoon tea any time of the day or night with these smooth fire glass pebbles. Colored a light brown to make them semi-see-through like a nice cup of tea. They are a nice neutral color that works with a number of color palettes. A great way to add gloss to the base of the flames of a gas powered fire pit or fireplace, and a perfect earth-tone to compliment a garden of river rocks or landscape. Use it in a pond, pool, or fountain to add a bottom that shimmers under ...
Starting at $47.50
The uncut ruby appearance of this fire pit allows it to transform incoming light into a warm aura that fills whatever space you put it in. The red really shows when mixed into a terrazzo concrete texture, but also glows in the flames of a gas fire feature or fireplace. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to yellow, orange, pink, white, and black fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard diameters Perfect for a terrazzo concrete mix or tile, as landscaping supplement, or placed in a gas fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl ...
Starting at $59.90
These are pieces of glossy deep red glass that have been smoothed to remove any edges. They are rated for use in gas-powered fire features to make flames look like they're burning on a pile of rubies. You can use it inside the home or outdoors as a decorative supplement -- it will warm up the palette of any environment that you put it in. Spread some in a pond or fountain to add an air of jeweled mystery or cover an underwater light with it for an unusual effect. Mix it with a light pink fire glass to create a romantic mix for the fireplace with your sweetie! Want to mix and match? It's ...
Starting at $65.00
The bold orange color of this fire pit glass brightens up the view anywhere it's placed. Lightly tumbled to make rough edges smooth, this glass adds the look of fire to your cold projects (landscaping, terrazzo concrete, etc.) and makes fire features appear to glow even brighter. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to red, yellow, blue, and black fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard diameters Perfect for a terrazzo concrete mix or tile, as landscaping supplement, or placed in a gas fireplace, fire pit or fire ...
Starting at $59.90
These yellow shards of glass catch and refract the light to give a pleasant lightening sheen to adjacent decor. What does that mean? It means this glass brightens up the room! It draws the eye to it, making it a great supplement to landscaping and making fire features seem to glow even brighter. Looks like embers when mixed with lava rock cinders or black fire pit glass. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to orange, red, purple, brown, and black fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard diameters Perfect for a terrazzo ...
Starting at $59.90
The translucent yellow hue of this fire pit glass is reminiscent of the juiciest part of the pineapple. When light passes through it you'll see the area around becoming instantly brighter in a warm color palette, making it a good addition to gas fire pits and fireplaces in lieu of embers. You can use it in a garden to add a bright shiny tone to a path or flower bed, or even add some to a pond or fountain to make the cool water seem just a bit more inviting. Want to mix and match? It's a perfect compliment to purple, orange, red, brown and black fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from ...
Starting at $65.00
These tempered glass beads are the color of emeralds, but tumbled smooth to remove all facets and edges. They're heat-resistant enough to be used in a gas fire pit or fireplace and the green really compliments the yellow and orange of the flames. When used in landscaping the green is a great compliment to earth tone colors of river rock and glass, or as a grass replacement in arid areas with dry ground. Use in a koi pond or in a water fountain to create a bottom that looks even deeper than it is. Want to mix and match? It's a perfect compliment to clear, orange, black and white fire glass! ...
Starting at $47.50
No, these crystals aren't uncut emeralds. They're just very deeply colored green tempered glass fragments that have been lightly tumbled to remove sharp edges. The low angle of reflection makes it perfect as a low-maintenance grass replacement for landscaping in drought-ravaged yards, or a good contrast to the warmth of the yellow and orange colors of a gas fire pit or bowl. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to yellow, white, clear, copper and light green fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard diameters Perfect ...
Starting at $44.90
This deep emerald green fire pit glass has one side that is coated with a mirror-like reflective finish. When placed in a pile the clear green sides combine with the reflective coating to give this fire glass a sparkles and catches the light to add even more glow when installed in a fireplace or fire pit. Use in landscaping or rock gardens to add a faux dew-on-grass effect. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to either white, clear, amber, or black fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard diameters Perfect for a terrazzo ...
Starting at $59.90
The color of this very transparent glass is somewhere between a light blue and green. This makes it resemble the cool clean serene waters of an island lagoon. It's the perfect accent for lining a small pond, creating a faux oceanscape in your landscaping, or giving a gas fire pit's flames the look of burning on water. Great on its own, or mix with other colors for differing effect! Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to white, mother of pearl, clear, green, and blue fire glass! Mix in a reflecting color for even more sparkle Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe ...
Starting at $44.90
This semi-transparent glass is an extremely deep but light color of blue, giving it an almost glowing appearance. A crisp color that works great in landscaping when paired against a warm orange or amber color, and also as a filler for a shallow pond. The blue offsets the flame of a fireplace, fire pit, or fire bowl to create a cool appearance for the very warm fire, like the sky on the horizon at dusk. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to orange, white, clear, copper and blue fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard ...
Starting at $44.90
Everyone seems to know that blue. It's the same blue that you see in popsicles and snow-cones. Now you can have the same "flavor" of blue without the actual... um... flavor. These are fire-rated tempered glass shards that have been tumbled until their edges have been smoothed out completely, giving them the look of misshapen marbles. The result is a glass that looks smooth and cool when installed next to a swimming pool, and can brighten up the bottom of a koi pond. Installed in a fire pit or fireplace you'll get the glow of the flames contrasting with the blue of the glass for ...
Starting at $47.50
The bright blue color of these crystals almost glows in the light, giving everything around them a cool light temperature while still remaining positively bright! These shards are more transparent than our dark blue fire pit glass, allowing light to pass through easily. A great way to add some bright color to your landscaping and a way to contrast with the yellow and orange light of a fire feature without dampening the brightness of the flame. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to orange, white, clear, copper and dark blue fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe ...
Starting at $44.90
These completely smooth glass beads are colored with a light blue hue. This makes them a little more see-through than some of our deeper colors, so that light from flames or sunlight pass through easier. This glass is great for lightening up an artificial pond, or giving a contrasting color to a fireplace's flames. Want to mix and match? It's a perfect compliment to clear, dark blue, orange, and white fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of bead diameters Rated to 400° Fahrenheit, our glass beads make a great addition to fire pits, ...
Starting at $47.50
These blue glass crystals are dark like sapphires, adding a cool overtone to your decor. The deep color is glossy but not 100% reflective, making it the perfect contrast to the warmth of a fireplace or fire pit. Use it in landscaping to blend with the color of flowers, or line a koi pond with it to make it appear deeper than it is. Thinking of mixing it up? It's a perfect compliment to orange, white, clear, copper and light blue fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled tempered glass Your choice of shard diameters Perfect for a terrazzo concrete mix or tile, as landscaping ...
Starting at $44.90
Add these to a concrete pool to give it a darker, deeper bottom. Add them to a gas fire pit to make the bright yellow and orange flames really pop out at the viewer. Mix with other varieties of lighter colors of fire glass to create swirling, sweeping patterns in your flower beds or personal garden. Whatever you decide to do with these "Blueberry" shade fire beads, you can rest assured that they're going to remain durable and safe. Want to mix and match? It's a perfect compliment to clear, light blue, orange, and white fire glass! Benefits and features: Made from fire-safe recycled ...
Starting at $47.50

What kind of glass is heat resistant? What is the highest temperature glass can handle before it breaks?

There are generally 4 types of heat resistant glass, used for a variety of heating and hearth applications. Tempered glass, with its extra strength, will stand up to 400° F before shattering into small squares. Tempax glass, with flawless appearance, holds up to 580° F before breaking into sharp shards. Ceramic glass, with optional IR coating, will withstand to 1380° F before shattering into sharp pieces. Mica, which is actually an easily cut mineral strip, resists extreme heat up to 1800° F before burning through. Each type of high temperature glass is different, with specific recommended applications. Remember, if you have any hearth glass questions, we are available at [email protected] or by phone at (888) 986-1535.

What is Pyroceram ceramic wood stove glass?

Pyroceram is a special kind of glass-ceramic material that was accidentally derived by Corning Glass experiments in the 1950's. The story goes like this: In 1953 scientist was working on a new photosensitive glass called Fotoform which contained silver nanoparticles to embetter the structure of the glass. Upon heating up a fragment of this glass he noticed that it resisted breakage at very high temperatures. Upon further investigation, it was clear that Corning had stumbled onto something great. By adding quartz to further strengthen the ceramic glass, they were able to create the roots of Pyroceram. This early quartz ceramic was known as Fotoceram and it would take 6 more years of development before it evolved into what we now know as Pyroceram ceramic glass. For over 50 years Pyroceram has been the go-to glass for repairing or replacing the glass in wood stove doors.

Why does my wood stove need replacement Pyroceram ceramic glass?

Generally, wood stoves (and their pellet, coal, bio, or oil brethren) operate at very high temperatures and require a special kind of replacement glass. These temperatures can exceed 1000° F and for any glass to stand up to the abuse, it must be manufactured using the high temperature Pyroceram crystalline formula specially designed for stove doors. Normal glass, which can also be categorized as tempered, simply cannot resist the high heat and will shatter when your wood stove door comes up to operating temperature. Pyroceram ceramic wood stove glass has a maximum heat range of 1380° F making it an ideal solution for most types of stoves requiring the highest heat tolerances.

How do I replace the Pyroceram glass and fiberglass gasket in my wood stove door?

Although the details differ for each type of wood stove door, the overall process is generally the same. First, let your stove and door completely cool down so you don't get burned. Next, try to remove the old wood stove glass without breaking it. If this old glass is already broken, you can use tape over the cracks to prevent it from falling apart when removed. Once the old wood stove glass is removed, measure it as accurately as possible. Take a few measurements to make sure it is accurate. Next, remove any old stove gasket, cement, and sealant material. Take note of how much new stove gasket you need. If there was no old stove glass at all, now is the time to measure the channel that new replacement glass would fit into. Measure 1/8" less from each side to compensate for gasket material and thermal expansion occurring when glass heats up. You do not want your replacement wood stove glass to fit too tight! Once your new glass and gasket arrives, reverse the process. Put cement and stove gasket in first, followed by the Pyroceram glass, then secure it with your wood stove door hardware. After the cement cures for the recommended time, you are ready to use your wood stove!

Do I need a new fiberglass gasket for my Pyroceram wood stove glass install?

Yes, you also need to replace the gasket in your wood stove in 99% of glass replacement cases. This is because old fiberglass stove gasket is often covered in hard cement, is crusty, or fraying. It's not safe (or efficient) to run your wood stove at operating temperature using old gasket. If there are any gaps or big frays, it could allow dangerous carbon monoxide to escape around the replacement glass and out of the wood stove door into your living space. It could also let too much fresh air in, resulting in a less-than-controllable wood stove burn or spikes in radiated heat. Finally, a damaged stove gasket may also be less obviously effecting the operation of your stove gasification re-burner, door air wash system, or depending on the severity of old gasket condition, even change the way the wood stove vents from the chimney, causing unnecessary creosote buildup in your system. Moral of the story? Please always install new fiberglass gasket when replacing Pyroceram glass in your wood stove. We have a selection of fiberglass gaskets that should fit any wood stove door.

Can you cut Pyroceram glass to match the special shape of my wood stove door?

Absolutely, click here for a popup preview! We have over 30 custom shapes available for our wood stove glass, but that's not where we stop. Give us a call or chat, and we can explore the full potential of what patterns we can create. We may require you to trace a template of the old wood stove glass and mail it to us so we can get it exactly right. We can cut just about any pattern including custom arches, rounded corners, or even perfect circles. Unfortunately, these patterns only apply to our replacement Pyroceram wood stove glass and cannot be applied to tempered style fireplace glass.

Can I use high strength tempered instead of high temperature Pyroceram glass in my stove?

In general, NO this is not a good idea. Tempered glass has a lower temperature rating of 400° F meaning that it will shatter after a couple minutes in the extreme temperatures of your wood stove door or other type of stove application. If broken and left unattended, this is dangerous and could release smoke, carbon monoxide, or sparks into your home. Always use the recommended high temperature Pyroceram ceramic for your replacement wood stove glass needs.

Will Pyroceram ceramic glass work in my kitchen cook top or range?

Certain formulas of Pyroceram are intended as wood stove replacements, and other formulas are manufacturer specific, and intended only for kitchen appliances. We only stock replacement wood stove glass because, well, this is our forte. We do not have the appliance manufacturer reach to offer all the different sizes, thicknesses, or bevels on a brand or model specific basis. This would require us to become dealers for all the major brands of kitchen appliances, which is something we cannot support at this time. Because of this, we do not recommend using our glass for cook stove tops, ranges, or oven doors. It may void warranty or even worse, cause injury if it breaks due to the wrong thickness or lack of manufacturer specific glass formula details. Only use our Pyroceram ceramic glass in a wood, coal, pellet, or bio stove door.

What kind of glass is used for fireplace doors?

Replacement glass for all zero clearance (factory built) fireplaces and most masonry/traditional fireplaces must be strengthened through a tempering process. This is because tempered glass affords the most strength to a fireplace door enclosure while still maintaining a high heat resistance of 400° F before breaking. This is perfect for most fireplaces since their doors are so often used and must be open while burning. In the case of zero clearance or factory built fireplaces it goes a bit deeper - in order for the fireplace to maintain its manufacturer warranty, ISO certifications, and to-code listings, tempered fireplace glass is a requirement.

What does tempering the fireplace door glass do?

All glass is heated up after pouring. This is called annealed and ir provides a limited strength enhancement. Tempering the glass we use for fireplace doors will further increase the strength and resistance to mechanical shocks. It also changes the way the glass shards if it breaks. Instead of sharp pieces, tempered fireplace door glass breaks in tiny squares, much like a car window. These tiny tempered pieces are not as sharp or pointy, so its safer to dispose of. Unlike many manufacturers, our fireplace glass is tempered by our custom shop here in the USA on a per-order basis. This means that our tempered glass has better quality control for more strength and less breaks. Generally the tempering process takes a few days because it has to cool slowly for a consistent strength.

How long does it take to get my replacement wood stove or fireplace glass?

Because our shop is here in the USA, we are super fast. Replacement wood stove glass is generally cut and sent out for shipping the same day it is ordered. If ordered later in the evening, we usually get it cut and out the door the next day. Pattern cuts for wood stoves may add 1 day or more depending on if we need a template, or the complexity of your request. Fireplace door glass takes a bit longer than wood stove glass. This is because of the tempering process, which can take a few extra days. We temper each piece and inspect for quality on a per order basis, so the extra wait is well worth it. For both wood stove and fireplace glass, shipping to your door generally takes 2 to 3 days.

Do you offer any guarantees if my high temp replacement glass breaks?

Generally, no...unless there is a visually obvious defect in the glass structure itself, or we have manufactured it to the wrong size. The only guarantee we can make is that the glass will arrive on time, cut to your specs, and be free of defects. Please inspect all glass carefully before you install it so that defects can be noted and the glass returned. ALWAYS make sure to leave enough room around the glass between the edges and door frame. This is because once any glass heats up it will increase in size and may cause it to shatter. We cannot replace high temperature glass if there was no room left for expansion in your install.

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Bad experience
I went by the description they had but apparently it was not the actual size of the product but the size of the fireplace. No where on the website do they have the diameters of the actual product. After getting the product I noticed it was the wrong size and tried returning it. They want 20% restocking and I pay for shipping due to the terms but in the terms and condition it also States you'll get a courtesy email to make sure you purchase the right product before it ship. Well after I said that they stop emailing me. CJs Hearth & Home Team The description on the web site said that it was a screen for a direct vent fireplace. After seeing a picture of your fireplace it was clear that you have a vent free fireplace not a direct vent. A direct vent fireplace has a sealed piece of glass on the front of the fireplace. This screen is made only for the Monessen models listed in the ...

Diane rated our company service 1/5 Diane Spartanburg

We received the fireplace heater and are very pleased with it and you handling of our order. We will pass your company's name on to our friends. Thank you for all you have done to complete our order.

J & T rated our company service 5/5 J & T

Replacing the glass was a breeze
This is my first time doing business with, and I am impressed with their customer care, they actually care!!!!. I have talked to Kimberly in person twice and communicated via email more than a couple of times in regards to getting a replacement glass for my fire-place glass bi-fold doors. Actually the glass procurement was the fast and easy part, and it came fast with accurate dimensions finished with a pencil edge that matched the other glass panels perfectly. The challenge after receiving the replacement glass was to find the proper gasket to replace the old used gaskets. Kimberly is very knowledgeable and has solutions for unique problem jobs like mine turned out to be.

Rusty rated our company service 5/5 Rusty

Pro Job
Hello, Received my order last week. Professional job. Thank you.

Vartan rated our company service 5/5 Vartan

Spreading the word
All in all very pleased with the mantel and the overall experience. Web site was a little tricky as the only way I found to order was by phone. Have told many others about your products.

Todd rated our company service 5/5 Todd

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