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I built a 2200 sq ft house in the mountains upstate New York. I planned to burn coal (with oil/hot water backup) and bou...
Chip Scheiner gave Hitzer Model 30-95 E-Z Flo Coal Fired Hopper Stove with 134 CFM Blower a rating of 5/5
Chip Scheiner
The pair of corbels I git look great on my kitchen island
nadia L. gave Large Traditional Acanthus Corbel a rating of 4/5
nadia L.

Stove & Fireplace Cleaners

Stove & Fireplace Cleaners

Gunk on a fireplace or stove isn't just unsightly, it can be downright dangerous! Our paints can help you keep it looking shiny and running smooth!

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Have a wood stove, fireplace, or insert with a neroceram or pyroceram ceramic glass door? Keeping it clean was never this easy! This wood stove cleaning kit comes with a bottle of HearthGlass Crème™ by A.W. Perkins®, one of the go-to names in fireplace maintenance. This cream isn't just for getting the gunk off of your glass: repeated use actually treats the glass with silicone, actually making it easier to clean over time! Perkins uses a special blend of mild abrasives and silicon based additives to clean then protect your high temperature ceramic glass. Simply apply to a cool surface, ...
Taking care of your wood stove and gas appliances is what Perkins Ceramic HearthGlass Creme Cleaner is all about. It's no secret - operating wood stoves, furnaces, boilers, fireplaces and pellet stoves is a high-temperature affair. What that means to your home and appliances is that there is inevitable damage and buildup of by-products over time. Perkins uses a special blend of mild abrasives and silicon based additives to clean then protect your ceramic glass investment. Simply apply to a cool-to-the-touch surface, allow product to work, and wipe clean. Your glass will be clear of creosote ...
Clear flame glass cleaner from Imperial is ideal for cleaning your ceramic wood stove glass or tempered fireplace door glass. Clear flame removes soot, residues, baked-on creosote, and smoke stains without affecting brass, paint or lacquer. This safe, non-acidic formula can also be used on screens, ceramic surfaces, and enameled surfaces. Clear flame is also an excellent general cleaner for most household soils. Comes in a trigger-spray 22oz bottle for easy application.
Use Cre-Away by ChimneySaver regularly during the heating season to modify glazed creosote, it will make it easier to remove. When done with your chimney cleaning apply some Cre-Away to treat remaining stubborn deposits safer and to neutralize the acidity and odors from the creosote. Sold in cases with 6 squeeze bottles. You can use one bottle for 2-3 chimneys. The reaction time is about 1-2 weeks on average build up. Features: Effective on all types of creosote 4 Component powder that safely and effectively modifies glazed or third-degree creosote Helps prevent chimney fires by aiding in the removal ...
Creosote Reducer by A.W. Perkins is a pro grade solution aimed at reducing creosote buildup in airtight stoves, fireplaces, and wood inserts. Creosote buildup will happen naturally in any kind of stove or fireplace when burning wood, and now you can keep it at bay. Just use a few scoops of dry Creosote Reducer about two times a week. It will turn the tar-lick, sticky creosote into ash, making removal much easier. Keep your home safe with just a couple scoops. Will not harm catalytic converters when used as directed. Non-toxic and environmentally safe. Comes powered in a 16oz plastic tub. Please ...
A concentrated cream, Flitz Polish is unsurpassed in its ability to clean, polish, deoxidize and protect many surfaces. Features: Anti-Tarnish Formula Non-Abrasive Non-Toxic Non-Flammable Acid/Solvent-Free USDA Authorized Restores Paint Protects up to 6 months in fresh water Protects up to 3 months in salt water 1.76 oz (50 g) Perfect For: Hardware: stainless sinks, brass hardware, kick plates Sporting goods: guns, golf & fishing equipment, snowmobiles Plumbing: shower enclosures, metal fixtures, faucets Truck/automotive: aluminum, chrome, stainless, paint, headlights Marine: fiberglass, bright ...
Speedy White Hearth & Stove Cleaner by A.W. Perkins is a highly effective, biodegradable, phosphate-free cleaner. There's nothing better for removing smoke stains from fireplace or wood stove glass, stone, and brick hearths. After allowing your wood stove or fireplace to cool down, simply spray the cleaner onto the glass and wipe off the residue. For cleaning stone or brick hearths, simply spray, brush to remove grime from the porous surface, and sponge the remainder of the cleaner off. Aside from removing smoke stains and creosote, use Speedy White to clean barbeque grills, carpet and ...
Glass Shine glass cleaner by A.W. Perkins will make your surfaces sparkling clean without any streaks or film left behind! This glass cleaner has foaming action that powers through grease and grime with no problem. In one easy step, Glass Shine will protect and polish your windshield, mirrors, tinted glass, and more! Please note: before using on high temperature wood stove or fireplace glass, please allow the unit to cool completely. Recommended For: Windows Mirrors Windshields Tinted Windshields/Glass Plastics Appliances Counters Cabinets Fans Table Top Fixtures Porcelain Vinyl Exhaust Hoods Chrome ...
Smoke Eliminator by Max is a specially formulated air treatment that was made with natural scents of high mountain coffee and vanilla. It freshens the air all while leaving pleasant scent. The Smoke Eliminator is great for office, home or anywhere else you have lingering smoke odors. Available in a 13oz spray can for easy application.
Williams Stove Polish by Rutland is the original paste polish for unpainted steel & iron stoves. It has been sold for over 100 years and has proven to be highly satisfactory, giving a lusterous black finish. Tube contains a semi-paste which is easily applied using a rag, leaving finish that can be buffed. It is essentially odor free. Comes in a 2.7 oz. squeeze tube for easy application

We offer a selection of pro-grade hearth and stove cleaners remove creosote, soot and grime from glass, metal or other hard to maintain surfaces. Or check out our gloves and accessories that help to keep you clean when you're working hard to heat your hearth & home.

Cleaning is easy, safe, and can add years of life to your glass. Let this video show you how:

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Very Good Packaging
The Fireplace Doors arrived yesterday afternoon and they were very well packaged. I installed the fireplace doors this morning and I am pleased with the way the finish was protected and how the installation went. Everything went smoothly.

Morris rated our company service 5/5 Morris

I just placed my 2nd order and I appreciate your excellent customer service, every time that I have needed to connect with someone I always would get an expedient reply. Thank you again.

Sue rated our company service 5/5 Sue

Thanks for such a QUICK response!

Penny rated our company service 5/5 Penny

Thank you for responding and extending a discount offer to me. I'm so very impressed by your concern for just one customer, thanks. Also thank you for the advice about what may happen if we shut the doors completely.

Stacy rated our company service 5/5 Stacy

Glass was broken in transit... BUT!
Glass showed up broken for some unknown reason. No questions asked these guys shipped me a new one right away! Great company. Glass fits perfectly.

Joshua Thompson rated our company service 5/5 Joshua Thompson Kernville, CA

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