HeatFab Saf-T Stove Pipe

HeatFab Saf-T Stove Pipe

HeatFab Saf-T Stove Pipe

HeatFab's Saf-T Pipe is a heavy-duty stove pipe system meticulously designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial coal and wood-burning appliances. Renowned for its exceptional thickness and durability, Saf-T Pipe ensures efficient and safe venting for your heating applications. With its user-friendly features and comprehensive range of components, Saf-T Pipe simplifies installation and enhances the performance of your heating system.

Key Features:

  1. Heavy-Duty Construction: Saf-T Pipe is constructed from 22-gauge cold-rolled steel, making it exceptionally sturdy and durable. Its thickness, up to 60% greater than most single-wall brands, adds to its longevity and safety.

  2. Welded Seams for Precision: The stove pipe's laser-welded seams guarantee the roundness of the pipe, ensuring a perfect fit during installation. This feature also eliminates the risk of smoke and flue leakage, enhancing safety andefficiency.

  3. Matte Black, High-Temperature Finish: The matte black finish not only adds a sleek aesthetic to your stove pipe but is also designed to withstand high temperatures. It complements the appearance of your heating appliance while maintaining safety.

  4. Individually Wrapped and Packaged: Each Saf-T Pipe component is individually wrapped and packaged, ensuring the integrity of the product during transit and providing convenience during installation.

  5. Full Range of Components: Saf-T Pipe offers a comprehensive range of components, including telescoping lengths, to cater to various installation requirements. This versatility simplifies the setup of your stove pipe system.

  6. Available at Hearth Products Specialty Shops: Saf-T Pipe is available at specialty shops that focus on hearth products, ensuring that you can access expert advice and find the right components for your specific needs.

  7. Smart Choice Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with the Smart Choice Warranty, covering all Saf-T Pipe components. This warranty provides assurance of the quality and reliability of your stove pipe system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What types of heating appliances can Saf-T Pipe be used with?
    Saf-T Pipe is designed for use with both residential and commercial coal and wood-burning appliances. It is versatile and suitable for various heating systems.

  2. How does the thickness of Saf-T Pipe compare to other single-wall stove pipes?
    Saf-T Pipe is up to 60% thicker than most single-wall stove pipe brands, making it one of the most robust options available.

  3. Is professional installation recommended for Saf-T Pipe?
    While Saf-T Pipe is designed for ease of installation, professional installation is always recommended to ensure proper fit and adherence to safety standards.

  4. Can Saf-T Pipe be used with high-efficiency wood-burning stoves?
    Saf-T Pipe is suitable for use with various wood-burning appliances, including high-efficiency stoves. However, it's essential to consult the manufacturer's guidelines for compatibility.

  5. Where can I purchase Saf-T Pipe components?
    Saf-T Pipe components are available at CJs Hearth And Home that focus on hearth products.
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