Hi-Temp Gasket For Wood Stoves

Gasket for wood stoves

What is a wood stove rope gasket?

A wood stove rope is referring to a type of fiberglass gasket seal that resembles a rope! Generally the rope gasket is cemented to the back of your stove door. When the door is closed, the rope gasket is compressed against the stove body, making an air tight seal. A properly installed rope gasket is a critical piece of your stove system, ensuring the burn is both efficient, and safe. Our wood stove gaskets are guaranteed to be the correct diameter as a drop in OEM replacement. There are also flat fiberglass gaskets that are mainly used to seal replacement fireplace glass.

How do I attach a wood stove door gasket?

Most wood stoves require a rope gasket that will be cemented directly to the back of the door. First, let your stove cool completely. Begin to remove the old gasket seal, making sure to scrape off excess cement, crust, or ash. When the wood stove gasket is removed, and the mounting surface free of debris, you can begin installing the replacement. Measure out how much gasket you need, making sure to not cut it too long or short. "Dry fit" the gasket onto the back of the wood stove door, making sure it fits. If you are sure it will work, apply cement to the gasket and stick it onto the mounting surface. Close the door so that the gasket is held in place under pressure and do not disturb the door until the cement curing time has been reached. After all is cured, your stove is ready for operation. Be sure to only use the most high quality stove gasket cement when you attach your gasket to your stove.

Why are some gaskets white and others black?

Both white and black stove gaskets are made from the same high temperature fiberglass. A white stove gasket is simply un-treated fiberglass. A black stove gasket takes that same fiberglass and adds slippery graphite during the weave process. This graphite impregnated black fiberglass rope gasket is designed to reduce buildup of ash, sap, creosote, and other crud that would normally make your stove door stick. Black graphite fiberglass gaskets are our most popular choice for this non-stick reason.

Can I buy your wood stove gasket by the spool?

Absolutely! Although we primarily sell wood stove gasket by the foot, we also have spools available. This is handy if you want to replace gaskets often or just have enough for a lifetime supply. Spools are available in a variety of footages. Their length depends on the diameter of the gasket itself. If you would like to buy fiberglass gasket by the spool click here.

Last updated on January 31st 2018.