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The idea of an aesthetically pleasing home is incomplete without the right decoration. The selection and placement of furniture are not enough to accentuate the vibe of your home; you must opt for decorative accessories like wall paintings and lighting to add style to your home spaces.

According to statistics, the market value of home decor in the United States is expected to reach 202 Billion U.S dollars in 2024. It is a vast number that shows customers' interest in the industry.

Are you looking for ideal accessories to adorn your home? Dont Fret because we have come up with five great tips to accentuate spaces in your home.

5 Tips to Start Decorating your Home

Accessorize your Bedroom

Plain bedrooms with no artistic element are sore to the eyes. You can add color and style to your bare bed by adding textured and printed duvets and comforters. Accent pillows are also great for highlighting a spot in your room.

Pro Tip: Add a few accent cushions to your ottoman and a colorful rug to add drama to your room design.

Change your Blinds or Curtains

If your room is bland, try playing with the curtain's color contrast. Floral and patterned curtains can add an aesthetic element to your room if used with the right colors. Adding blinds into your space is also an excellent idea to add sophistication and class.

Pro Tip: Try pairing blinds with curtains to bring out a flexible decor, and it will also help in blocking out light and privacy control.

Adorn your Walls

Bare walls leave your room looking uninteresting and bland. You can pick trendy pieces like metal wall accessories or paintings to start. Wooden wall hangings and asymmetric pieces also add creativity and perspective.

Pro Tip: To create a balance, choose wall decor colors according to the room's furniture and wall paint.

Play with Lighting

Nothing looks more enticing and alluring than a well-lit room. Lighting adds warmth and coziness to your home spaces. You can choose the right kind of lightning according to your taste and style. Adding Hanging lights, pendants, chandeliers, accent lamps, and lanterns can light up any dull space in your home.

Pro tip: If you are a classic decor lover, choose traditional lanterns and antique candle holders to complete a medieval look. 

Add a Statement Clock.

Clocks are one of the most underestimated decorative accessories. Adding the right clock style can take your room's decor to a new level. From the classic wooden grandfather clock to the asymmetrical glass one, each piece can determine the vibe of your space.

Pro tip: Go for a light-toned wall clock for dark walls to add contrast to your home decor.

So, have we convinced you to start decorating your home spaces yet? If you are ready to create magic in your home and take it to another level, scroll down as CJs Home and Hearth is the ultimate place to browse different products and get started.

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