HPC 80PKNQM Rear Inlet Gas Fireplace Safety Pilot Kit

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The 80PKNQM is a quick mount gas valve for fireplaces by Hearth Products Controls. It utilizes the rear inlet Copreci valve which is able to withstand temperatures up to 300° and produces up to 90K BTUs on natural gas or propane. The quick mount 3 inch swivel flare connector system with assorted fittings provide convenient attachment to all standard type burners with 3/8 inch female, 3/8 inch male or 1/2 inch male threads. The 18 inch pilot assembly comes with a mounting bracket and head shield to protect the gas safety valve. Easily control the fuel input with the knob and 4 inch stem extension.

This safety pilot valve is available for propane users as well! Upgrade to liquid propane and you'll receive a conversion kit that includes an air mixer, 2 pilot orifices, and an 8 oz bag of vermiculite to help with gas dispersion.

Product Features:

  • Kit Includes: 
    • Copreci safety pilot valve (#109-C): rear gas inlet, 90K BTU, 300° rating
    • 18 inch pilot assembly with mounting bracket
    • 3 inch swivel flare connector for valve to burner attachment
    • Heat shield for valve
    • Black control knob with 4 inch stem extension
    • Assorted fittings for various burner threads
  • Compatible with:
    • Burner Threads: 3/8" female, 3/8" male, 1/2" male
    • LP Conversion Kit: 70LPK-QM

Product Specifications:

 Valve:  Copreci Safety Pilot Valve (#109-C)
 Gas Inlet:  Rear
 Fuel:   Natural Gas | Liquid Propane (conversion kit required)
 BTUs:  90,000
 Ignition:  Manual
 Operation:  Safety Pilot
 Pilot Assembly:  18 Inch
 Valve to Burner Connection:  3 Inch Swivel Flare Connector
 Temperature Rating:  300°

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