HPC Side Inlet 72PKN Gas Fireplace Safety Pilot Kit

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The Hearth Products Controls 72PKN gas valve for fireplaces is a safety pilot system offering a side inlet gas valve that is easy to assemble. The fireplace or gas log valve is equipped with a heat shield that boasts a 300° temperature rating. Natural gas ready and capable of producing up to 90,000 BTUs. Assorted fittings are included with this safety pilot kit so that it is compatible with various burner threads. The Copreci valve will conveniently connect with gas safety valves that have a 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch male thread, or a 3/8 inch female thread. An 18 inch pilot assembly is included with this kit and comes with a mounting bracket and a black control knob with a 4 inch extension.

This safety pilot valve is available for propane users as well! Upgrade to liquid propane and you'll receive a conversion kit that includes an air mixer, 2 pilot orifices, and an 8 oz bag of vermiculite to help with gas dispersion.

Product Features:

  • Kit Includes: 
    • Copreci safety pilot valve (#109-C): rear gas inlet, 90K BTU, 300° rating
    • 18 inch pilot assembly with mounting bracket
    • Heat shield for valve
    • Black control knob with 4 inch stem extension
    • Assorted fittings for various burner threads
  • Compatible with:
    • Burner Threads: 3/8" female, 3/8" male, 1/2" male
    • LP Conversion Kit: 70LPK

Product Specifications:

 Valve:  Copreci Safety Pilot Valve (109-C)
 Gas Inlet:  Side
 Fuel:   Natural Gas | Liquid Propane (conversion kit required)
 BTUs:  90,000
 Ignition:  Manual
 Operation:  Safety Pilot
 Pilot Assembly:  18 Inch
 Temperature Rating:  300°

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