Valves For Log Lighters

Valves and escutcheons and keys for your log lighter set up.

Key Valve Escutcheons

An escutcheon is decorative a way to cover up the valve stem on the gas valves commonly used to control the gas in fireplaces, fire pits, and log lighters!

What's a valve escutcheon for?

An escutcheon screws over stem of the valve (the part that turns to shut off the gas) and is designed to stick out of a wall, a sidewall, or fireplace facing material as a place to insert the key onto the stem to enable turning the gas on and off. Although mostly decorative, it helps to protect the stem and makes an easily recognizable place to shut off the gas.

Are these escutcheons all the same size?

No. Some are designed to fit 1/2" threaded pipe valves, and some are for 3/4" threaded pipe valves. 3/4" threading is usually for high capacity valves, but not always. It is important to know the size of your hardware before ordering.

How do valve kits work?

The basic layout of a gas fireplace or fireplace with a log lighter needs a gas valve somewhere near where the gas enters the firebox.

The escutcheon will go through a hole in the wall to attach to the valve.

The escutcheon will screw onto the threads that cover the valve stem.

After it is attached, you will insert a valve key into the escutcheon and onto the valve stem to turn the gas on and off.

Last updated on January 31st 2018.