Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Fire Pits

A complete fire pit is the primary outdoor living center in modern times. If you want to upgrade your outdoor area with a convenient fire feature, a freestanding outdoor gas fire pit is a smart option. The options for an outdoor natural gas fire pit are numerous, and finding a high-quality unit can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many retailers are taking advantage of the popularity of propane and natural gas outdoor fire pits by offering low-quality options. Luckily, buying from CJs Hearth & Home is a wise decision. Our collection is carefully curated to provide only the best in the fire pit gas feature industry. You can be assured that our customers receive only the highest quality products. Additionally, our technical expertise and top-notch customer service ensure that your gas fire pit outdoor experience is seamless.

Adding a gas fire pit to your patio or backyard can transform it into a comfortable and inviting entertainment and relaxation area. These fire pits create a natural gathering spot, increase the value of your home or business, and extend the outdoor season. In the last ten years, we have sold high-quality natural gas and propane fire pits, and three primary selling points have emerged. Technology is one of the key selling points of gas fire pits. The gas fire pit industry has been consistently innovating since its inception, and we feature the brands that have been leading the way. With electronic ignitions, home automation integration, and state-of-the-art materials, patio gas fire pits are better than ever. Another selling point is heating. In regions where the temperatures can be chilly during late spring and early fall, it can be challenging to enjoy an outdoor patio or backyard space. However, a powerful gas fire pit can change that. The flames' heat can keep you and your guests comfortable even when the temperatures drop at night, maximizing your investment. Finally, ambiance is a significant factor in elevating the outdoor space into an inviting gathering place. Whether you're looking for a small gas fire pit for your residence or a large and impressive centerpiece for an outdoor dining area, the gas fire pit is the contemporary bonfire where friends and family can gather.

To ensure that you purchase the most suitable gas fire pit for your needs, it's important to consider several factors. Our collection of gas fire pits is among the best in the industry, and our product specialists are available to offer guidance via phone, chat or email. However, conducting preliminary research can also be beneficial in finding the desired unit. Our customers typically consider the following key elements when shopping for a gas fire pit:

Gas fire pits are available in two fuel types: liquid propane and natural gas. Natural gas is the most viable option if you want to connect to your home fuel supply; however, if you prefer a portable or permanent tank, a propane unit is the way to go. Outdoor fire pit propane can be obtained from a standard 20-pound tank or a larger installed supply if natural gas service is not available in your area. To ensure safety, it is recommended to consult a licensed gas plumber to address any concerns about fuel type. Gas fire pits come in various sizes, from small portable units ideal for camping to large appliances almost eight feet across. When selecting a fire pit, it's crucial to consider the size of your space and the number of guests you plan to entertain. Additionally, the shape of the fire pit is essential to keep in mind. We offer a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular, linear, round, oval, and L-shaped, to fit different spaces and applications. At CJs Hearth & Home, we offer a carefully curated collection of high-quality fire features with a wide range of price points to fit almost any budget. Investing in a well-made fire pit with stainless steel burners will save money in the long run compared to a cheap unit that needs frequent replacement. The majority of our collection consists of metal and concrete fire pits. Metal fire pits are typically coated steel, stainless steel, cast steel, or copper, which are resistant to corrosion for long-lasting appeal. Concrete fire pits are often made from glass fiber reinforced concrete, which is stronger and more lightweight. Gas fire pits come with a variety of features and accessories, including a range of ignition types, some of which can interface with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Additionally, many of the brands we carry offer exceptional accessories to enhance your fire pit experience, such as protective covers, fire glass, lava rocks, and wind guards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Fire Pits

Q: What is the amount of heat that a gas fire pit emits?
A: The size and fuel supply of your fire pit establish its output. A gas fire pit that is acceptable usually discharges minimum 50,000 BTUs. If the fire pit is bigger and more potent, it can discharge over 100,000 BTUs.

Q: Is it safe to use gas fire pits?
A: Yes, a gas fire pit can be a safe choice for your residence or place of business as long as all the manufacturer's guidelines and requirements are followed. It is crucial to keep the fire pit away from flammable objects, guarantee proper ventilation in the area, and frequently check the gas supply to detect any leaks.

Q: Can wood be burned in a gas fire without issue?
A: Gas fire pits are not constructed with materials intended to withstand the heat generated by a wood fire. The ash generated by burning wood can obstruct the burners, which could result in significant harm and potential safety concerns.

Q: Is it possible to cook using a gas firepit?
A: Cooking on a gas firepit is not advisable.

Q: If you detect the scent of gas while using your outdoor fire pit, what actions should you take?
A: If you smell gas, do not turn on any appliances or touch any electrical switches or phones nearby. Instead, use a neighbor's phone to immediately contact your gas supplier and follow their instructions. If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.

Q: Can the flame on an outdoor gas burning firepit be affected by the wind?
A: Negative. However, supposing that the strength of the wind is adequate enough to put out the flame, it would be unwise to utilize the firepit until the winds have subsided.

Q: Is extensive assembly necessary for outdoor gas fire pits?
A: Pre-assembled fire pits are readily available for immediate use right out of the box. Nevertheless, certain models may require assembly, but manufacturers strive to simplify and expedite the process, which usually takes just a few minutes. In the case of owning a natural gas outdoor pit, it is imperative to have a licensed professional install the gas line.

Q: May I utilize my gas firepit indoors?
A: Gas firepits are designed solely for outdoor use. It is crucial that you refrain from using your gas firepit indoors, in a garage, or any other enclosed space.

Q: Is it possible to change my firepit that uses liquid propane gas to one that uses natural gas?
A: To ascertain if your outdoor firepit can be converted, consult your owner's manual. While some firepits can be converted, others may not allow it, and attempting to do so could void your warranty.

Q: Is there a specific protocol for maintaining distance between combustible materials and my gas firepit during the setup process?
A: To ascertain the appropriate placement for your firepit, consult your owner's manual. The recommended distance from walls, structures, or buildings may differ depending on the model you have.

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