Fire Pit Accessories

Fire Pit Accessories

Your fire pit is impressive, but it needs a little something. Whether its a remote control, a new wood grate, a screen, a cover, we've got it!

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Ah, the beach party: Fun in the sun all day long, and building a fire from the available driftwood at night. There's nothing like it, right? Well there is now, thanks to these Driftwood™ log stack sets from Rasmussen®! Each set has been crafted to look like aged driftwood that has been dried in the bleaching heat of the sun. Add one of these to a gas or propane fire pit or fire table and you've got an instant beach party (minus, y'know, the beach). Benefits and features: Each log set is designed for 360° viewing - when combined with your choice of fire media it will hide ...
From: $175.00
The Prairie Oak™ log set from American Fyre Designs® stacks in a conical teepee style to give it the upright feel of a small bonfire. What you probably don't realize is that it has a sturdy steel frame hidden under the logs to give it stability that most gas log sets can't match! This is the ideal log stack for gathering under the stars on the lone prairie... or just in your backyard! Benefits and features: Hand-painted oak styling evokes a traditional pioneer campfire Sturdy steel frame keeps logs in place over your gas burner Refractory cement material is both fireproof and ...
It might seem counterintuitive, but an outdoor fountain lasts a lot longer when it's protected from the elements. Pump systems almost always require filtered water, and rainwater mixed in can have a corrosive effect on the plumbing. This is especially true of the HPC® H2Onfire™ and Evolution 360™ fire and water features, because the burner system can require extra maintenance when repeatedly exposed to dust. This two-piece cover set helps to protect both the basin and the burner of your fire fountain feature from the elements when not in use. The heavy vinyl construction features ...
From: $302.00
Modernity does not call for anyone to chop wood for a bonfire. Simple bonfires with family and friends will make good memories. Nothing feels good like the soft breeze of a perfect cool evening lit by the radiance of the incomparable Rasmussen’s 7 inch radius beach fire log set. Includes: ➢ 8 heat resistant logs distinctly reflecting nature ➢ Propane/ Natural gas burner systems ➢ Customized portal to support larger fire pans than 14" ➢ Perfect shelter from wind deflection Features and Benefits The beach fire log stack comes with rare lava rocks (sold separately) that ease set up even ...
Lots of fire pits and burners come with lava rock and fire glass, which can be really nice. Seriously, I'm not knocking them -- fire media can add a unique decorative spin to any fire pit. But let's face it: There are times when you want the traditional look and (not to put too fine a point on it) majesty of a roaring wood fire while retaining the clean-burning efficiency of gas or propane. Well fret no more, friend! The Spit Fire™ log set from Firegear® is here for your fire decor needs! Benefits and features: All 18 pieces are hand-painted to resemble black walnut bark Sized ...
This Sedona™ log set from Firegear® is just what you need to make your gas fire pit pop! This 19 piece set stacks up to a massive 32" tall and is designed to resemble large logs that have been burning for awhile, giving it the rough, epic feel of a bonfire. Benefits and features: Charred finish evokes a long-burning fire Logs stack up higher than most other fire log sets Refractory cement construction is fireproof and weather-resistant Acts as a windbreak while giving the burner flame a more natural, uneven flame PLEASE NOTE: This heavy log set ships LTL freight in three boxes Sedona ...
While the fire ring is the traditional gathering spot for parties and camping, a modern gas fire pit doesn't necessarily have the same round footprint. The problem is, if you want to put a round fire log set in a square feature it can look a little off, and will most certainly require additional media added to it in order to fill it out. Not any more! This 36" log stack from Rasmussen® stacks in a square configuration to cover your burner pan more completely than a round log set with less need for additional fire media. Benefits and features: This log set is designed for 360° viewing ...
A light night party on the beach with a simple fire is a memory that almost everyone wants, but few of us have. Now you can recreate that feeling in your backyard or poolside with a gas fire pit and this Beachwood™ log set from American Fyre Designs®. The driftwood inspired twigs and charred logs are assembled on a bed of natural volcanic rock, giving it the distinct look of a campfire cobbled together at the beach. Benefits and features: Ideal for 24" - 30" fire rings and and fire pits Refractory cement material is heat and weather resistant Hand painted logs and natural volcanic ...
The campfire has been at the center of gatherings even before recorded history began. In modern times it can sometimes be difficult to take the time to build a pit, gather the wood, and to start and maintain the fire. Combine the tradition of fire craft with modern safety and convenience with the Campfyre™ log set from American Fyre Designs®! This decorative log set resembles a natural wood stack that covers a natural gas or liquid propane burner, giving you the feel of a wood fire without the maintenance or mess. Benefits and features: Comes with extra "wood chips" to create ...
A common problem with gas log sets is that the logs can continue looking new and umblemished, which doesn't reflect the chaotic nature of fire. There is an easy solution: This Charred Series™ wood chunk from R. H. Peterson®! The "charred wood" design of this decoration helps to make an artificial log set look more raw and realistic by showing that yes indeed, wood DOES burn here. Benefits and features: Fireproof painted ceramic material has been molded to resemble a piece of charcoal The nondescript nature of this product can be used with many different log sets to enhance ...
The one drawback about owning a natural gas or liquid propane-powered fire log burner is that when installed they sometimes have parts that show the artificial nature of the fire. Valves, remote recievers, switches and more can add amazing function to a fireplace or fire pit, but tend to look tacked-on and obvious. Solve this problem the easy way with this Charred Series™ valve cover from R. H. Peterson®! This nondescript chunk of "charred wood" features a fireproof ceramic fiber design and a hollowed out back to conceal those minor blemishes to a natural-looking log set. Benefits ...
If you have a square, rectangular, or wide linear fire pit it can sometimes be difficult to give it a more traditional decorative touch. With this rectangular Driftwood™ log stack set from Rasmussen® you can add a weather-beaten beach fire look with a footprint that will fill out a rectangular fire pan a bit better. Benefits and features: Each log set is designed for 360° viewing - when combined with your choice of fire media it will hide the fire ring Rectangular design is recommended for use with rectangular or linear burners Logs provide a windbreak to the burner flame Makes a ...
Whether in a fireplace or on a fire pit, real logs fall apart naturally, so why not add some realism to your artificial log set? This decorative ceramic fiber "wood chip" from the R.H. Peterson® company has the high-quality look of a real log, complete with a charred hole in the center. Benefits and features: Helps to add an uneven variety to your log set, which adds realism Features an open center, through which a burner flame can flow through Designed to resemble dark walnut or oak bark, can blend in or add contrast to a log set Great for fireplaces or fire pits
What's that sticking out of the log set? A valve? Is that a remote control receiver? Man, that looks fake. Why does such a realistic installation have to be offset by an ugly valve? This valve cover from the R. H. Peterson® company features a hollowed out back designed to cover up those little things that make a natural gas or liquid propane fire seem a little less real. Benefits and features: Open back can cover receivers, valves, and other obvious components High quality painted ceramic mold has the look of a real log chunk Can blend in with many different log sets thanks to its nondescript ...
Whether you have a traditional wood-burning fire pit, or a modern, decorative gas fire feature, safety will always be a concern. Put your enjoyment first and your mind at ease with these sturdy lift-off fire pit safety screens from CJ's Custom Shop®. When used on a wood fire, the metal mesh of the dome keeps embers and sparks inside the fire pit to protect your surrounding furniture, your deck, or your home from a potential fire hazard. When used on a gas fire pit, the screen can help to prevent outer material from falling into the burner ring to damage the fire or clog the jets. Each one ...
From: $82.00
Isn't it amazing how a simple idea can add so much more safety and convenience to your life? These mesh safety screens from CJ's Custom Shop® fit are designed to fit fire pit openings of up to 36" in diameter and provide protection against errant embers, ash and sparks that can cause cosmetic and structural damage to your outdoor room. The dome has two sides, and one is about 2" shorter than the larger half, and they're attached together by a two 1" wide spacers at the base. This hinge allows the smaller dome to pivot into the larger one with a front-opening action ...
From: $100.00
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