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Customer Reviews
We bought one of these units several years ago for our office. We loved it so much that I bought one for our house. I wa...
Judy gave Keystoker Koker Top Vent Warm Air Coal Furnace a rating of 5/5
I built a 2200 sq ft house in the mountains upstate New York. I planned to burn coal (with oil/hot water backup) and bou...
Chip Scheiner gave Hitzer Model 30-95 E-Z Flo Coal Fired Hopper Stove with 134 CFM Blower a rating of 5/5
Chip Scheiner

Water Fountains

Waterscapes, fountains, fountain kits and more for your outdoor living spaces.

Relax: These full-sized outdoor fountains can help with that! They're big enough to stand on their own, or to be permanently mounted to in your garden or walkway.

Want something different? We can help with custom orders!

Call us today at 1-888-986-1535

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Water flows over the lip of the beautiful hand-hammered bowl in every direction as flames dance over the pool. The H2Onfire™ from HPC® is an outdoor water fountain with a little extra packed inside; a submerged burner and in the center of the 26" wide basin of the bowl ignites with the flip of a switch and provides up to 65,000 BTU of flame on top of the structure, drawing the eye to the heat while the refreshing sound of waterfalls relaxes. Just connect the fuel, the water, and the electric and you're ready to go! This insert has been a longtime request of our dealers (and the ...
From: $11,855.00
A deep black concrete bowl with water pouring from four scuppers wreathed in a bright flame! This H2Onfire™ water fountain kit from HPC® gives you everything you need to install a fire-on-water feature in a single afternoon. You provide the fuel source, the water line and the electricity, and this feature will provide you with a steady flow of water topped with an impressive 65,000 BTU flame! It's ready to be built into a ring of stones or with one of our prefabricated aluminum enclosures -- it has load-bearing leveling feet so that you can make sure everything is where it's supposed ...
From: $11,855.00
What's better than a water fall flowing into a pool of clean, crisp water? How about four waterfalls... Topped by fire! This beautiful 26" concrete bowl with a shiny burnt sienna finish from H2Onfire™ from HPC® is a full-featured electronically-controlled water and fire fountain that's ready to finish -- just connect your choice of natural gas or liquid propane, your water line, and a 120 volt AC line. After it's connected, use the adjustable legs to level it, then finish with our optional aluminum enclosure or build it into a more permanent fountain circle using your ...
From: $11,855.00

Nothing relaxes like the soothing flow of water, and now you can enjoy it on almost any budget! Modern manufacturing techniques and lightweight composites have raised the bar on the "affordable fountain." Many mimic the look of stone, wood, metal, and more to give your outdoor space a relaxing atmosphere. Looking for something a little different? Can't find it listed online? Please give CJ's Custom Shop® a call at (888) 986-1535 and we can help you create the ultimate water experience!

Customer Feedback  Our customers rate us 5/5 stars.

Our loyal customers have left 56 company testimonials giving us an average of 5/5 stars for great service. Would you like to leave your own feedback, testimonial, or review? Leave My Feedback

Thanks Dana
From the first moment I interacted with Dana she was nothing but professional, courteous and more than a little helpful. Dana never failed to reply to an email or answer a question. She kept me apprised of my order and her follow through was fantastic. I never felt alone during this process.

Debbe rated our company service 5/5 Debbe

I received my shipment of the Cottesmore Electric Coal Basket this morning.  I am very pleased with the basket and the way it operates.  The heater is very quiet and the flickering flame effect is very attractive. I had planned to plug the unit into the electrical outlet on the right side of my fireplace.  The electric cord is not long enough to reach that outlet since the cord comes off the left side of the unit.  I will have to work something else out. I was very happy and surprised to receive the basket this soon.  Thank you for such excellent service.  Its been a real pleasure doing business with your company.

Patricia g rated our company service 5/5 Patricia g

Restocking 35%
Make sure you know before buying anything from Fireside Expressions that they will charge you 35% for any returns, even if the box is unopened. They don't have to do a lot of sales, they meet their targeted revenue from restocking fees. FIRESIDEXPRESSIONS ANSWER: Dear Ms. Lynch, Firesidexpressions does not charge restocking fees to make money. Restocking fees are charged by manufacturers and vendors to cover the costs of re-entering items into inventory, inspecting the items and re-boxing them in new boxes and filing the paperwork. We also must pay the re-stocking fees if we don’t normally stock items. By the way, I know that the BBB did pass along our offer to share the restocking fees and lower your rate to 25%. They told us that you did not think that was good enough.  

Sheri Lynn McHenry-L... rated our company service 1/5 Sheri Lynn McHenry-L... Castle Rock

We received the fireplace doors in good shape the other day, they look great, beautifully made.

Scott rated our company service 5/5 Scott

Concrete Bowls
My bowls look amazing! Could not be happier. Thank you for all the help Linda through the whole process. Very knowledgeable and prompt. Thanks again.

 rated our company service 5/5

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