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log lighter came fast and was very heavy being made of cast iron. used to have a blueflame but this one is way better.
pete hulton gave 14 Inch Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter a rating of 5/5
pete hulton
We bought one of these units several years ago for our office. We loved it so much that I bought one for our house. I wa...
Judy gave Keystoker Koker Top Vent Warm Air Coal Furnace a rating of 5/5

Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches at CJ's Hearth and Home

Torches are one of the oldest and romantic forms of light, but the gas -powered Tiki torches you'll find here aren't the crude contraptions of the past!

Yes: Some of these can be customized! We await your request!

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There are no products to list in this category.

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Most torches are sold as just the head for post-mounting. The head of the torch should be mounted on a hollow post of a specified diameter with the gas piping fed through the post like in the following illustration:

Gas and electric hookups are fed through the post mount

Some torches come with the post, and the posts themselves have different mounts:

  • Deck mount = A mounting plate is attached to a deck, patio, or other permanent mount with the gas and electrical hookups fed through. The tiki post is inserted into the mounting plate and then attached with screws.
  • In-ground = The gas line is buried and run through a mounting post that is inserted into the ground, sometimes secured with concrete or cement. The post is slid over the mounting post and then secured in place with screws.

Deck mount on the left, in-ground mount on the right

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Bad experience
I went by the description they had but apparently it was not the actual size of the product but the size of the fireplace. No where on the website do they have the diameters of the actual product. After getting the product I noticed it was the wrong size and tried returning it. They want 20% restocking and I pay for shipping due to the terms but in the terms and condition it also States you'll get a courtesy email to make sure you purchase the right product before it ship. Well after I said that they stop emailing me. CJs Hearth & Home Team The description on the web site said that it was a screen for a direct vent fireplace. After seeing a picture of your fireplace it was clear that you have a vent free fireplace not a direct vent. A direct vent fireplace has a sealed piece of glass on the front of the fireplace. This screen is made only for the Monessen models listed in the ...

Diane rated our company service 1/5 Diane Spartanburg

Finally got to use these doors
I got my fireplace doors, and I just wanted to say thanks! They look fantastic, work perfectly, so simple to install. I couldn't be any happier! Thanks so much for all your help with getting the right doors for my particular fireplace. We all gathered around the fireplace this afternoon and enjoyed the fire and the doors!!

Andrew rated our company service 5/5 Andrew

Just wanted to let you know that the new fireplace doors look very nice and fit perfectly.

Gary rated our company service 5/5 Gary

Communicating with your company was wonderful. Very professional.

James F rated our company service 5/5 James F

Fire pit has small flame
When I put my fire pit glass on top of the orafice, it seems like the glass is covering the hole/ports and the fire is very sporadic which is limiting the heat from the pit. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Mart Orr rated our company service 5/5 Mart Orr Simpsonville

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