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Thomas Stone gave Cast Iron Gas Starter Pipe From Hearthmaster - Natural Gas a rating of 5/5
Thomas Stone
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Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches at CJ's Hearth and Home

Torches are one of the oldest and romantic forms of light, but the gas -powered Tiki torches you'll find here aren't the crude contraptions of the past!

Yes: Some of these can be customized! We await your request!

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Most torches are sold as just the head for post-mounting. The head of the torch should be mounted on a hollow post of a specified diameter with the gas piping fed through the post like in the following illustration:

Gas and electric hookups are fed through the post mount

Some torches come with the post, and the posts themselves have different mounts:

  • Deck mount = A mounting plate is attached to a deck, patio, or other permanent mount with the gas and electrical hookups fed through. The tiki post is inserted into the mounting plate and then attached with screws.
  • In-ground = The gas line is buried and run through a mounting post that is inserted into the ground, sometimes secured with concrete or cement. The post is slid over the mounting post and then secured in place with screws.

Deck mount on the left, in-ground mount on the right

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Pro Job
Hello, Received my order last week. Professional job. Thank you.

Vartan rated our company service 5/5 Vartan

Exact Sized Replacement
We installed the fireplace screens today. They installed very easy and were exact in size. Thank you so much for your professionalis m throughout.

Cornell rated our company service 5/5 Cornell

I really enjoyed working with you!  Your attention to detail and follow up were beyond expectation.

Joe rated our company service 5/5 Joe

Just wanted to say thank you for the professionalis m and quality of your company and product. The fireplace glass fit perfect.

Jeff rated our company service 5/5 Jeff

Customer service is A++! They answered every question I had!

Susan R rated our company service 5/5 Susan R

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