Places To Hang An Electric Fireplace

Places To Hang An Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces operate differently from wood or gas-burning fireplaces, making them a modern marvel. These fireplaces derive their power from a single source - an outlet in the wall. The best part about these fireplaces is that they don't require installation into a frame, and can be easily plugged into any 120-volt outlet. This gives you the freedom to install them in numerous locations, some of which might even surprise you. To help you explore these options, we've compiled a list of 5 surprising places where you can install your electric fireplace if you wish.

1) Electric fireplaces have gained popularity due to their modern look, and some people prefer them over traditional wood burning fireplaces. Manufacturers have designed models that can be installed outside, allowing users to enjoy their preferred fireplace anywhere they go. However, if you plan to install an electric fireplace outdoors, it must be placed underneath a covering to protect it from rain, snow, or hail. Additionally, installing an electric fireplace on your porch or patio can enhance the look of your outdoor space. You can even consider adding it to an outdoor kitchen as an additional architectural feature. Although electric fireplaces offer warmth, they do not produce enough BTUs to be considered full-fledged heaters.

2) Mobile homes often struggle with maintaining comfortable temperatures, leading many owners to purchase space heaters. However, due to their high heat output, fireplaces are typically not a viable option for mobile homes. Instead, electric fireplaces are an ideal alternative, as they typically max out around 5,000 BTUs - equivalent to the maximum output of a space heater in a mobile home. For those seeking a more decorative heating option that offers the same amount of warmth as a space heater, electric fireplaces are a great choice. Interestingly, electric fireplaces are also versatile in terms of where they can be hung. While they may not be suitable for outdoor spaces, they can be hung in surprising places such as mobile homes. Additionally, opting for an electric fireplace over a small wood stove can save homeowners time and money on installation, as they won't need to install a hearth to protect their flooring from extreme heat.

3) The kitchen is another viable area for an electric fireplace installation. As previously mentioned, electric fireplaces have heat limitations, making them a suitable option for kitchen installation. You can avoid being overwhelmed by the heat produced while cooking in the kitchen by installing an electric fireplace. Some electric fireplaces have the option to turn off the heat, allowing you to enjoy the flames during warmer summer months or in areas where it doesn't get too cold. In addition to the kitchen, there are other surprising places where you can hang an electric fireplace. For instance, if your kitchen doesn't have sufficient wall space, you can opt for a Rumford style electric fireplace. These fireplaces are taller than they are long, making them perfect for fitting into tight spaces where traditional fireplaces wouldn't fit.

4) If you desire to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, an electric fireplace is a great option if you cannot install a wood burning or gas fireplace. However, before installation, it is important to carefully consider the location of the fireplace, especially if you plan to install it above the bed. A recessed opening above the bed can prevent accidental bumps or burns. Additionally, you should decide if you want a vent or not, as some people find the blowing air from a vent uncomfortable. If you prefer not to have the fireplace above the bed, wall-mounting it on the opposite wall is another option, but it's important to consider the activity level in that area of the room. Adding a blower to the fireplace can help distribute the heat evenly around the room, especially if it's placed far from the bed.

5) The bathroom is the perfect place for a electric style fireplace. This slender design will fit into tight spaces that most fireplaces cannot. Enjoy the warmth of a fireplace while soaking in the tub for a modern look. If you are worried about too much heat, consider a fireplace with a "heat optional" feature. Electric fireplaces can also be a great option because some come with color-changing options to match your decor. Spruce up your bathroom space with an electric fireplace if you are unable to do a full renovation.

After examining five possible locations for installing an electric fireplace, we trust that you are now better equipped to determine which fireplace option is best suited for your needs.

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